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Rizz Rant: Super Bowl! SPORTS!

I don’t normally do this, but I have something I need to get off my chest, non-sports related. When Ray Finkle calls the last play in the Super Bowl the…


PSN Gives %10 To Their Customers!

Remember around Christmas time where I did that whole thing about the hacking of both Xbox Live and Sony’s PSN? And on here I did a Christmas Carol with the…


Freddy Is Still Here.

In November, Scott Games released the sequel to the highly popular indy game Five Nights at Freddy’s. That’s two months ago. Two. Now? With that game still fresh in the…

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Good Morning: My Steam Problem

Over at, I do a daily Podcast Tuesday – Friday every week.  This morning, I wasnted to talk about my Steam addiction.  Here’s the post and audio: From…


RIZZ RANT: The Hacking Before Christmas

‘Twas the hacking during Christmas and all through the house, not a gamer was pleasant…not even the mouse. Turning the consoles off and then back on with care (about a…


Fave Five Friday: Why I Have a Wii U: My Rebuttal

This week on Boss Battle, the guys discussed why they don’t have a Wii U and, honestly, it got me thinking as to why I, myself, have a Wii U….


Rizz Rant: GamerGate Horror Story: Freak Show w/ Ashly

Last time I wrote something for this site, I ranted about how I couldn’t be upset with Gamergate because it was the same sort of crap women have been putting…

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Wallpaper

Rizz Rant: LOOT! Where?!

Today, one of the better video game niches is the amount of loot in video games. There are a ton of games out there that utilize this method to upgrading…


Rizz Rant: Gamergate w/ Ashly (@NewAgeAmazon)

Last week we four lads had a discussion on Gamergate and later on in the week, I found Ashly (who is quite the follow on the Twitterverse) who was really…


“Night Trap” Isn’t Coming Back

Not any time soon, though. (Click for the Kickstarter) If you guys listened to Boss Battle a couple weeks ago (before my untimely death from Boss Battle) we did a story…