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Mobile Monday Review: Pet Rescue Saga!

While in high school my group of friends spent a lot of time hanging out at the local Perkins drinking coffee, chatting the night away. One of the other things…


Mobile Monday Review: Adventure Capitalist!

Making money takes time according to this game. Welcome to Mobile Monday Review: Adventure Capitalist! Game: Adventure Captalist Developer: Hyper Hippo Platforms: Android, iOS Object: Make that money! Game play:…


Mobile Review: 1010! Puzzle!

Welcome to this week’s Mobile Review: 1010! Puzzle! I had flash back moments while playing this game and felt I was playing the grandchild of Tetris. So much fun and…

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Rizz Reviews: DragonBall Xenoverse

Do not adjust your computer and settle right in for this review of a DragonBall video game. The DragonBall franchise has been notorious with the video game realm, but they…


Mobile Monday Review: Jolly Jam!

It’s Monday and you know what that means! It’s time for this week’s Mobile Monday Review! This week we take a look at Jolly Jam a Candy Crush type game…


Mobile Monday Review: Daddy was a Thief!

Welcome to this edition albeit late but none the less! Here is Mobile Monday Review: Daddy was a Thief! You do what you have to do to provide for your…

Alto's Adventure

Alto’s Adventure Mobile Review

Michael Sorg (@sorgatron) gives a review of Alto’s Adventure, a calm snow boarding game from Snowman! Find out more at  



I got Evolve because it was a pretty darn cool concept. Four regular players go up against one of the three giant monsters of lore (Goliath, Wraith and The Kraken)….

Wrestle Jump

Mayhem Minute: Wrestle Jump

“Dumb Mexican Wrestling for Two!”  Today Sorg takes a peak at Wrestle Jump.  A free game for your browser, and an awesome iPhone and iPad game!


FIRST PLAY: Dying Light

The zombie genre. Ever since Call of Duty, everyone tries to emulate and revolutionize the zombie genre. How do I know? Go to Steam and type in “zombie”. H1Z1, Day…