Fave Five Friday: Why I Have a Wii U: My Rebuttal

This week on Boss Battle, the guys discussed why they don’t have a Wii U and, honestly, it got me thinking as to why I, myself, have a Wii U. This system has brought some ridicule over the years by some (and that does include me) but time heals all wounds and a Wii U is sitting in my gaming area.

But why?

5. Because – Honestly, I went in one day and said these words: “I should get one of those” and maybe a month later I own one because, well, I just wanted one. So….I got one and I don’t have any qualms about buying one.

4. Games – It’s a little cop out but over the past year the Wii U has some amazing games out and coming out. Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros., Toad, Bayonetta 2, the new Zelda game, I can list other games on this list that is going to come out and save Nintendo from the abyss they dug early on in the Wii U generation.

3. PLAYING Their Games – Not only are the games a big one, here, but their replayability (I am sure that’s a real word) factor is off the charts. I can pop in my copy of Mario Kart and play like I am playing it at the beginning. I can pop in Hyrule Warriors and relive my childhood in playing a whole new different version of Zelda (which, in the beginning, I was calling it the new gen version of CD-i).

2. $$$ – Come on. When the new systems are still in the 300-500 range, it’s refreshing to know that this system is one that is one the lowest of the low of the newer systems. Hovering around $300, you can just get this system and save up for another system.

1. Want to play online? – GOOD. BECAUSE IT’S FREE! I can play you online if you’re online and I don’t have to worry about paying so much money.99 a month to do so. Play locally? Cool. Here’s a controller. Have eight friends? Cool. You all can play! Want to play globally/online? TAH DAH! FREE! FREE FREE FREE! There’s no paying Nintendo in order to play the game you want to play online!

So thank you, Boss Battle (I miss you guys from the grave) for making me think about why I actually OWN a Wii U.


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