Pokemon Theme done with Violin and Dubstep….WAIT! DON’T RUN AWAY!

Original and Youtube Cover artist Kurt Hugo Schneider decided that for his 151st youtube video that he would team up with Linsey Stirling to cover the Pokemon Theme song. The cover is a dubstep Violin mix and is quite incredible.

Not that its surprising but Linsey herself is known for her violin covers and Originals on Youtube covering every thing from her Zelda Medley, Halo theme, Skyrim theme to Radioactive and Thrift Shop…. Yeah, i said Thrift Shop. I would just like to point out that the Radioactive cover is much better than the Original…….

The video (posted below) includes game like graphics and much like the rest of Linsey Stirling’s video game themed videos have incredible music and cosplay. Here are both the Zelda Medly and the Pokemon theme for your viewing pleasure and i suggest you check out the rest of Their channels (linked below) as well.

Enjoy! Let me know if you did in the comments below!

Xbox Rumors Continue.

With 11 days to go until the worldwide announcement from Microsoft regarding the next release in the Xbox line, Rumors and rampant speculations flying every which way. Ah life in this age. The thing about flying speculations is that eventually they are going to hit something and stick.

The International Business Times is reporting from an inside source that the name of the next Microsoft console will continue with the Xbox name. This time being Xbox Infinty with the logo below. The logo was leaked on Reddit by a different source.


Along with these rumors it is also rumored that the next Call of Duty game entitled “Ghosts” will be fully announced on the 21st at the conference and is expected to be released alongside the next Xbox console. Ghosts is supposed to be released 11-5-13 so we will see if that date holds true.

Either way we will need to wait until the 21st to see what really is going on with the next Xbox and any release titles. I’ll be waiting not so patiently. Over here, rocking back and forth in the corner… What are your thoughts? Excited? No? Let us know in the comments below!

Mega Mondays: Happy 25th Anniversary Blue Bomber!


In the year 20xx…

25 years ago a man named Keiji Inafune created a little blue character named Rock.  Well, that’s what he was known as in Japan.  But in America he was known as Mega Man.  A little blue robot that was tasked with taking down the evil Dr. Wiley and his Robot Masters. In the weeks to come, I’m going to explore a bit more about Mega Man’s game and history for his 25th Anniversary, each week I’ll write about a different Mega Man game and discuss what the series meant to me growing up as a gamer.

Mega_Man_1_box_artworkMega Man box art…

I’m going to start with Mega Man 1.   The first game in the series was simply called Mega Man, and it was what most think of as the hardest game in the series. This was before Mega Buster’s or the ability to slide, there was no Rush, or Beat or even Eddie Flip top to throw you powerups as the game progressed, although the baddies in the stage would drop things from time to time.  It was an unforgiving first start for the series.  The first game wasn’t a run away hit for Capcom as it’s horrible box art was most likely the cause of that.  Not looking at all like Mega Man more like Middle Aged Man with a terrible suit, gun, and beer belly.  He was awkwardly posed on the cover of the game.  When you would play the game though, it was completely different than the cover,  A great platforming experience and a great story for a simple NES game.  Mega Man was tasked with taking down Dr. Wiley and his 6 (at the time it was only 6 instead of the traditional 8 that would become a staple in the series) Robot Masters.

The Robot Masters


My favorite part of every Mega Man game was the Robot Masters,  Defeating them and picking up their powers was a highlight of my childhood.  I can remember creating my own levels on paper, and my own robots with various themes and powers for Mega Man to take on.  It was so much fun trying to figure out what power would work on what robot master.  Figuring out what order you should take them on was very much a part of the strategy and overall fun of the Mega Man Series.  In the first game there was as I said 6 Robot Masters.  Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man these were the bosses that Mega Man had to defeat.  All former robots built by Dr. Light and Dr. Wiley that were supposed to help people.  However Dr. Wiley had other intentions for these robots, and he turned them against mankind.  The levels of each of the robot masters were tough but fair.  And it was exciting when you finally reached and heard the sound of the boss doors.  My favorite boss in the first game was Cut Man.  I think he was the coolest looking of the robots in the first game although Bomb Man had a great weapon.

The Music

The first game’s music was catchy, but didn’t feature as many memorable tracks as the other games would feature.  I think the catchiest of the levels was Elec Man’s  level,which was also the opening theme of Mega Man.  Fire Man’s level, and Cut Man’s level coming in at a very close 2nd and 3rd.  It still featured the very memorable stage select music that would would all know and love throughout the 25 years that Mega Man has been around.  Above is a sample of the stage music for you to listen to.

So with that I wrap up my coverage on the first game I want to know what everyone’s  favorite Robot Master was in the first game. What was your favorite Level, and What was your favorite Music in this game?  Leave us a comment below! and next Monday I’ll look at the very popular Mega Man 2.

Portal 2: Songs to Test By (Collectors Edition)

Fact: Good Science is done to a good soundtrack. Fact: 83% of all statistics are made up. Or something….

Aperture Science leader in all things science is proud to present Portal 2: Songs to Test by(The Collectors Edition). The soundtrack to the game has always been available online here. However, the Collectors edition features so much more!

The 4-CD collection includes a fourth CD (13 tracks) featuring music from the original Portal video game which has been previously unavailable. Portal 2: Songs To Test By (Collector’s Edition) also comes with an exclusive mini-comic titled “Turret Lullaby.” The soundtracks were primarily composed by Valve but also include two original songs from Jonathan Coulton (“Still Alive,” “Want You Gone”) as well as vocals on several songs by opera singer Ellen McLaine (performing as the villain GLaDOS).

Here is the track listing:

Volume/Disc #1
1. Science is Fun
2. Concentration Enhancing Menu Initialiser
3. 9999999
4. The Courtesy Call
5. Technical Difficulties
6. Overgrowth
7. Ghost of Rattman
8. Haunted Panels
9. The Future Starts With You
10. There She Is
11. You Know Her?
12. The Friendly Faith Plate
13. 15 Acres of Broken Glass
14. Love as a Construct
15. I Saw a Deer Today
16. Hard Sunshine
17. I’m Different
18. Adrenal Vapor
19. Turret Wife Serenade
20. I Made It All Up
21. Comedy = Tragedy + Time
22. Triple Laser Phase

Volume/Disc #2:
1. You Will Be Perfect
2. Halls of Science 4
3. (defun botsbuildbots () botsbuildbots ))
4. An Accent Beyond
5. Robot Ghost Story
6. Die Cut Laser Dance
7. Turret Redemption Line
8. Bring Your Daughter To Work Day
9. Almost At Fifty Percent
10. Don’t Do It
12. Vitrification Order
13. Music of the Spheres
14. You are Not Part of the Control Group
15. Forwarding the Cause of Science
16. PotatOS Lament
17. The Reunion
18. Music of the Spheres 2 (Incendiary Lemons)

Volume/Disc #3:
1. Reconstructing More Science
2. Wheatley Science
3. FrankenTurrets
4. Machiavellian Bach
5. Excursion Funnel
7. The Part Where He Kills You
8. Omg, What has He Done?
9. Bombs for Throwing at You
10. Your Precious Moon
11. Caroline Deleted
12. Cara Mia Addio
13. Want You Gone
14. Spaaaaace
15. Space Phase
16. Some Assembly Required
17. Robot Waiting Room #1
18. Robot Waiting Room #2
19. Robot Waiting Room #3
20. Robot Waiting Room #4
21. Robot Waiting Room #5
22. Robot Waiting Room #6
23. You Saved Science
24. Robots FTW

Volume/Disc #4:
1. Subject Name Here
2. Taste of Blood
3. Android Hell
4. Self Esteem Fund
5. Procedural Jiggle Bone
6. No Cake For You
7. 4000 Degrees Kelvin
8. Stop What You Are Doing
9. Party Escort
10. Your Not a Good Person
11. You Can’t Escape You Know
12. Still Alive
13. Still Alive (J.C. Mix)

Quite a list with a lot of tracks! That’s enough to keep the science coming for a few hours! Oh, look at the time. We must get back to testing!

Zelda the Rock Opera

So the Amazing Brando created a rock Opera with Link to the past!

Here is one of the tracks off of the cd that you can buy for 12.99!

I’ll be buying this! Its entertaining to say the least. What about you? Worth a buy or a pass?

Heres the link to the cd! http://www.screwattack.com/video/Zelda-3-Rock-Opera-2258031

New Random video!!!

Our buddy the talented Random aka Mega Ran (http://insertcointobegin.com/?p=1497) hit us up to let us know that
his new music video “Language Arts (First Day of School)” is finished and up for viewing!

Like it, link it, share it! Tell yo momma! Be sure to go pick up the new album by the same name! http://megaranmusic.com/album/language-arts-volume-one

Let him and us know what you think!

Friday Fun! Dance Party style! Portal Music.

Friday Fun! Dance Party style! Portal Music.

So this fantastically awesome human Will Bedford makes music and puts it on youtube. Its wonderful, especially the portal remixes he makes. Below is a few of his songs. You Monster, Portal 2 Song – Prometheus and Portal Turret Remix.

Enjoy! you can check out Will’s youtube channel here.