Damn Dude, that Girl is fiiiiiineee.

Happy Wintereenmas one and all! it is finally the greatest week and my favorite week of the year.  Today marks the start of a week long blog exchanging video game themed series from @sorgatron (www.sorgatron.com) and I.

Today’s topic is what video game character we believe to be the finest in the land.

I had several ideas as to who i thought this could be.  Princess Peach, Nah to dependent.  Carman Sandeigo nah too klepto.  Then it hit me.

My choice is non other than Princess Zelda!

Now here is a beautiful, strong, intelligent women. Sure she needed rescued a couple times but honestly who doesnt. However after that she learned to take care of herself Doubt me? Oh, then you must not remember this. Sheik! or Princess Zelda with super bad ass Ninja training. So not only do we have a hot ass princess who is more intelligent than alot of the other damsels out there this one is super hero like with the skillz of a ninja. Winner all around!

Chachi Says: So lets recap, Royalty: Check! Sexy: Check! Smart: Check! Bad Ass Super Hero like Ninja: ahhhh hellls yeah!

eat it sorg!

Now run along and see what Sorg posted: www.sorgatron.com

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Anthony aka Chachi is an avid video game player and has been for years. Finally he is passing his knowledge, experience and opinions on to you.

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  1. You rock. Princess Zelda is my favorite character ever. And she totally kicks ass in Brawl if you know how to use her (like I do)

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