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Mobile Monday Review: Hearthstone!

Ladies and Gents, Welcome to this week’s edition of Mobile Monday Review: Hearthstone! Ever wonder what the brave Adventure folk of World of Warcraft do when they are resting at…

WWE 2k iphone

Mayhem Minute: WWE 2k Mobile

From Sorg takes a look at the brand new WWE 2k on iPhone. Subscribe to audio on iTunes and video on Youtube.  


Mini-AwesomeCast: Hearthstone on iPhone/Android

Heathstone is on iPhone!  Just in time for Sorg as he’s brand new to the game!  How does it hold up on the small screen? Subscribe on iTunes for Audio and…


Rizz Reviews: MLB 15 The Show

BASEBALL! For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I’m a huge sports nut. Football, hockey, soccer, basketball and baseball. All of those sports that I have…


Mini-AwesomeCast: Mortal Kombat X Mobile First Impressions

Mortal Kombat X is out on mobile a week ahead of it’s console version.  Sorg gives his first impressions. Subscribe on iTunes for Audio and Youtube for Video!  


Mobile Monday Review: Dictator: Outbreak!

Welcome to this week’s Mobile Monday Review: Dictator: Outbreak! Every once in a while you have to play a game that involves world domination or else, why the hell are…


Rizz Reviews: Bloodborne (A WINNER IS YOU!)

It’s out. You’re probably tired of me talking about it. You probably were wondering where I was and when I was going to post this review, that will come a…


Mobile Monday Review: Pet Rescue Saga!

While in high school my group of friends spent a lot of time hanging out at the local Perkins drinking coffee, chatting the night away. One of the other things…


Mobile Monday Review: Adventure Capitalist!

Making money takes time according to this game. Welcome to Mobile Monday Review: Adventure Capitalist! Game: Adventure Captalist Developer: Hyper Hippo Platforms: Android, iOS Object: Make that money! Game play:…


Mobile Review: 1010! Puzzle!

Welcome to this week’s Mobile Review: 1010! Puzzle! I had flash back moments while playing this game and felt I was playing the grandchild of Tetris. So much fun and…