Some How Thanks just isnt enough.

1 puppy.


36 mins.

1 soon to be happy family.

11:02 am, my boss sent me an email with an adorable lil puppy. Asking if we(my roommates and i) have room for just one more lil fur ball of cuteness.

Having 4 dogs already, unfortunately did not have the room.  So i took to the “streets” .

By streets i mean internet, and by internet i mean twitter.

i sat and watched as retweet after retweet came through and as dm after dm came through.

i ended up finding not one, but three different people willing to take Rex. (thats what im calling him from here on in.)

so first come first serve applied. And 36 mins in Rex has a home. the drop off will take place tomorrow.

Chachi Says:

Im so happy that i was able to save Rex. and so happy that i could grant someone another happy edition to their family. However i couldnt have done it without the help of my Tweeps and their Tweeps. So from the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

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