How To Record Let’s Plays From Your Gaming Console: AUDIO

Well, welcome back everybody! Glad to see you guys back in class, hope you did your homework (Okay, there wasn’t any homework…this time, but click here for my first class in “TIMING”).


Speaking of things that happen “this time,” let us delve into our next subject, a subject that I found out is one of the most important thing to have in any Let’s Play: Your voice.

Your voice is key to get your voice out there because your voice is the voice that the people want to hear most of the time. That’s why all of those jump scare videos to videos of angry Call of Duty/Counter Strike/GTA Online/Destiny/any other multiplayer gamer that induces people screaming their heads off in disdain of those sniper/shotgun users and everything in between.

So how does one get their voice out there, you may ask? (That’s assuming you asked that question). For me, I technically have two choices to choose from, hardware wise.

1. Playstation Eye (or Microsoft Kinect)


2. Headsets


I, myself, think that having a headset helps extract some of the outside noises that the microphone on the camera would pick up. Also, if you have a coughing fit, you have the ability to turn off and on the mic feature. It would make it a better setup and, if you have a cam you look better with the headset on.

Now comes the “fun” part. Here’s the first video I ever did.

Notice a few things? The initial thing you probably figured out is that I have an AMAZING voice. The other thing you probably realized is that no matter what I said, you barely heard me. That’s because, you know, THE SOUNDS ALL DROWNED ME OUT THAT DROWNED OUT MY VOICE!

So find the settings or wherever you can adjust the audio to a level that A) you can hear and B) they can hear you.

Also, if you’re from Bahrain, Cambodia, Jordan, Laos, Lebanon, Macao, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, or Yemen, I’m sorry. You can’t see the video. You know why? Because that video has been banned in your country because of the songs that were used in the game, that’s right, my LET’S PLAY FIRST VIDEO has been banned from other countries because my reckless use of copyrighted songs.

So even if you THINK something is copyrighted, my third and final lesson for you is don’t have that copyrighted music on your Let’s Play. Your batter/wrestler/team doesn’t need music to be bad ass in, you’re doing this to show the world how much fun you are having at playing these games and the people in 14 countries aren’t going to see it.


Today, I want to do something with you guys. If you are trying to do a Let’s Play on your console, like I am doing, and you’re having troubles with the audio, just go to your gameplay settings, take the sounds down to about half, all of it. If there’s a “Master Control” on there, that’s perfectly fine to use, as well. See how different that sounds. If it’s too high, move it down. If it’s too low, move it up. Also, not every volume sounds the same. So if you are playing a game that revolves itself around authentic gameplay sounds, go ahead and make it higher than your other sounds (just make sure you don’t overpower the sound of you talking).



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