Rizz Reviews: Hyrule Warriors

When they showed this game at E3, I saw it and there was no interest in getting this game. It was one of those niche games that just didn’t phase me. I mean, I was and am a Legend of Zelda fan but the thought of another type of a Zelda game just kind of turned me off from that idea. I played Dynasty Warriors one other time, I think, and didn’t think of anything beyond that.

When I first saw the gameplay trailers, though, things started to shift a bit. You will notice a little excitement in my words when I was talking about playing as Impa, it wasn’t manufactured. I was damn excited that I get to play as that lovely excuse of a lady carrying a big sword and messing baddies up with it. But in that excitement, I still wasn’t excited to play this game.

That changed when I saw I got to play as Ganondorf.


When I saw Ganondorf as a playable character, I wanted this game in my collection. So…

…it is.

The game is what an HD Zelda game should look like. It just looks pretty. One hundred and ten percent more than what I thought this game was going to look like at E3. The Wii U makes Hyrule Warriors look really good and, well, it’s one of best visually game I’ve seen for the Wii U.

Play-wise, it is different.


When I say this game plays differently than any other Zelda game, it’s not CD-i different…it’s a different that rejuvenates a gaming franchise. However, when your rejuvenated game franchise is THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, Hyrule Warriors has made the Zelda franchise look good and is one big pile of awesome. It is also a great filler for Zelda U, which is scheduled to come out sometime next year.

The only weird thing I don’t like is that there are multiple stories that are going on at one time during the scene. You could be fighting one group of people and then it randomly goes over and tells you that you have to go to the entire side of the map and save an area that you saved before. However, if you don’t get there and defend the base (while you’re also facing the main boss) the game is over and you have to start it over.

If you have a Wii U, pick this game up. You won’t regret it.

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