My Weekend with Creation Rex (aka Rexy)

So this past weekend i had the pleasure of being a substitute handler for Creation Rex. I filled in for Norm who took a much needed weekend off.

Now, Norm out of his own judgement did not leave me with his handy dandy Tranq gun, because lets be honest who would.

But turns out i really didn’t need one, “but how did you control rex, Chachi?” is the question most of you have after that statement.

Well, it turns out that Rexy( thats my pet name for him) and i have alot of the same wants and hobbies.

We were sitting around saturday and the conversation went a lil something like this.

Rex: So Fleshmound, what do you usually do on saturdays?

Me: well first you shouldnt call me fleshmound. Second, i usually just hang out and play quake.

Rex: Wait, you caused the earthquakes???

Me: Of course not Barney.

Rex: what did i tell you about that fleshmound….

Me: Not to do it. Anyhow, Quake is an online first person shooter where you get together with others and take out your frustrations with fictional guns.

Rex: Oh, I dont like guns, Norm shoots me in the rear with them and i fall asleep. That doesnt sound like fun at all.

Me: well, what do you want to do then?

Rex: well i saw this billy madison moving picture show the other day and i kinda wanted to try something i saw….

Well, you can prolly guess where it went from there. We were gonna do Luke’s house but A. Couldnt find it. and B. didnt know what would happen if we used Dino poo. So we tried a test house and well, lets just say it took a while for the police to stop look for us.

Chachi Says: who knew that would happen? all i know is anytime Norm wants a weekend off. I’ll gladly fill in for him!

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Anthony aka Chachi is an avid video game player and has been for years. Finally he is passing his knowledge, experience and opinions on to you.

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