Insert Coin To Begin’s Guide to the Best of 2015 Black Friday Deals!

Ahh, Black Friday, the time of year where after you’ve eaten your fill of turkey and stuffing we proceed to get our fill of commercialism.  The time has come for bargain shoppers to fill the stores and their carts with bargain deals! We here at Insert Coin want you to be happy this Christmas so I’ve assembled a few of the best deals that are going on on Black Friday, so without further ado…


Our first deal comes to us from Best Buy, it’s an 8:00am Door Buster on Friday Morning. You get An Xbox One with The Lego Movie Game, and a 40″ Class  LED 1080p HD TV for $499.98 plus you can check out tons of other deals here


Gamestop has a bunch of games on sale along with a Uncharted Collection Edition PS4 for $299.99 those deals can be found here


Target has also has a bunch of game deals and a 32GB Super Smash Bros/Splatoon edition of WiiU for $249.99 along with tons of deals here


and Finally there are tons of deals at Walmart and Toys R Us along with Amazon which haven’t been revealed yet,  So if you like to shop from the couch/desk those are the deals for you!

It also let’s me post the Attack of The Show Black Friday ad video of Matt Mira and John Barrowman here’s that if you’ve never seen it


Have Fun Shopping, and beware of the crowds!

Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Hey everyone! It’s the column that’s dangerous to go alone on the internet without! Now with more guest posters! It’s time for Video Game themed things from around the internet…net…net! with your special guest poster BobbyFJtown filling in for Chachi who is on assignment.

Since Fallout 4 is the biggest thing going in gaming right now, I figured we should have a fallout themed article today!

First Up!

Conan O’Brien continues his epic journey through video games in his latest clueless gamer, this time he’s playing Fallout 4, most of it is Conan just looking for a lady, and admiring his physic, but as usual Conan tackles the game with his true comedic know how.

Next Up!

Fallout 4’s script is so large (how large is it!) It’s so large that Codworth, who is your robot butler in the game can say more than 1,000 names, in the video below they test what can and can’t be said by Codsworth, with sexy results!

and Finally…


Etsy Artist Lautstarke made a really awesome Fallout 4 Game poster, there are tons of Fallout 4 merch on Etsy but this print really caught my eye, The print can be purchased on Lautstarke’s etsy store for $15.00 a print.

That’s gonna do it for this special Fallout Themed guest posted Video themed things from around the internet…net…net! Back to you Chachi! (next week)

Social Anxiety, video games, and you!


This weekend I played the Star Wars Battlefront Beta, it was fun, but I chose to play without a microphone, or headset.  I also have been playing Destiny, again without a headset or a microphone.  I may not act like it but I, like many people have some social anxiety when it comes to meeting new people, even in the video game world.

I think this is the reason why I skipped World of Warcraft and other MMOs, I purchased Guild Wars 2 when my PC was able to play computer games, and did most of the quests myself.  I’m not sure why I don’t like to play games with other people.  I’m fine with playing with friends.  My friends and I used to play Call of Duty weekly, almost daily, but I know my friends and I know what they’re going to say pretty much and how they’re going to interact with me.  I kinda play online games running away from strangers.  I guess I’m just programmed like that.

This brings me to my point, most of the time that I have played games online against other people it’s not been a pleasant experience.  Little kids calling me names that they shouldn’t be saying, dude bros, people playing music loudly.  I’m not saying everyone is terrible, I’m sure some people are cool, and I get that not everyone is a terrible person, and part of it is me.  I have social anxieties in real life too, like a lot of people, I’m awkward.

That being said, I want to hear from you, do you have fears and social anxieties when it comes to gaming? Are you afraid to make new friends online?

I’m going to try to be a better gamer, and face my fears.  I’m going to play games with a headset again, and try to make some virtual friends,   Destiny awaits.

Funday Sunday Mobile Review: Fallout Shelter


Hey everyone, it’s BobbyFJtown with a mobile review, This time I’ll be looking at the android version of Fallout: Shelter.  I learned a lot playing this game, I love the mechanics in the game, like Chachi said, it is an underground version of Tiny Tower, but that’s not a bad thing.  It’s it’s own game, and it’s different from both Tiny Tower and Fallout proper.  It has elements of both games but stands on it’s own as a game you just can’t put down.

You start the game out by picking your vault number, I chose Vault 555, and started my journey.  In the game you set up the underground shelter with a few different rooms, a power plant, water plant, diner, med bay, science lab, storage room, radio room among others. The most important of these rooms were the first 3 that I named. You need power to make the other rooms function, you need water to keep your dwellers hydrated and radiation free, and you need food to keep your dwellers healthy.  You also need living quarters so you can have more dwellers. And how do you get more dwellers…well you put one male and one female in the living quarters and nature happens, next thing you know you have a brand new baby dweller.  This is essential for getting the most out of your shelter.  You have to watch how many dwellers you have compared to how much energy, water, and food you use.  It has to be a balanced dance in which you must watch how many resources you have at your disposal.

In some instances you can rush your rooms to get resources faster, this comes at a cost at times,  If done correctly you get the resources and caps, which much like Fallout games is the currency in this world.  If the rush fails you either have the room get attacked by rad-roaches, which are radioactive roaches, or the room will catch fire, which as you can see is a task in itself because some of the dweller’s aren’t the best fire fighters.


Most dwellers are terrible firefighters

Other events that cause danger to your vault, Deathclaws, which I haven’t run into yet, and Raiders which I have run into,  Raiders are the reason I learned from this game,  I had my vault filled with rooms and running at a great clip, I think I had it running at 93% happiness with 28 dwellers, well then the raiders hit and I wasn’t prepared.  I had very little weapons because I didn’t send many dwellers out to explore the wasteland to find weapons and outfits to help protect and give your dwellers different skills,  Dwellers have skills sets that make it easier for them to perform tasks.  The skills on their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Meters.  Each letter corresponds to a skill set that is applied to each room the dwellers create resources in.  Once the raiders attacked they killed all but 1 of my dwellers,  You can pay to get your dwellers revived but I only had so many caps, and I had to sacrifice dwellers and rooms by demolishing the rooms to cash them in for caps, and not many caps so I only had enough to pay for the most essential dwellers that I had, I had 2 very high level dwellers that I had to save, but since they were high level they were very expensive.  Thus my 28 dwellers had to be dwindled down to about 7, I then started the build up my rooms at a slower pace and it made me re-evaluate and chance the way I was playing the game.   Thus I am now back up at a healthy 18 dwellers and at about 85% happiness.  The one big difference is that I used my highest level dweller as a scout and sent him into the wasteland to find better weapons so now when the raiders attack they are no match for my improved vault.


The two highest level dwellers I saved from death at the hands of raiders, now they have a family and are productive members of the new society.

Another great thing about this game is that yes, it does have freemium content in lunchboxes, but you can earn them instead of paying for them and it’s not required to pay for anything to have a good time and get good at the game.  So in conclusion this game is way worth the download and it’s so addictive it’s hard to put down, for that reason I give Fallout: Shelter 4.5 out of 5 stars!


Last thoughts on E3



I’ve been thinking about what was revealed at E3 last week, the good, the bad, the great, the things that made us go hmm.. (puppets)  and It’s led me to this decision.  Video games are art, they’re entertainment, and they’re here to stay.

Let me start by showcasing my favorite reveals from E3.

Cuphead on Xbox One’s ID@XBOX
When it comes to the argument of video games being art,  There were a few games at E3 we can now point to  and have validation in that argument.  Cuphead is one of the games.  You play as Cuphead a cartoon character who much like Micky Mouse’s Steam Boat Willy is a cartoon come to life,  and it’s one of my favorite games of E3.  
ReCore on Xbox One
ReCore was a breath of fresh air during an E3 that was full of reboots, sequels, and retro games.  It’s actually great to see Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune’s creative influence set free from Capcom,  If you listen to our podcast you know my thought’s on Capcom lately.  But just to see him creating new games and properties is great to see, and this game looks fantastic.  It’ll be neat to see how each robot can be changed with each core, and how the environment changes with each storm.
The Last Guardian on Playstation 4
Another case can be made as a video game as a work of art,  This game was announced at E3 in 2009 for the PS3, it was all but forgotten by Sony.  This was one of the reasons I purchased a PS3, the game never came, however Sony says that the game was so graphically intense that they needed to push it to the PS4, Will I get a PS4 for this game,  I may eventually but with the other line up that Sony had it’s making me want a PS4 
Horizon Zero Dawn
Another strong candidate for Sony,  The only thing with Sony’s press conference was that most of the games that were announced have a release date in 2016, Which is great for people who don’t own a PS4 yet because we get to wait and not miss many new games that are made by Sony.  Horizon is one of the games that has that quality that makes me want a PS4, much like The Last of us was a clincher for me buying a PS3.  Giant robotic dinos and animals being hunted by bow and arrow in a stealth game sounds great and looks amazing by the early look we got at E3.  
Mario Maker on the Wii U
Mario Maker is something I’ve always dreamed of doing since I was a kid,  In fact, I always would draw levels like the creators of Mario used to do when the planned a level out.  I did it with Mario, Mega Man, Donkey Kong you name it.  I don’t own a Wii U, but this game makes me really want one.  I do have a 3ds, so I might just bide my time and see if they announce anything for it instead.  But with no Zelda on Wii U it makes me question if it’s worth buying a Nintendo system.   This game was definitely a bright spot for Nintendo along with Star Fox and Yoshi’s Wooly World.  Since they announced the new system would be coming out, I’m not sure it’s the right time to jump into a Nintendo Console.  
With all the games that were announced at E3 these were my favorites.  There were way too many to mention all of them, but I was slightly disappointed in the lack of Red Dead Redemption.  Maybe Rockstar will see that Red Dead lead the way as far as what gamers wanted to be backwards compatible on Xbox One,  Maybe it’s time for a new Red Dead game.  Maybe next year… Maybe later this year some news will come… Till then I’m going to happily play what games I have and what’s coming down the pike this year.  

Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Hey everyone, Welcome to a special edition of Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Guest starring me, Bobby F. Jtown!   I hope I can bring the same variety of awesomeness that Chachi brings to the table week in and week out, So without further ado and in the words of Mario….HERE WE GOOOOO!!!!!


First Up!

The guys from The Warp Zone, a nerdy A Capella group sings the theme from Mortal Kombat set to Mortal Kombat X footage, and then react to a fatality at the end, as you do. It’s really cool and you should check it out in the video below! You can find them on youtube at The Warp Zone.




Next Up!

Our next Video game themed entry comes to us from the youtube account Merfish which mods GTA V for PC to have a giant whale flip and flap his way around San Andreas creating haddock (sorry Chachi) wherever he lands.

And finally!

StadiumEvents had an article up that may help line your pockets if you happen to own 5 video games.  The article which lists 5 Valuable Video Games You Might Actually own.  I actually own the first game on the list Marvel v. Capcom 2 for PS2 which is going for up to $150 online.  Other games include Earthbound, Mega Man X3 and the very rare Stadium Events, which has been sold online for $8,000.  The full list and values can be found at this link 

That’s it for this week’s special guest edition of VIDEO GAME THEMED THINGS FROM AROUND THE INTERNET…NET….NET!!!! Till next week where we return you to your regularly scheduled Chachi, I’ve been Bobby F. Jtown.

Throw Back Thursday: Astyanax



On the latest episode I stated that Silver Surfer was our generation’s Dark Souls.  The more I thought about it, The more I remembered playing a game that was very similar to the style of Dark Souls. While there are two very different versions of this game, we’re going to focus on the Nintendo version.  Astyanax was a Nintendo Entertainment System game released in 1990 by Jaleco,  The game was set in a dimension called Remlia, and focused on a 16 year old High School student that was transported into the dimension along with a fairy named cutie to rescue Princess Rosebud from the evil wizard Blackhorn.  While the game had a very fantasyesque story it was a very difficult game.  The boss battles and even the levels themselves were tough enough to be one of the most difficult NES games of the era.

AstyanaxBoss1astyanaxboss2I think if this game was remade today I think the bosses and difficulty level of Astyanax make this game as close to Dark Souls as a game would be today.  There were many bosses in the game that were fantasy themed bosses like Medusa and Dragons and skeletons.  With the added elements of the fairy maybe you could throw a lighthearted style of graphics like Legend of Zelda, a cross between Dark Souls and Legend of Zelda would, I think, be the best way to present this game in today’s generation of consoles. With how the weapons would be upgraded and potions and everything else, I think it would be a success. How would you remake this classic NES game?  Have you played this game?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

 On second thought, I still think Silver Surfer is our generation’s Dark Souls…

Silver Surfer



Throw Back Thursdays: Little Nemo The Dream Master

Welcome to the first edition of Throw Back Thursday on Insert Coin To Begin, In this series of posts I will look back on some fond favorites, be it games or other things related to games, of the early and later days of video games.  I will tell you a bit about the game and if it could be made on the current gen systems.  The first game we’re looking at is Little Nemo: Dream Master.  So without further ado…


Little Nemo: Dream Master, was a Capcom Nintendo Entertainment System game based on the Japanese animated movie, and Comic Strip about Little Nemo.  The game, which was released in 1990 in the United States, The game was a platformer that followed the main character (Nemo) and his adventures in Dream Land,  Once Nemo’s head hit the pillow he could go anywhere and do anthing with the help of some candy and a few animal friends.  Nemo gained help from animals such as a frog, a gorilla, a salamander, and a mole by either riding on, or in them… yes I said in them… It was a dream after all and Nemo, one he fed them candy could become the frog and the mole,  The game’s object was to collect keys to open a door in each level, the game was very dificult with many enemies per stage… It was a Capcom game after all.


So the big question is, How can this game be brought back to life in 2014?  Well if Capcom wanted, or anyone that wanted to re-make this game, the answer I believe is pretty simple.  Instead of making it a platformer, Why not borrow from a recently released game that has a similar look.  Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch a game that was recently released for the Playstation 3 as an RPG.  This would be the perfect style of game for Little Nemo to become.  With the vast array of enemies and the Studio Ghibli like style of animation that the game showcased back in the day,  It would be a perfect fit for today’s games.  The animal friends can work like summons like in Final Fantasy games with different types of candy giving Nemo unique buffs.  The game can expand on the story of the film and comic strips and give gamers clamoring for Nemo to come back a new game to look forward to.

Do you remember playing Little Nemo: The Dream Master?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments and whether you think this game could be remade again!

Area 2600: E.T. phone dump.



Urban Legends are rarely proven to be true, Just look at Chupacabra and Bigfoot, still all legendy in there legendness.  Anyways, Atari had one of the biggest systems of the 1970’s and 1980’s, There were a lot of great games that made the transition from Arcades to the home platform.  Games like Pong, Centipede, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and more,  Some games however were made exclusively for the Atari and Atari 2600 systems.  One of which, is widely considered the worst game ever made, that game is E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.  Based on the movie by Steven Spielberg, the game looks almost nothing like the movie,  It was even said to be rushed out by it’s creator just so it made it out in time to promote the movie.  The game is broken and altogether an incomplete game.  There were rumors that Atari was so embarrassed by the poor sales of E.T. that it took the remaining unsold cartridges and buried them in a landfill in New Mexico.  The rumors grew into a huge urban legend over the years.

This led a documentary filmmaker, Zack Penn, to see if this myth was true,  He put much research into finding the location of the cartridges, and finally on April 26th, 2014 ET phoned home.  Not only were ET Cartridges found but a bunch of other Atari games were found as well.

According to the Associated Press, One man at the dig knew about the games being there.

The game’s finding came as no surprise to James Heller, a former Atari manager who was invited by the production to the dig site. He says in 1983 the company tasked him with finding an inexpensive way to dispose of 728,000 cartridges they had in a warehouse in El Paso, Texas. After a few local kids ran into trouble for scavenging and the media started calling him about it, he decided to pour a layer of concrete over the games.


The documentary is being made for Microsoft as a project for their new studio initiative to create movies and content for Xbox One’s Microsoft Game Studio.  There is no word if the backhoe that was digging got out of the pit or just kept falling back in frustrating the driver to the point of exhaustion.

Facebook purchases Oculus VR for 2 Billion

Facebook has become the new Google, and by that I mean, it’s buying a lot of different other companies.  It was announced today that Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook, is purchasing Oculus VR which is the company that created the Oculus Rift. The company will be acquired for 400 million dollars cash, and 23.1 million shares of Facebook stock which is worth about 1.6 billion dollars.  Facebook said that it’s going to let Oculus VR continue to work as it’s own separate company, but is this a good move for either company?


  What does this mean for Oculus, probably not much as far as their product goes, but it might help the marketing to have facebook as a huge backer for the company now.  I don’t know what facebook could use Oculus VR for but I’m kind of curious to see what will happen in the future of both companies.  Will we be virtually poking our friends, or writing on actual walls in your friends virtual house, time will tell but I’m still excited as hell for Oculus Rift.  What do you guys think of this deal?  Let us know in the comments!