Good idea and Bad idea: Fan Appreciations.

So i wanted do multiple posts with some things highlighting the things people do to show love for their favorite games. like i have been with the awesome fan made movies.

First the bad: Someone at PAX East dressed as the hero from the first Assassins Creed Altair….. Complete with working hidden blade…. umm, no. BAD IDEA SIR! Heres the video courtesy of

Click Here

Right. First off how did he get that into PAX, also where is the safety feature on that damn thing!

Second and much better is this trailer for a Fan Film entitled Aperture: Lab Ratt. It has all the makings that make a great trailer makes me want a full feature film. Here it is.

I want to see this movie.

What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below!

Korean Politician uses Angry Birds to fight the issues.

Those Koreans sure know how to pander to their audience. The greatest campaign ever.

Thanks to a source I know:

“Dude dressed up is a candidate, it seems that he’s nicknamed “hungry bird”?
He starts out by saying he needs to say something/make a proclamation.
Don’t you want to change your representation? People could be having more fun.
Something boring political about the Republic of Korea reporting paying some guy.
Then they throw the “hungry bird guy” at a pile that’s labeled “Su Paek’s employment worries”
Then he says something I can’t understand and can’t read the writing.
Then they say – where to change? Hungry bird.
Who’s next?”

Amazing. Sure beats the hell out of the Ads here in the states! I’d be more inclined to give it a second thought if they were like that here.

Anyways, Here is the Commerical. ENJOY! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Holy Shit Pacman Fan Film. AMAZING.

Now, i’ve thrown many o’ quarter into the ol’ Pacman machine. I know that Pacman is an awesome game. I also didn’t think it got any more awesome than that. I was wrong.

I watched that at least 4 times before i got around to writing this post. What do you think? Pacman ready for big screen? or should they leave it alone? Let us know in the comments below!


Have you ever wondered what happens to the pigs?

Well, wonder no longer friends! Chinese food company Joycome is running a promotion with Rovio and Angry birds due to the popularity of it over seas.

But that’s not all! If you buy 800 grams of Joycomes bacon , you get the sausage free!!!! Man, I love pork. This answer my question, I’ve always wondered what happened to the pigs when they poof off the screen! However, the sausage isn’t green. So no, you will not have sausage to go with the Green Eggs and Ham.

What do you think about this marketing campaign? I’m a fan. Let us know in the comments below!

Mega Man Fan Film!

Now, there’s a lot you can do with $700 dollars….

You can buy aprox. 130 20 piece Nuggets.
The R2d2 Xbox 360
Pay some bills.
Hell, you can give it to us here! We’ll take it.

Or you can Do what Olan Rogers did and make this Mega Man Short film! Keep in mind the budget when you watch it and considering that it’s pretty bad ass!

Here you go:

What did you guys think? I myself enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind seeing a full length but at the same time think that Hollywood would jack it up. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

APRIL FOOLS!!! – From the Desk of Roberto Ferdinand JTown (BobbyFJTown)

Ahh yes, April 1st, a day that will always live in infamy with many
gamers.  New titles announced, new system information released…but
is it fake, or real information.  I can remember looking back through
the years, it seems every video gaming magazine that I subscribed to
had an april fools section.  Game Infarcer, Lame Pro, among others.
Some of the best April Fools day announcements were Half Life 3 coming
out,  a Duke Nukem Forever demo that existed long before it was an
actual game.  Pokemon Kart racer, and I believe there was even a
Legend of Zelda Movie announcement that turned out to be fake.

Some April fools jokes actually came true,  like‘s iCade
Arcade cabinet for the iPad.  iCade is a device that turns your iPad
into an arcade cabinet so you can actually play the games like they
were meant to be played…in the 80s… The iCade is still being sold
on the thinkgeek website.  Also some people feel that Duke Nukem was
just one cruel April Fools joke that happened as well.

So beware this April 1, 2012 when you’re checking out that gaming site
or looking through april’s issue of your favorite magazine.  Some
things just are better left as April Fools jokes but most of the time
it’s all in good fun.

Oh and breaking news.. Gears of War has just been announced for PS3 and Wii!