Mass Effect 4 Main Character Rumors Abound!

So you say that there’s going to be a brand spanking new Mass Effect coming out? You also say that it’s a prequel? Before the time and life of Shepard? So there HAS to be a new character, correct?

Well, the Official X-Box Magazine (OXM) has found out that BioWare has been throwing the names of Shepard’s allies of possible spin-offs in the Mass Effect universe. The character that leads all discussion is everybody’s FAVORITE Turian, Garrus! Garrus has the most backstory than any of the characters in the Mass Effect universe. HE WAS ARCHANGEL! The only con I see about this is that Mr. Valkarian is a gun-totter BUT his specialty happens to be the sniper rifle, a gun that isn’t quite a favorite in single players. Yes, it will be cool to calibrate things and yes his voice is smooth as I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter BUT the sniper rifle thing scares me.


I don’t want to play as JUST a sniper, you know? You know.

One intriguing character that was mentioned, which I will have no problem in seeing where this goes, will be playing as the Illusive Man. For those of you who don’t know, the Illusive Man is the head of Cerberus and was voiced by legendary actor Martin Sheen. This, actually, can fit for him. He doesn’t even have to fight to be the main character. The Illusive Man can use Cerberus to take control and goes into what you find out at the end of Mass Effect 3 (I won’t spoil it for those who need to play it).

Another one I won’t mind, which was brought up in the OXM article, is the last of the Protheans, Javik and his battle, which was featured in the “From Ashes” DLC.

However, I think the developers are TRYING to steer us into thinking that this story is just going to be about ONE character. I think they have something special. Hear me out, BioWare. You see what Rockstar is doing with Grand Theft Auto? They have THREE stories in ONE game. Why not do the same? Hell, feature more characters. Liara as Shadowbroker? The love of my life, Tali’Zorah? Aria? Also, each character will have their own special skill (Garrus – Soldier, Tali – Engineer, etc.). I mean, you have enough space to do it. You are, probably, going to have multiple discs (*if that’s still a thing in the future), why not use it to your advantage?

Here’s what I’m thinking, though. If you want a new experience and played Mass Effect (the first one) you are given the option to be a “Spacer” or “Earthbound” and “War Hero” and “Survivor”.¬†Use a different team in that story and the ¬†story that you picked for the first Mass Effect with the ending and BOOM! There’s your Shepard tie-in.

Also, a DLC featuring Blasto would be awesome, thank you.

Who would you like to see star in Mass Effect 4? Project Zero/Jack? Mordin? Joker in a Star Fox-esque flying battle? Someone COMPLETELY out of left field (a battle between shops who claim Shepard said that it was his favorite? Can make it into a Facebook game).

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3 thoughts on “Mass Effect 4 Main Character Rumors Abound!”

  1. Damn!I was kinda hoping that it would be a background of Shepard BEFORE he was on the Normandy… but to cut him/her out completely?! That’s bullshit! HOWEVER, i am looking forward to seeing who they end up putting in! i would honestly like BioWare to keep the choice of “creating” the character’s name and appearance as it is an RPG. Even though they said they might not even have ANYone from Shepard’s story in Mass Effect 4, i hope there will be atleast a mention of Shepard and the Normandy crew (Joker, Liara, Ashley, etc.{Mordin died on my profile so i hope to not see the bastard again}).

  2. I’d like to see the Normandy return in a millennium falcon-esqe sort of way beat up, old, junked out, but still with plenty of kick left in her.

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