Rizz Rant: YouTube Power Trip

YouTube is a fun place to be and, honestly, it’s a place where I can watch videos on just about anything and everything.

However, it seems that there is a image problem for YouTube superstars.


First, you have heard an enormous amount of hate towards the Fine Bros. and their “REACT” series trademark bullcrap and how that would affect YouTube videos, gaming videos, Jump Scare videos and other videos of those kinds that React videos would hurt.

Next, you have the story of LionMaker, a Minecraft Let’s Player allegedly putting up private servers for his fans (good, right?) only to privately messaging underage fans to have sexually explicit conversations with them.

Now, you got Toby Turner’s situation. Toby I liked. I actually followed and subbed his vlog before he even started his Tobuscus Plays. I was a big fan when I was a kid because he had a life that I wanted and actually could communicate to the people in a way where he was able to use a strange deep voice and acted like a total fool.


I’m going to post the article HERE. This is not me saying he’s guilty or innocent, that will come later when I have enough evidence. I don’t have anything to say about this situation until the truth of the story comes out, because right now it’s he said/she said. I have something else that I need to explain, and it might sound like a weird old-timey thing for me to say.

The one thing that the Fine Bros, LionMaker and Tobuscus have in common are that they started their channels fairly young and when you combine a popular vlog to popularity on YouTube, you start to see your sub rate increase and your likes go up and your comments telling you how good you are and how they’re following you and how awesome you are and whatnot, you get a great feeling! Heck, when I get one new sub (FROM RIZZPLAYSGAMES) I get very excited, imagine how awesome it would be if I get 100x the subs for every month you’ve been in business? Imagine 1000x, 2000x, 5000x, etc. You’re popular.

Now, that’s where the problem lies, I think. Guys like Tobuscus, Fine Bros and LionMaker believes that they have support, the admiration of every single one of their subs that if they do something stupid they won’t get caught, and if they DO get caught they can make damn sure that if they make a video explaining their problems that their group of millions and millions of fans will back them, even if they’re just blowing smoke up their ass.

That’s their ignorance. The YouTube admiration and money make these guys think that they can do anything and waltz out unscathed. However, one false move and it can all crumble and Fine Bros realized (and Toby is starting to realize) really quickly how that admiration on YouTube can turn on them and the power lies in pressing that one button to unsubscribe and start the bleeding out process of subs.

I don’t honestly know if I will get popular with my channel…at all, even. I just post videos because I want to post videos and if I get popular YAY (and, also, what the hell are you doing with your lives?)

Heck, even if I did get popular (even if it’s a few hundred/thousand subs) my mindset would seriously be “DON’T MESS UP DON’T MESS UP DON’T MESS UP DON’T MESS UP DID I MESS UP?!” knowing that there are 100-1000+ people watching me every time I post ANYTHING because I know there are going to be people out there trying to take me down a peg.

But I believe that no matter what I do I want to succeed at it with honor and dignity. How that happens with YouTube is beyond me and, honestly, that’s what is happening with the top stars on YouTube. They’re getting too big for YouTube.

Rizz’s Most Anticipated: PS4 Exclusives

Now, I could easily sit here and go “HERE ARE MY TOP GAMES I’M MOST ANTICIPATING” and you guys all probably know Mass Effect: Andromeda would be on that list. However, since I am the one here to have bought a Playstation 4, I guess you can say I’m Insert Coin’s exclusive on counting down the PS4’s exclusives coming down the aisle in 2016.


5. Street Fighter V – Come on, you were shocked in 2015 when you heard that Playstation 4 got the rights to be the exclusive home to one of the biggest fighting franchises in history. Don’t lie. Hell, when I heard about it I had to double check the source. But for Sony to get the rights to Street Fighter V and make it their own little baby is a cool thing for people, like me, who own a PS4. Now, I’m not really a fighting game fan but it will be interesting to see if I pick this up or not.


4. The Last Guardian – FINALLY! For the past few years, Sony has had hell to pay talking about and pushing back the development of The Last Guardian, from the same guys who made my Game of the Year (and PS4 exclusive) last year, Bloodborne (Japan Studio). What isSony’s E3 going to be like this year when there’s no Last Guardian rumors or setbacks?

maxresdefault (3)

3. Uncharted 4 – I’m interested in this game for one reason, E3. Uncharted 3 is much like the Sony E3’s video of Uncharted 4. Before it even started, the video had some major setbacks and faults and glitches and everything. However, once the video started, you can see the giant landscape that awaits you when the game comes out in April.


2. No Man’s Sky – Seriously? You thought I was going to forget about this gem? Honestly, if I saw more of this game my head would explode. Everyone watched it. E3, Stephen Colbert, a whole bunch of other people saw what No Man’s Sky has to offer. An open massive open-world sandbox that lets you control anything and everything that you find and doesn’t have a story to tie you down? That’s an amazing thing to have and will be an amazing time-waster once it is released.

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn – You want one picture to show you my excitement for this video game?


It’s one thing if it’s you fighting regular dinosaurs…but…you play as a lady after the world as we know it got destroyed and have to fight…..robot. dinosaurs. ROBOT. DINOSAURS. DINOSAURS THAT JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE ROBOTS. And you’re only weapon (or the only one I can see here) is your trusty bow and arrow.

For both PS4 and X-box One, the name of the game in 2016 is “EXCLUSIVES” and from PS4’s lineup, it sure looks good.

Rizz Rant: Whining About SMASH

This week Nintendo announced the final three DLC names that are coming out soon. Final Fantasy’s Cloud (everyone knew about that one), another character from Fire Emblem (Corrin) and, yes, Bayonetta. Yippy! Right?! WRONG!


I’m sure you guys are upset. I know you are. At first, I was right there with you wondering “Hey, where’s Knuckles? Where’s Shovel Knight? Where’s King K. Rool? Where’s Snake? Where’s Rayman? Where’s Goku? Where’s Krillin? Where’s Nico Bellic? Where’s Peppy? Where’s Waldo? Where’s Dr. Wiley? Where’s Metal Sonic? Where’s Tails? Where’s the Contra guys? Where’s Q*Bert? Where’s Conker? Where’s Bubsy?! Where’s (enter name here)?”

Then I realized something, maybe it’s not for us to tell NINTENDO who they should and shouldn’t have on their games. I mean, they are Nintendo after all. They have been doing this since before you and I were probably born. Do you guys remember when the outrage was about Tomogachi Life and how many people wanted same-sex marriage/adoption in the game? What did Nintendo do? Didn’t give in to people’s demands and, actually, still made sense while denying Tomogachi Life.

Nintendo has been doing things like this for years, boys and girls. They’re going to make great and revolutionary games and then they will make decisions that most of you won’t like but they know one thing: YOU’RE STILL GOING TO PLAY THE GAME! YOU’RE STILL GOING TO ENJOY THE GAME! YOU’RE STILL GOING TO BUY THE AMIIBOS WHEN THEY COME OUT! So it doesn’t really matter who they put in the last DLC…

You know what? This thing goes deeper than just Smash and Nintendo. Look at the backlash Mortal Kombat is receiving for who they have in their upcoming DLC. A Xenomorph from Alien and the guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre are in the game and the first comment I’ve seen wasn’t praise and wasn’t excitement…It was anger. Anger because there weren’t characters that were already in the series (that, honestly, nobody really knows) instead of horror CLASSICS that are known for blood and gore. Not only that but to have multiple Alien v. Predator matchups. HOW CAN ANYONE BE ANGRY ABOUT THAT?!


Someone please tell me who else would you like in Mortal Kombat? Friggin’ Stryker?

RIZZ RANT: Free Kojima!

konamiLast night at the Game Awards, Geoff Keighley announced to the crowd that Hideo Kojima, the creator of one of the best games of 2015 Metal Gear Solid V, was not able to attend. Now, Kojima was not sick, injured, had a family emergency/death, or just didn’t want to attend. Actually, I’m pretty sure Kojima would be there if he wanted to.

Konami, the big piece of shit company they are, decided to BAN Mr. Kojima from attending the event and celebrating the game that HE made, you know, the “HIDEO KOJIMA GAME” Metal Gear Solid V? That game? Yeah, he wasn’t there because Konami didn’t want to be there.

In fact, they took it a step forward and their lawyers told Kojima that if he were to show up, he would be sued.

I am not the only one with a problem with this. Geoff Keighley stated, “…It’s disappointing and it’s inconceivable to me that an artist like Hideo would not be allowed to come here and celebrate with his peers and fellow teammates.”

I’m sorry, if I spent my hard-earned time, blood, sweat and tears in something one-twelfth as good as a new video game that everyone friggin’ liked only to have the group that I helped put on the friggin’ map I would not just be this mad, I would be furious. Especially as we hear the backtracking that Konami has been doing for the past year about Kojima’s status. Remember the party they threw for Kojima? Remember the “His team isn’t leaving, they’re just ‘taking a vacation’!” bullshit? Remember how we laughed it off and go “Oh Konami! Look at these hound dogs trying to make light of a situation!” There’s no way they can make this go away.There’s no Konami Code to punch in to make this go away, guys.




We here at Insert Coin to Begin (especially myself) would like to extend a congratulations to Hideo Kojima and HIS team on all of the success that HIS GAME produced over the year. Whether it was E3, Playstation awards, or the Video Game Awards.

Thank you, Mister Kojima. You deserve to be awarded for your talent.


Boss Battle 169: Grandma Gamer

This week on Boss Battle 169, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), Sorg (@sorgatron), Rizz (@theerizz) and they are joined in studio by (@MadMike4883). On this week’s show:

  • Vacation Chachi is back! And, he has gaming achievements to share!
  • Now that we’ve talked about gaming achievements for the week, Chachi is taking us around the internet…net…net.
  • We’ve found the greatest grandma! She plays videogames and shares let’s play videos.
  • Bubsy Two-Fur is back!
  • What’s better than Fallout 4? How about Fallout 4 mods? We’re scoping some of the best.
  • We hung out at Looking for Group and played some games together – IRL. Call Of Duty was pretty cool playing in the same room.
  • It’s Episode 1-69. Because we’re a group of guys, we’ll mention Pornhub views were down the day Fallout released.
  • We’re sharing all the Nintendo Direct news and surprises.
  • Our Final Round Question: What are you most excited for from this Nintendo Direct?

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Boss Battle 168: Another Extra Life

This week on Boss Battle 168, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), Sorg (@sorgatron), Rizz (@theerizz) and DJ Lunchbox (@DjLunchbox). On this week’s show:

  • We have Bobby, Rizz, and LB coming off Extra Life 2015, discussing their gaming achievements.
  • Vacation Chachi is (surprise, surprise) playing videogames during his time off. He’s telling us what he’s playing.
  • 50 Games In 24 Hours has been achieved by Bobby during his Extra Life 2015 campaign.
  • Bobby is taking us around the internet…net…net…net since Chachi is serving as Vacation Chachi this week.
  • Nintendo announces first Nintendo Direct for November 12th at 5:00.
  • Konami is working on a prosthetic for a Metal Gear Solid fan.
  • Microsoft compiling backwards compatible games for XBox One.
  • Overwatch is coming to a console near you! It’s no longer PC exclusive!
  • Activision Blizzard is going to Hollywood (sort of). They’re getting into the movie and TV business, though!
  • Chachi is sharing his amazement at the cast of voice characters for Call Of Duty characters.
  • Final Battle Question: Have video game movies learned from past mistakes? Are they a good or bad idea?

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Playing off screen: Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Playset!

Welcome to a segment we are going to call Playing off screen. Sometimes your favorite console stops working, your power goes out, your parents or significant other takes your console away because you forgot to take the trash out while playing your current favorite game and need to show some responsibility and for those moments you need to take it off screen. we’ll have just the thing for you!

Hill-0617 (1)


It’s election day so you need to Get out and vote! Done? Good! Now that you’ve done your patriotic duty you deserve to play and what a better thing to play with then the Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Play set (Available November 17th) from Quirk books. The amazingly fun yet simplistic paper doll play set is fun for all ages, sexes, and political affiliation….okay maybe not republicans but who knows!

From the get go you are met by HRC in her trademark pantsuit all ready to go. Don’t worry, she doesn’t always have to be in that pantsuit. You can put the presidential hopeful in 2 other pantsuits, presidential pj’s, ball gown not mention an expression for every situation. Don’t worry though she’s not alone on her quest to the White House. Retired husband Bill is back in the oval wearing his pj’s. He can spend his downtime playing the sax or mowing the lawn.

Hill-0629 (1)

The book comes with 3 different backdrops for the Former First Lady to spend her time in, The oval, front lawn or situation room await her. She doesnt have to go alone either. There are two different Supreme court justices, 2 celebs, 5 ghosts, or half of the republican party because even paper play sets need enemies. However, you dont need to worry about her safety, there is a secret service agent or the Freedom Eagle are there to protect her.


While fun there are some things that could be improved on or that just don’t make sense. One of the “white house ghosts” is Famous pilot Amelia Earhart. Take your time when popping the pieces out because while they are sturdy there are not cardboard more a heavy paper, Which makes the bases not as strong as they should be. Some of the outfits don’t work with the bases but that can fixed with a quick snip of the scissors. They are constantly releasing more characters, outfits, and backgrounds to increase your replay value.

Hill-0661 (1)

Overall, not a bad idea with a pretty good execution. The book is out November 17th and you can pick yours up over at quirkbooks.com!

And if Quirk books would release a version with Donald Trump we wouldn’t mind too much. wink wink nudge nudge.

Thanks for tuning in!

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Disclaimer: this was provided by Quirk Books in exchange for my online review.

All photos credited to: Christina U.

Gamers Are Dicks, And So Can You!

The past few weeks, we have discussed how dickishly evil a certain someone can get during a Mario Maker level making sesh. I mean, who would make these hard as shit levels in order to make you guys feel like you accomplished something in a Mario game? Who would stoop so low to make a level that dickish that friendships had to end? Oh wait, that was me!


Trust me, I tried so hard to make easy peezy levels that everyone can enjoy, that people would cherish and enjoy and find time to go “Hey, you know what? That Rizz guy’s level is so good” but then I realized most of my friends are dicks and went with having 50 giant Thwomps in a row and at the end you better have brought that turtle shell you saw in the first part of the game because that Hammer Bro is your only way to the flag and you better hit that hole just right or else “OOOOH NOOOO!” (*play Mario death song*).

If you want to try it for yourself, there’s a list of my levels (and, also, Chachi’s levels on the right hand side).

But then my rocky road took a weird turn as I went to GTA Online and after many failed attempts at being nice and trying to do missions and just a leisurely drive (heck, I even tried to outrun a drive-by on a bicycle…dude was going 5 mph right beside me), there came a point in time I found someone shopping and…well…um…I’ll let you be the judge on my actions.

I believe it was the great Bill Shakespeare who once said, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. I sure enough became a villain in the world of GTA Online because right after that, a $5k bounty was placed on my head. Not only that, after a helicopter got sniped out of the air taking out both the pilot and passenger, they hired mercs to take your boy with the fancy suit and bow tie out. Can you believe that?! Jeesh.

So, I got friends mad at me and the open world gang mad at me, what other group of people is there for me to give it to? OH I KNOW! Three words that get the most dicks: First. Person. Shooters.

Now, you know that old adage of being “campers” and “dicks” and “snipers” and all of the other terms that just seemed to be at people that, well, that deserve every minute of it. But…what if the last time you checked the standings and you were the last name on the losing team in Destiny’s Mayhem Clash (a quicker  version of their Clash, where all the cool-downs are sped up and there’s no wait time to come back into battle). I noticed a giant red blip on the map and, like any good gamer, I went over to check it out and just did this for the next minute and a half.


Notice the devious and maniacal laughter in the background.

Notice who lead the team at the end (SPOILER ALERT: It was me!).

It’s not me meaning to be a total dick to everyone I see, it’s more of a bored thing and I get one of those urges where being one to whomever is in my way. I find it comfortable knowing that someone thinks I’m just a total d-bag. It’s also a good way to earn easy XP and easy points and easy whatever the heck you want to get easy.

It’s also spontaneous, too, which is why I love it so. The people who camp out on a daily basis and try for the no-scope 360 headshot, the people who stalk you while trying to play GTA just so they can shoot you up, those guys can go to hell. Being a dick once in a while makes the world go ’round and

I guess I have just been hanging around Chachi way too damn long.


Rizz Rant: YouTube Red



Now, I was with YouTube when they changed formats and their websites and their logos and backed their stars when they got attacked about how much they made and when they expanded into the realm of video games. That was fine. Perfectly fine for me, perfectly fine for you, perfectly fine for everybody around me.

However, that might all change.

In a few days, YouTube Red is debuting. What is YouTube Red? A subscription service…for YouTube. With the $9.99 per month subscription you get ad-free YouTube videos, a Google (or “The Goog”) Play Music account, and the ability to watch and listen YouTube videos offline while you’re out and about.

I, honestly, don’t know how I feel about this.

They’re trying to get the Amazon Prime people in things that people see for free over the internet. Don’t believe me? There are ten projects (albeit good concepts) that will only be available, one of which is a “Scare PewDiePie” show (from the makers of Walking Dead [wait, what?]). pewdiepie__ghost_scare_by_arashidaisuki-d4ubtyoif you’re paying $9.99 per month to YouTube.


Why is YouTube going to this extreme? They don’t need to be Amazon Prime or Hulu or anything else. They’re friggin’ YouTube! They’re bigger than Amazon and Hulu! They don’t need to do any of this and, honestly, who is YouTube Red’s core audience, here?

The only people I can see that will buy something like this are the people who are tired of seeing ads in their videos (which is what pays the highest of high YouTubers, by the way).

Maybe I’m just a little skeptical but, honestly, would you buy a YouTube subscription? Leave it in the comments below.

Boss Battle 164: Ok With My Station in Call of Duty

BossBattle164This week on Boss Battle 163, we have our cast of Chachi (@chachisays), Rizz (@theerizz)  and Sorg (@Sorgatron). On this weeks show:

  • We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week.
  • We go around the net with Kendrick Lemario, Pokemon Sims, and The Demons..
  • We also talk about a cartoony pinball fx bundle, unfortunate Call of Duty news, A voice actor strike, Star Wars Battlefront Beta, social anxiety in gaming,  and more!

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