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The Madden Effect

I was originally going to post a review of RBI Baseball, a game that I neglected to talk about last week on Boss Battle. However, I am pretty sure a…


The Pokemon Paradigm

I’ve been on this gaming kick!  You can also find this and other awesome gaming news and opinion at! I have never played Pokemon. Correction. I have never played…


Facebook purchases Oculus VR for 2 Billion

Facebook has become the new Google, and by that I mean, it’s buying a lot of different other companies.  It was announced today that Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook, is purchasing Oculus…


Rizz Rant: Mobile Gaming on Twitch?

Today Twitch announced that they are producing a new app that will allow streaming mobile video games on their giant gaming streaming website. In a statement, Twitch’s marketing executive Matthew…


A tad bit Irrational? Bioshock studio to downsize.

  Irrational Games, makers of Bioshock, both Infinite and regular announced today that it was downsizing it’s studio to make smaller more story driven games. He is also handing over…


Rizz Rant: Leave Flappy Dong Alone!

We all know the story by now, guys. Dong Nguyen took down the very popular game because he didn’t think that his game was going to be very popular. No…


Activision Drops the Sledgehammer: Call of Duty to cycle between 3 developers.

  If you look forward to playing Call of Duty every year, you’re in luck, you’re still going to be playing COD every year but the developer will be one…



Sega hasn’t had a system since the Dreamcast came out in 1999.  It featured about 220 games, well make that 221.  Yes, a new Sega Dreamcast game was released today,…


You Can Own A Rare Game…For $5,000

Now, you all know the story of the Nintendo World Championships, right? Nintendo Power ran a tournament in the early 90′s and had a little tournament to find out who…


Games you may have missed: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Many of us gamers play a lot of games, I was looking through how many games I played in 2013 thanks to raptr and played 60 games, that’s a lot….