Capcom and IGN Team up for “Cross Assault”

Starting today(2-23-12) Capcom and Ign team up to do what they are calling the first ever “Fighting game reality show”,   Cross Assault will be streamed daily online at the website linked above from 10-10:30 am (PST).

The show will bring together 10 contestants consisting of 5 Street Fighter experts and 5 Tekken Experts all competing for a grand prize of $25,000. In addition to the live online showings of the show there will be highlight videos available daily.  The IGN Pro league will bring the Top 2 finishers to compete in its tournament that will be broadcast live online from SXSW. (Source:

While we can agree that this may be the first Reality Fighting Gaming show, it is not the first video game based reality show.  I’ll be checking out the highlight videos and the episodes when I can to see how it differs but a little over 2 years ago Syfy teamed up with the World Cyber Games for a Show called “WCG Ultimate Gamer”.

The show lasted for two seasons and entailed a lot more than just video games. Each episode the contestants were pitted up against each other in real life challenges that matched the game they were playing that week. So this truly added a reality aspect to the show. Not saying that they won’t be doing the same in this series that is yet to be seen however I don’t see them making these contestants beating each other every day.

You can check out Cross Assault over at and if you are curious to see what WCG Ultimate Gamer was like for the 2 seasons they have some episodes up for free at Hulu. Here’s a direct link so you don’t have to search for it. Its not a bad show just didn’t have the right audience/timeslot.