Awesome Chat: Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame

Christ Akin of the Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame ( joins us to discuss the new venture opening in Hopewell Township, just north of Pittsburgh, the rare games they have, the reason old arcades are important, and their experiences getting the project started on Kickstarter!

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Art-Bit the 8-Bit Art of Victor Dandridge

So today at lunch I ventured down to my favorite place in Downtown Pittsburgh, The Toonseum. They have a new exhibit in place entitled “Art-Bit the 8-Bit Art of Victor Dandridge”.  The exhibit features obviously the art of Victor Dandridge “is an American comic creator from Columbus, OH, best known for his 8bit/pixel artwork, as well as being a new voice for innovation and production within the self-publishing market.  Launching his own publishing imprint, Vantage:Inhouse Productions, Victor continues to create exciting properties for readers of all ages and tastes.” As his webpage for Vantage:Inhouse Productions states and quite frankly I agree.


Fuzzy and I stopped down on lunch to take a look at the exhibit. The exhibit features 159 8 bit pop culture figures. All about the size of a trading card. In which you are encouraged to guess all of them. Currently the toonseum is having a contest through the end of the exhibit (Through July 6th) to see who can correctly figure out the most out of 159. (I got 90 out of 94 guesses. Names escape me sometimes so the rest of the 159 went unanswered.)


The entire place is decked out in classic 8 bit decoration and I loved it all! We here at Insert Coin encourage you to stop down and check it out, and if you are free, they are having the official opening tomorrow night (June 12th) from 7-9 pm. You can get all of the details right here on the facebook event page!


Do it! Meanwhile, ill be deciding what characters I want done in 8 bit.

Okla. State Rep proposed tax on violent games…Denied.

Well, Once again an uppity State Representative from Oklahoma tried to attack video games. State Rep: William Fourkiller introduced a bill(HB 2696) and sub committee to support his bill entitled ” Oklahoma Task Force on Video Games’ Relationship to Obesity and Aggression”  However luckily once again a bill of this type was defeated in the House.  A vote of 5-6 shot down this horribly worded and bad idea bill before it even got out of the gate.

Under HB 2696 games with a rating of Teen, Mature and Adult Only would be considered violent video games which under this bill would impose rise in cost by 60 cents.  The problem with this particular bill other than it being not cool at all is the fact that because its so poorly worded games like Zumba Fitness 2, and Dance Central 2 both rated Teen would be subject to the tax. Now I could be wrong, and I’ll admit it I’ve never played either of these games but i’m pretty sure there is no violence in dancing. (unless there is a break dance boss fight at the end. In which case sign me up)  A bill of this nature has been attempted before in other states. (New Mexico in 2008, California in 2007 –  California’s was overturned last year as unconstitutional)

So luckily good prevails over evil. and We can go back to gaming and not worrying about our states being next on the lock down of video games. (sources:,



Its that Time!

Happy New Year!

And with the new year comes our next effort in raising money for a good cause! With a little over a month away its time for us to try to meet this years goal of $3000! The more the merrier! So as we stated in the past the original idea was to change beneficiaries each year and by golly thats what we are going to do!

This year as you already know the money is going to Toonseum and The Father Ryan Arts Center to help start funding or continuing funding art programs for these areas and children in these areas. As you know arts programs in schools are being cut and they need our help.

I mean come on i need someone to be able to create my next generation of video games or comics!

Please help us out!

You can donate by using the button on or visiting us in person at Toonseum On Feb 10th – 11th from 7pm to 7 pm.

As it was last year a donation of $50 dollars or more gets you a slot to come down and play games for an hour with Chachi in the flesh. Beat him at the game of your choice! Also this year we will be auctioning off the first and last slots to play. So if you bid high enough you can either start off with a fresh Chachi or an extremely Exhausted and loopy one. Your Choice.

We also need sponsors! There are somethings that we need that can be sponsored! Food, equipment, drinks we need it! you can provide it! email if you are interested!

lets help get some creativity back in the streets!

Chachi Says 53: This One’s for Uncle Steve…

Chachi takes time out to reflect on Steve Jobs and realizes how much around him is because of Uncle Steve.

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Game 67: Micro Machines

Micro Machines

Is it enough to come here, throw up a few pictures, rate the game and say i played it?

No? well, crap.

There really isnt much to be said about this particular game.

Micro Machines is a racing game, that is just that. Takes the minature vehicles that we all know and love. Puts them on unconvential tracks and lets you race the vehicles.

You choose a driver and immediately start competing moving from vehicle and course to different ones through out the game, racing in boats in a bathrub. Or Hotrods on a desk. The possibilities are endless.

Released in 1991 for a variety of systems,by a variety of companys, this series has spawned 9 advancements. Some of them not available in the us but would still be cool to give a spin. The original game itself was released on 8 different systems:     Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Game Gear, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, PC, Compact Disc Interactive, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy.

Chachi Says: This game wasnt really my cup of tea. The controls were a little too lose for my liking.

Game 66: Plok


So add this game to the list of those i’d had previously not played or heard of. Also to the list of weird games with weird storys.

Living on the island of Akrillic in the area of Polyesta, Plok awakens one day to find that his Grandfathers flag, a family heirloom was stolen. He travels to Cotton Island to rescue the flag from the bobbin brothers. When he returns home though he finds that the island has been over run by fleas and that the flag was a distraction so that the fleas can take over.

Still with me? yeah, i know.

You go through the game collecting power ups and defeating enemies with your limbs. Thats right, your limbs. Throwing them at the baddies in order to vanquish them. You go through collecting presents that contain weapons or vehicles to help you accomplish the goal.

Some games that i have played whether on the list are not have been messed up purposely. Toonstruck for instance. That game was supposed to be an acid trip. However something tells me that this game is an accidently one. Not a bad game, just a what the crap is going on moment.

Chachi Says: it takes different strokes to move the world. Unfortunately sometimes it leads to stuff like this.  I was not high enough for this game.

Game 65: Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat


ahem, im sorry, what i meant was hey, could you please come here. I dont know what came over me… Oh, right violent video games make you violent….. Pfft yeah, right…

Welcome to Mortal Kombat!

Lets start with the history. Im going to spend a little bit more time on this game then i do some of the others for one simple reason. This book gives you all 3 sims games, and 3 different sim cities. Yet, you should only play Mortal Kombat 1? My ass. If there is a studio in the book that deserves a bit more attention it would be This one.

In 1991 4 guys worked their asses off to release what would be an arcade and home console hit series. 1 programmer, 2 graphics, and 1 sound guy started this whole series off. Originally the idea was too create a game based upon Jean-Claude Van Damme(thank god that didnt work) and instead they ended with this.

Using motion capture They created the basic set of moves with the characters all have, then they kicked it up a notch so to speak and gave them special moves that seem almost magic based in concept. Fireballs, freezing them, super long flying kicks etc, etc, etc. it was not these moves that cause all of the attention however. It was the Falaties. Defeat your opponent and you are awarded to brief oppurtunity to utterly destroy them. This lead in part to the creation of the ESRB Entertainment Software Rating Board. Violence had to be stopped! As the series progressed so did the finishers, leading to such things as Animality, Brutality(both of the violence side of things) even Non violent, babality(turn your opponent in a baby) or Friendship where you dont kill them at all, Which was added as a joke to counter the violence.

This series has changed alot over the years, and has kept up well with technology. Changing from one fighting style, 2d graphics and minimum characters to 3d graphics, Multiple fighting styles per character, and 30 different characters. This game has done well to stay fresh. 9 fighting games, 3 adventure type games complete with fighting telling different stories for a few characters they have done alot. Lets not forget the movies, tv shows, card games, cartoons, and soundtracks created based on the games.

Mortal Kombat takes place in a fictional universe with 6 different realms all created by the Elder gods. In order for realms to conquer one another, The conquering realm must defeat the defending realms greatest warriors in 10 consectutive Mrtal Kombats. With the help of Thunder God Raiden the Humans always manage to pull it out in the end. The stories in the game progress from there introducing new evil forces threatening to conquer the earthrealm.

The first game allows you to choose between 7 characters to take through the tournment in attempt to beat the other competitors and save the realm.

This game paved the way for so many others and showed the gaming community that there was more than one way to make a fighting game.

Chachi Says: This game brought more entertainment to walking into an arcade to play random people in a fighting game and utterly destroying or getting destroyed. All in  hopes you’ll see something you havent seen before or revisit something else.

Game 64: Smash Tv.

Smash Tv

Coming to you live, From an undisclosed location, The game show that gives you the biggest bang for your buck, the show everybody dies to play….. itsssssssss SMASH TV!!!!!! (Applause…. *click* i said Applaud…)

There’s really not much to say about this game. Its a run and gun from the ’90s, Top down style design. It was however the first home game that allowed you to use a dual “joystick” configuration. A player could use one direction pad of a controller to move around while the other allowed you to shoot and control which direction you were shooting. It was fun to do with one player or two however in order to do this with two player you had to shell out the money for the multi-tap so that you could plug in 4 controllers.

The theme is quite simple, borrowed from the popular movie The Running Man set in 1999. The players are contestants on a violent game show. They run from room to room shooting enemys that come in from all sides. All while collect money, prizes and power ups that allowed the players to better survive. Survive the beginning levels and things get tougher until you reach the show’s host. Whom you must beat in order to leave with the money, prizes and most importantly your life.

This game while a classic never really made a splash with the top all time lists. It did get good reviews on release and even better reviews when it was re-released for xbox arcade costing a mere 400 points and becoming the first version of the game that allowed multiplayer online for 360 arcade.

Chachi Says: while fun it did get repeative after a while and doesnt really have a high replay value because of that. I enjoy it for 30-40 mins every now and again and thats really only when im like hmmm havent played that in a while.