A Letter to Hardcore Gamers

A Taiwanese teenager was pronounced dead after he passed out at an internet cafe after playing Diablo 3 for 40 hours.

Ok…let’s stop right there. The teen didn’t die from playing video games. The teen died from not hydrating nor eating for FORTY HOURS! Forty! If you go forty hours of ANYTHING without enough food or water, you know what you’re going to do? You’re going to either get violently ill or die.

Sadly, this teenager found out first hand and, well, suffered the ultimate consequences.

Now, I’m not saying the Diablo III had nothing to do with this. Being the MMO that it is, it takes a ton of minutes, hours and (in this case) days out of our life. If you’re not careful, you’re not going to see the rest of those days, hours or minutes you have left in this world.

Video games are an escape from reality and people need that escape and enjoyment that video games gives you. However, if you’re going to play video games for THAT LONG and not have an escape from the escape and come back home from the MMO game, you’re going to have a HORRIBLE time.

For those out there who think that it’s a good idea to sit in front of the computer and play a game like Diablo III for an extended period of time (like 40 hours in one sitting?)…maybe this will make you realize that you need the essentials in your body (food and water) and soul before continuing the game. Take breaks. Go outside and realize that your life isn’t in the hellscape that you see in the game. The sun, that thing that is coming through the window, is shining! It’s warm! It’s good!

Video games are great! Food and water/drinks are better and essential for survival. Unlike video games, you only have one life. Don’t even TRY the Konami Code.


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Rizz (AKA Zach) has been playing video games since he can remember. He enjoys long scoring drives in Madden and trash talks in Call of Duty. He, also, likes to talk about video games and his opinion is his and his alone. They do not represent the views and opinions of Sorgatron Media or his employer.

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  1. Always going to be addictive personalities, unfortunately.  My wife, for instance, has to burn through a book, Netflix series, or game for days at a time (after work, thankfully)  It’s picking the vice…

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