Boss Battle 171: Jiggle Physics

This week on Boss Battle 171, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), Sorg (@sorgatron), and Rizz (@theerizz). On this week’s show:

  • We’re discussing this week’s gaming achievements and Chachi’s life achievement of cooking his first turkey.
  • It’s time for Chachi to take us around the internet…net…net.
  • Farming Simulator has its own controller. And, we almost want to try it.
  • MarioKart + Disney XD. We’re telling you all about it!
  • Fallout 4/Skyrim connection found in an Easter egg.
  • We’re excited to see how much the DOA Beach Volleyball physics have increased the reason for teenage boys to game.
  • Fez is getting a limited edition re-release this holiday season.
  • Sony is winning this generation’s Console War.
  • Final Round Question: Has Sony learned from trailing XBox 360 to win this generation’s Console War?

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