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Boss Battle – Disappointing Video Games

There are really bad video games. Really, really bad video games. However, Rizz, Bobby and Chachi all describe video games that looked great that failed to meet our expectations.

Did we say a game that you personally liked? Did we leave a game off of the list (I know I did).

Rizz’s Most Anticipated: PS4 Exclusives

Now, I could easily sit here and go “HERE ARE MY TOP GAMES I’M MOST ANTICIPATING” and you guys all probably know Mass Effect: Andromeda would be on that list. However, since I am the one here to have bought a Playstation 4, I guess you can say I’m Insert Coin’s exclusive on counting down the PS4’s exclusives coming down the aisle in 2016.


5. Street Fighter V – Come on, you were shocked in 2015 when you heard that Playstation 4 got the rights to be the exclusive home to one of the biggest fighting franchises in history. Don’t lie. Hell, when I heard about it I had to double check the source. But for Sony to get the rights to Street Fighter V and make it their own little baby is a cool thing for people, like me, who own a PS4. Now, I’m not really a fighting game fan but it will be interesting to see if I pick this up or not.


4. The Last Guardian – FINALLY! For the past few years, Sony has had hell to pay talking about and pushing back the development of The Last Guardian, from the same guys who made my Game of the Year (and PS4 exclusive) last year, Bloodborne (Japan Studio). What isSony’s E3 going to be like this year when there’s no Last Guardian rumors or setbacks?

maxresdefault (3)

3. Uncharted 4 – I’m interested in this game for one reason, E3. Uncharted 3 is much like the Sony E3’s video of Uncharted 4. Before it even started, the video had some major setbacks and faults and glitches and everything. However, once the video started, you can see the giant landscape that awaits you when the game comes out in April.


2. No Man’s Sky – Seriously? You thought I was going to forget about this gem? Honestly, if I saw more of this game my head would explode. Everyone watched it. E3, Stephen Colbert, a whole bunch of other people saw what No Man’s Sky has to offer. An open massive open-world sandbox that lets you control anything and everything that you find and doesn’t have a story to tie you down? That’s an amazing thing to have and will be an amazing time-waster once it is released.

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn – You want one picture to show you my excitement for this video game?


It’s one thing if it’s you fighting regular dinosaurs…but…you play as a lady after the world as we know it got destroyed and have to fight…..robot. dinosaurs. ROBOT. DINOSAURS. DINOSAURS THAT JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE ROBOTS. And you’re only weapon (or the only one I can see here) is your trusty bow and arrow.

For both PS4 and X-box One, the name of the game in 2016 is “EXCLUSIVES” and from PS4’s lineup, it sure looks good.

Rizz Rant: Whining About SMASH

This week Nintendo announced the final three DLC names that are coming out soon. Final Fantasy’s Cloud (everyone knew about that one), another character from Fire Emblem (Corrin) and, yes, Bayonetta. Yippy! Right?! WRONG!


I’m sure you guys are upset. I know you are. At first, I was right there with you wondering “Hey, where’s Knuckles? Where’s Shovel Knight? Where’s King K. Rool? Where’s Snake? Where’s Rayman? Where’s Goku? Where’s Krillin? Where’s Nico Bellic? Where’s Peppy? Where’s Waldo? Where’s Dr. Wiley? Where’s Metal Sonic? Where’s Tails? Where’s the Contra guys? Where’s Q*Bert? Where’s Conker? Where’s Bubsy?! Where’s (enter name here)?”

Then I realized something, maybe it’s not for us to tell NINTENDO who they should and shouldn’t have on their games. I mean, they are Nintendo after all. They have been doing this since before you and I were probably born. Do you guys remember when the outrage was about Tomogachi Life and how many people wanted same-sex marriage/adoption in the game? What did Nintendo do? Didn’t give in to people’s demands and, actually, still made sense while denying Tomogachi Life.

Nintendo has been doing things like this for years, boys and girls. They’re going to make great and revolutionary games and then they will make decisions that most of you won’t like but they know one thing: YOU’RE STILL GOING TO PLAY THE GAME! YOU’RE STILL GOING TO ENJOY THE GAME! YOU’RE STILL GOING TO BUY THE AMIIBOS WHEN THEY COME OUT! So it doesn’t really matter who they put in the last DLC…

You know what? This thing goes deeper than just Smash and Nintendo. Look at the backlash Mortal Kombat is receiving for who they have in their upcoming DLC. A Xenomorph from Alien and the guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre are in the game and the first comment I’ve seen wasn’t praise and wasn’t excitement…It was anger. Anger because there weren’t characters that were already in the series (that, honestly, nobody really knows) instead of horror CLASSICS that are known for blood and gore. Not only that but to have multiple Alien v. Predator matchups. HOW CAN ANYONE BE ANGRY ABOUT THAT?!


Someone please tell me who else would you like in Mortal Kombat? Friggin’ Stryker?

Marvel’s Unreleased Video Game Sends More Q’s Than A’s


A couple weeks ago, I joined friend of the show Will “DJ Lunchbox” Rutherford on an episode of Panel Riot discussing the good and the bad (and there were some bad ones) about the estranged marriage between video games and comic books. I listed my five favorite and not-so-favorite video games that were based solely on the comics and was asked why companies don’t try to make current gen video games about comic books when movies are doing a damn good job at making movies about video games.

Movies have one set of audiences, video games has another set of audiences and I think that movie and video game audiences aren’t always the same fans and the same audiences (although you would think that there are some correlation) and I believe that correlation was soured in the days of Superman 64 and, well, continue on for this day.

However, there’s new video that came out this past week about an Avengers video game, not based on the Age of Ultron or any of the other movies, but of the comics. A story based off something from the comics that is not a Telltale Game is quite unusual and outstanding.

It was released by people from the, now defunct, THQ office and taking a look at this game it’s apparent that they were trying their ass off to make this game a good one.

The game was to be released in 2012 coinciding with the release of the first Avengers’ movie. However, as DYK? Gaming says the game was not going to tie in to the movie and be a standalone version of itself. In fact, as the video continued you can see that there are different villains and even other Avengers that you can play.

In all honesty, Avengers looked like a pretty damn good game and a little bit of a sidenote here, THQ’s problem in the later years was not open-world-y video games. You look at what they did with the Saints Row series, turning it from a horrible GTA clone to a parody of a horrible GTA clone in order to make it good. Graphics were smooth and the gameplay was fine. This seems like the Avengers were going with the same style.

AvengersVG1They took the 3rd-person video game (as it was already part of mostly every superhero game and looked very cookie-cutterish) and it turned it into a 1st-person action game putting a new spin on the genre which looked pretty darn good.

The story was based around the evil shape-shifters the Skrulls and loosely follows the storyline of the Secret Invasion comics (which you can get more information in the video itself).

It sucks this was one of the video games that got cut because, honestly, this looked like it was going to be one of THQ’s few good video games (until their collapse a year later).

What would THQ be remembered for if this game came out? Would they still be out of business? Why was this one of the first ones they threw on the cutting room floor? We’ll never know. I just hope that, even though 3-4 years late, this game finds its way to consoles because, unlike most video games, this game does not have a movie timetable.