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PewDiePie Makes Over Seven Million Dollars…And?

Why is this an issue? Why are we discussing how much PewDiePie makes playing video games on YouTube? Simple. It’s an issue because it’s not you. It’s not me, either….


How To Record Let’s Plays From Your Gaming Console: TIME

Well, good evening everybody and welcome to a new venture that I want to focus my attention here on Insert Coin to Begin, home to all things games by gamers….


Last thoughts on E3

  I’ve been thinking about what was revealed at E3 last week, the good, the bad, the great, the things that made us go hmm.. (puppets)  and It’s led me…


E3 2015 Predictions!

It’s coming up. The yearly event of geek Christmas that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. A time were we look at what the video game industry is going to wow…


RIZZ RANT: Is E3 Relevant?

Let me be straight forward with you guys. E3 is amazing. The pageantry, the set-up, the pitch, the announcements, the conferences, the Reggie. However, is it still necessary to have…


RIZZ RANT: Another Five Nights? No!

So when the third Five Nights at Freddie’s came out, the official website of Five Nights showed just one image. The image, as you can see, is a spotlight and…

7239_0229_GHLive Stage1

Rizz Rant: Guitar Hero

I am disappointed in the fact that I’m going to do this. But I have to. This past week, the video surfaced of Guitar Hero and it looks like it…


Mini-AwesomeCast: April Fools Productivity

From How can you use April Fools for product market research?  Ask this maker of an iPhone adapter for iPhone. Source: The Smart Boy turns the iPhone 6 Plus into…


Rizz Rant: Zelda. Not on the Wii U. Rawr.

By now you have heard the news that Iwata and the lovely people over at Nintendo announced that The Legend of Zelda game that they said was coming out in…


Rizz Rant: Button Customization

I don’t normally gloat about a specific game company or console because both company and console, albeit having good qualities, also are more publicized about the bad when the bad…