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Freebie Friday! World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

To enjoy the fruits of the labor that Max Gentlemen brought, you have to remember the fact that we are talking about free games here and with every good game…


Mobile Monday Review: Llamas with Hats Cruise Catastrophe

It’s a new week! A new week means a new review! This week it’s  Llamas with Hats Cruise Catastrophe. This is another one of those games I picked up based…


Freebie Fridays: Max Gentlemen

Good morr…hold on, we have to get in the mood for this game. Hold please. That’s better! Good morrow, good sir! I hope you are having a bully day today….


Mobile Monday Review: McPixel!

Welcome to a new Mobile Monday Review! This week we take a look at a satire point and click game for iOS and Android called McPixel. Mobile Monday Review: McPixel…


Mobile Monday Review: Thomas Was Alone!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Mobile Monday Review! This week I bought a game to play based on an article I read listing a bunch of mobile games you…


Mobile Monday Review: Penguin Simulator!

Welcome to this week’s Mobile Monday Review: Penguin Simulator! I fought a bear… it didn’t go well at all. You can try it, too.(Although, honestly, you shouldn’t waste the time.)…


Is It September Yet? Destiny

As talked about last night on Boss Battle, Chachi and I both went on quite the amazing journey this weekend. Destiny released the beta of their game just so that…


MEGA Mobile Monday! Two Dots, Blek, Aldo’s World.

MEGA Mobile Monday! Two Dots, Blek, Aldo’s World. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the first MEGA Mobile Monday! This past week I picked a game to play. Turns out, that…


BROizz BROViews: BroForce Is 80′s Goodness.

For a game that hasn’t even come out yet, Broforce may very well be my favorite game to play this year. If you haven’t heard of Broforce, you haven’t lived,…


Mobile Monday Review: Stick Death!

Welcome to a new week! Here at Insert Coin a new week means a new Mobile Monday Review! So let’s review a game, shall we? Mobile Monday Review: Stick Death! Game: Stick Death…