From Rizz: A positive Mass Effect preorder story! GameStop Did Something…Right?!

The title alone is probably making the guys who asked me to write about video games a bit skeptical on their decision.

As you probably noticed from the numerous rants, raves, and hilarious videos on the subject, people were quite upset at the way Electronic Arts and BioWare were dealing with the Day One ten dollar “From Ashes” DLC for Mass Effect 3. Some were calling for boycotts of BioWare and EA products, which is really stupid, and others are going to wait for a while and make the Day 1 DLC more like a regular DLC.

I was planning on doing the latter.

However when I got to GameStop and ordered my copy that I preordered months in advance (I just ordered the game, not the Collector’s Edition), the guy behind the counter did something I thought that would never happen, I mean I was in a GameStop anyways. For an extra ten dollars, you can buy the “From Ashes” DLC at the store.

What GameStop did was cut out the amount of time that you’re going to have. You would, first, have to see if you have enough Microsoft Points (I believe the DLC for the Playstation Network isn’t out yet), put the right amount of Microsoft Points in your account (You’re probably going to have to go over the amount because Microsoft Points are hard to get right on the money), go back to the Add-On section, select the “From Ashes” DLC, download, wait, and then play.

GameStop gives you a code, pop it in (grant it, it’s a really long code) and enjoy taking Earth back with the Prothean character.

EA pulls Simpsons Tapped Out from Itunes


If you remember on Saturday we posted a user submission reporting their experience with the ever popular Simpsons Ios game.

Well apparently EA received the same complaints and pulled the game from the store with this to say:

“To ensure current players have the best possible experience, we’ve temporarily removed The Simpsons: Tapped Out from
the App Store to limit the game’s server capacity to its current
players and address connectivity and lag time issues.”

So no more downloads of the game can currently happen however if you did download the game EA representative did comment further stating that it is still supporting the game and that user sessions should run more smoothly.

They are looking into correcting the problems for a re-release of the popular game:

“As soon as we have resolved these issues to handle greater player capacity, we will return The Simpsons: Tapped Out to the App Store so that even more people can enjoy this “life-ruiningly fun” game. Meanwhile, thanks to everyone for their patience, and we will provide an update as soon as we have more information to share. ”

So if you have it play on! If you don’t you’ll have to wait a bit. More on it as it develops. (Source: 

Noobz movie trailer released.

I know that we are a gaming site over here at Insert Coin To Begin, However I never said we wouldn’t cover gaming movies…… Actually, with the stars in this one and acting debuts along with the title and plot of the movie, if we didn’t cover this we would be failing.

Noobz is a movie based on the world of Competitive gaming and has a stars list that includes: Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob), Blake Freeman (Gawd Bless America), Moises Arias (Ender’s Game), Matt Shively (True Jackson, VP), Zelda Williams, Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers) and Jon Gries (Napoleon Dynamite).

First off, look at the cast listing, Then look at the overall theme of the movie, then throw in the fact that its being made by an independent studio. It may not have blockbuster movie written all over it but it could be fun! Also im excited to see how well of an actress Zelda Williams is, Lets see how far that apple fell from the tree.

They released the official first trailer for it this week and here is an interview with Zelda talking about her experience with video games and her parents.

The movie is due out sometime in 2012. I can’t wait!

Kickstarting a gaming revolution. Introducing BobbyFJtown

Original gaming Ideas are few and far between these days.  Many
franchises have been resting on their laurels and cranking out game
after game every year it seems, and that’s fine, it’s what a lot of
people want in their games, That’s why franchises like Madden among
other sports games, Call of Duty, Assasin’s Creed, and many other
franchises are million dollar sellers.  So, what about us gamers that
love original gaming ideas along with our blockbuster franchises,
which the big companies seem to overlook.   That’s where the very
helpful and innovative new website comes into play. is a website that helps people help other people make
their dreams come true.  And for some people that dream is to create
the next big video game.  Or just a small game that they’ve had in
their heads all along, but didn’t have the funds to make it happen.
The biggest game-changer so far to hit kickstarter is Doublefine and 2
Player Production’s point and click adventure game.  In Which
itreached its goal of $400,000.00 within 8 hours of going live on  This project is a labor of love according to
Doublefine’s Founder Tim Schafer who created many point and click
adventures such as, Day of the Tentacle among others.  “For fans of
adventure games, this is a chance to prove that there is still a large
demand out there for a unique medium that inspired so many of us.” –
Tim Schafer (
as of this writing with 11 days left to donate money Doublefine’s
Adventure game has raised $2,323,841.00 with a total of 67,422
backers.  What’s really neat about all of this is the fact that when
you donate, depending on how much you donate you can get awesome swag.
And if you donate up to 10,000 dollars you can have lunch with Tim
Schafer and other team members from Double fine.  Among with many
other cool gifts.

Some other projects on the website include FTL: Faster than Light, a
spaceship simulator.  Robota: Vengence,  a robot vs dinosaurs cross
platform game. Party of Sin, a multiplayer co-op adventure game, among
a few others.  With games like these possibly on the horizon it’s a
new dawn for anyone with an idea they’re dying to get out into the
world.   This new found way to fund games opens up possibilities for
big studios to get into the act by producing  games as well.  Could
this mean we could see games from our past make a comeback if they’re
publicly funded by the fans?  The Possibilities are endless, and I for
one am looking forward to seeing what’s kick started into the future
of gaming.

A Nod to the Fans. Introducing Fuzzwad. – Forza

Video games are similar to any other product: some people make something and sell it to some people that want it. There’s a few steps in between but that’s the gist of it. Forza goes above and beyond in listening to the people that will be buying the game and associated downloadable content by often crowdsourcing what will be included in their DLC.

Forza has, on numerous occasions, partnered with to release Jalopnik branded car packs that are chosen by the blog’s readers. From personal experience, I can verify that these are often the most fun and entertaining car packs because they include niche cars that true car lovers can appreciate. Anyone can put a BMW 3 series into a game but to look to the past to the Alfa Romeo Montreal or the Peugeot 205 Group B racer is a great nod to the automotive enthusiasts that helped build the automotive genre to what it is today.

More games should take hints from Forza’s actions and crowdsource details of games. What if Ubisoft chose the location and time period of the next Assassin’s Creed, picked part of the cast, then had fans choose the other part of the cast and who would be Templars or Assassins? It may fail miserably or it may lead to a great new trend in video games.