Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Boy and girls, Children of all ages, welcome to Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Come along with me on the journey of things found as i traveled the Internet like a hobo with a bindle on a stick!

first up!

The Game Theorist on youtube finally released the second part to their death by hacking series. In the first one they cover the possibility of Watch Dogs hacking and show that it could happen.(although unlikely) The second part shows the feasibility of a hacker being able to hack your body! Check it out below.

Next up, Someone built a working iPhone in Minecraft. Complete with unlock screen, games, apps the works.

Minecraft players have too much time on their hands. Too much!

Last but not not least! Do you work a desk job? with a lot of free time? Do you wish you could game but the computers are locked down? Well! here is the link for you! 6 popular games recreated and running in Microsoft Excel! Number Cruncher, Monopoly, 2048 and more!


The games require macros to run but you can enable those by going into options and enabling them.

Thats all i have for you this week on Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to check out the runners up below!
Runners Up!

Vegas Smash Meetup- Guy lands perfect falcon punch, opponent just quits. —

Deviant art Dragolisco has re-imagined Pokemon and they are bad ass. http://dragolisco.deviantart.com/art/Mighty-Charizard-425008435

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