Rizz Rant: YouTube Power Trip

YouTube is a fun place to be and, honestly, it’s a place where I can watch videos on just about anything and everything.

However, it seems that there is a image problem for YouTube superstars.


First, you have heard an enormous amount of hate towards the Fine Bros. and their “REACT” series trademark bullcrap and how that would affect YouTube videos, gaming videos, Jump Scare videos and other videos of those kinds that React videos would hurt.

Next, you have the story of LionMaker, a Minecraft Let’s Player allegedly putting up private servers for his fans (good, right?) only to privately messaging underage fans to have sexually explicit conversations with them.

Now, you got Toby Turner’s situation. Toby I liked. I actually followed and subbed his vlog before he even started his Tobuscus Plays. I was a big fan when I was a kid because he had a life that I wanted and actually could communicate to the people in a way where he was able to use a strange deep voice and acted like a total fool.


I’m going to post the article HERE. This is not me saying he’s guilty or innocent, that will come later when I have enough evidence. I don’t have anything to say about this situation until the truth of the story comes out, because right now it’s he said/she said. I have something else that I need to explain, and it might sound like a weird old-timey thing for me to say.

The one thing that the Fine Bros,¬†LionMaker and Tobuscus have in common are that they started their channels fairly young and when you combine a popular vlog to popularity on YouTube, you start to see your sub rate increase and your likes go up and your comments telling you how good you are and how they’re following you and how awesome you are and whatnot, you get a great feeling! Heck, when I get one new sub (FROM RIZZPLAYSGAMES) I get very excited, imagine how awesome it would be if I get 100x the subs for every month you’ve been in business? Imagine 1000x, 2000x, 5000x, etc. You’re popular.

Now, that’s where the problem lies, I think. Guys like Tobuscus, Fine Bros and LionMaker believes that they have support, the admiration of every single one of their subs that if they do something stupid they won’t get caught, and if they DO get caught they can make damn sure that if they make a video explaining their problems that their group of millions and millions of fans will back them, even if they’re just blowing smoke up their ass.

That’s their ignorance. The YouTube admiration and money make these guys think that they can do anything and waltz out unscathed. However, one false move and it can all crumble and Fine Bros realized (and Toby is starting to realize) really quickly how that admiration on YouTube can turn on them and the power lies in pressing that one button to unsubscribe and start the bleeding out process of subs.

I don’t honestly know if I will get popular with my channel…at all, even. I just post videos because I want to post videos and if I get popular YAY (and, also, what the hell are you doing with your lives?)

Heck, even if I did get popular (even if it’s a few hundred/thousand subs) my mindset would seriously be “DON’T MESS UP DON’T MESS UP DON’T MESS UP DON’T MESS UP DID I MESS UP?!” knowing that there are 100-1000+ people watching me every time I post ANYTHING because I know there are going to be people out there trying to take me down a peg.

But I believe that no matter what I do I want to succeed at it with honor and dignity. How that happens with YouTube is beyond me and, honestly, that’s what is happening with the top stars on YouTube. They’re getting too big for YouTube.

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