How To Record Let’s Play From Your Gaming Console: Twitch v. UStream

Welcome back, class!

As a PS4 owner, I have dabbled in both the Twtich and Ustream streaming services for streaming Let’s Plays and other cool things (like online party games and such). They both have the streaming capabilities, they both allow you to highlight different portions of your videos, so which one should you choose?

There really isn’t a solid answer, here. Some people like Twitch, some people like Ustream. So I just want to give you guys my experiences with both places and which way I, now, go.


Ustream is where I started, it is kind of clunky but, also, the right one to use for a single player type stream that’s only purpose is to play video games, without getting eyes on your playthru and whatnot, which is cool. The only thing that I will say is that unless you have something in the game to time your playthru, make sure you get something. Both Twitch and Ustream both have this problem, but what I found troublesome is that once I got the highlights I wanted from the recording, it only downloaded the entire stream. It could be me or it could just be Ustream, either way it was really frustrating.

Overall, I liked the feel to it but wish they do something more with it.


I just recently discovered my like for Twitch. Before, I was just a Ustream guy and, well, it has changed over the past few times. Twitch is the mainstream streaming site for a reason, like-minded people who watch similar video Twitch streams are able to connect with how good or how bad you’re doing. I mean there’s a stream of Twitch Plays Dark Souls, so there’s a source out there to get your name out there in the public. It allows you to directly upload your Twitch highlights directly to YouTube, which is really good when you have a long video to upload.

The downside is you never know if your game is going to be viewed, due to the amount of people that are playing the same game at the same time and gaining the audience that you want to get, if that’s what you want.

You get more eyes on your Twitch page, you get more eyes on your YouTube page (if you are good enough).

My homework assignment for you: What are your pros and cons for using Ustream and/or Twtich?

I’ll see you guys next week. Class dismissed.

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