Sonic Boom is Coming – Don’t F With Knuckles!

You guys remember Sonic, right? Blue hedgehog? Red shoes? Fights Dr. Robotnik? Friends with a yellow fox who, somehow, has three tails and flies around? Yeah, you know Sonic the Hedgehog! Well, they just released a brand new version of Sonic in Sonic Boom (and yeah, as I typed that I did it in a very bad impression of Guile’s voice). Anyways, here’s the new game that comes out for the Nintendo systems.

Overall, this game looks like a slight winner in the early stages, which is quite a step up (Who could forget the “fun” of Sonic Adventures and the “revolutionary” video game Sonic 3D?). The graphics look amazing and everything looks right in the time for making a good version of a Sonic game.

However, I’m pretty sure the first thing you noticed isn’t the graphics or how the game looks but you were focused on one character. Right? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO KNUCKLES?! I mean, I know he uses his upper body but this is ridiculous! He just looks like a giant awkward red triangle! All I can think of is Knuckles took some major steroids since the last time we met the poor guy. That or he is closely morphing into a Battletoad. Knuckles is the Barry Bonds of the video game world. The dude is dwarfing EVERYONE in the game! EVERYONE!


Also, notice one thing missing? One person? Like, someone who made the first Sonic game (and subsequently every single Sonic game out)? I mean you have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and even Amy! However, um…where the hell is Robotnik?! If anything, it made me think that the single Twinmold at the end is controlled by Robotnik. I call it “Eggsnake”.

(Mini Rizz Rant) Can we PLEASE stop calling Doctor Robotnik “Dr. Eggman”? That’s not his name. Stop it. You’re making him feel bad. It’s not his fault! He probably has a glandular problem, you jerks.

Along with the new video game, Sonic Boom will run cartoons in the near future.

What video game transformations did you like? Dislike?

Pokemon X and Y: Gotta Catch as many as I possibly can…

I recently acquired Pokemon X.  This is the 2nd Pokemon game that I’ve purchased, the first being Pokemon Black on the DS.   The Pokemon games at face value looks like a game for kids, which it is a kid friendly game.  That being said, it’s one of the best RPGs in the last generations of games.   The fun part of Pokemon is catching all the various pokemon, and having them battle each other to see who comes out on top.  The new Pokemon games have even included a Nintendogs inspired way to interact with your pokemon to befriend them easier.  Also you can battle and interact with players all around the globe, you can trade pokemon with them, or just have a friendly hello.  The graphics in this pokemon game are far superior to all previous versions of the game.  I really like the changed battle animations and certain pokemon actually have animated battle sequences.  My favorite might be Snorlax’s Chip away animation, and when Pikachu is taunted he gets angry.


You get to choose between 3 pokemon at the begining of the game as your starter pokemon, I went with Froakie who is the water type pokemon who looks like a frog crossed with Ben Franklin for some reason.  The other two Fennekin the fire type who looks like a fox that has hairy old man ears, and Chespin who is a plant type, that looks like a hamster with a grass hat on itself.


As of right now I have caught ______ pokemon and have Pikachu, Frogadier, Snorlax, Charmeleon, Combusken, and Beedrill, I’ll keep you guys updated on my adventures.  Have you purchased Pokemon?  Who is your team? What version did you get, and what do you think of the new look?  Let us know in the comments and who you’ve caught so far!

Handheld Gaming Systems or Smart Phones?


The first to merge gaming and phones…noble taco phone.


With the announcement of Playstation’s new Vita TV yesterday and the iPhone 5S and C today, it got me thinking,  Is it more practical to game on the go with a handheld system like a Vita or 3DS or just a smart phone whether it be an android or an iPhone?  Let’s start with you phone… well it’s a phone, it can do things that a handheld system can’t. It can do so much more than a console, You can check twitter, you can take pictures, vine videos (on some phones) The only drawback is that the graphics on phones have not caught up to the graphics on handheld systems, Another plus with smart phones the games are a lot cheaper, you can get a really great high res graphic game on a phone for about $6.99 and some smaller more fun games for about $.99 per game.

The announcement of the 2DS shows that Nintendo is marketing more towards children and that’s a good thing, because kids need to game, but what about games for us adults.  Nintendo is one of the greatest game companies in the world, not so much based on their hardware but mostly for the games.   I think Sony and Nintendo are both firing back at smartphones with the announcements of the 2DS and Vita TV which has the capabilities similar to The WII U in which you’ll be able to go to any room to continue your gaming session if you choose to.  It also uses cloud technology to stream vita games on your tv, which is a pretty neat idea.  What do think of all the announcements recently, and do you think that it’s more viable to game on the go on your phone, or a handheld system?  Let us know in the comments!

My first few days with Animal Crossing: A Blackmarket Apple Dealer


Animal Crossing New Leaf


I recently walked into Gamestop due to a recent sale on used games, It was buy 2 get 1 free and I knew that I had 2 pre owned games I had been waiting to purchase. I picked up my copies of Kingdoms of Amalur and Metal Gear Rising but what should I get for my free game, I looked around the store and decided to browse the 3ds games since I didn’t have a lot of 3DS games and had been kinda neglecting the system as of late.  Then I saw a used copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf sitting there and I had rem embed how @nerdist Chris Hardwick was talking about how he enjoyed the game and it was addictive, so I decided to try the game for myself.


I got home and a little later that night I turned on my 3ds to begin my adventure in my own town.  I discovered that since it was a used game there was someone else’s save on the game so I would have to destroy their town and start anew.  I felt really bad destroying the town, and the secretary of the current mayor. a dog, begged me not to destroy the town but I had to, I wasn’t going to let someone be the mayor in the town I would want to create for myself.  So it happened, I destroyed the town.


I started my new town by getting to it on a train,  a gabby cat barged down beside me and started to talk about the town, he asked my name, asked if I was a boy or girl, and then asked me what the name of the town was, I chose Tardis.  The train then stopped at the station and I got out to a crowd of animals who appointed me the mayor of their town, there must have been a mistake because I then read a letter from the real mayor saying that there was a mistake but I could keep the mayorship, it was our little secret… politics in action!


I then started toward city hall to get acquainted with the new town, the towns secretary, the same dog that begged me not to destroy the other mayors town, told me that I needed to own a house in order to change anything in the town and that my approval rating needed to be 100%…100%! That’s not going to happen, then I realized that it’s not real life politics and it’s a town full of imaginary animals.  I then left and went to the re-tail shop, which is basically pawn stars for residence of Animal Crossing.  I had been picking flowers and shaking trees to acquire apples and shoved them in my pockets earlier.  The nice alpapca family that runs the re-tail shop asked me if I would like to sell or purchase anything, I decided to look around to see if anything was worth purchasing even though I didn’t have any bells, (animal crossing currency)  I didn’t find anything but decided to sell some of the wares in my pockets.  I didn’t know how things worked so I decided to just sell one item. that item was an apple. I was shocked when the alpaca told me she would give me $100 (bells) per apple.  Was this real life? 100 of anything for apples was a  great deal.  So it began, I started to gather apples and sold them for profit, it felt dirty but it felt great.  It was addicting and fun at the same time.  I was living in a tent until I could gather 10,000 bells for a down payment on my house. I raised bells with my apple dealing but decided to buy a net to catch bugs and a shovel to dig fossils, The bugs weren’t as fruitful as the blackmarket apple deals so I decided to donate the bugs to the museum, as well as the fossils.  I then headed to the beach and found a few sea shells and coral, decided to head to my fence the alpaca and she gave me 50 bells per sand dollar, and a few bells for regular shells… then she said it, She could give me 450 bells for a giant clam shell and around 250 bells for a coral piece… I then proceeded to focus on giant shells corals and apples and the deed was done, I had enough to pay the 10,000 bells to the contractor to move out of my tent and move up in the political world of Animal Crossing.


i haven’t had too much more time to explore but  a new neighbor just moved in right next door to me, she’s a penguin named Flo… I like to give the animals a back story, I think it adds to the game.  It was Flo’s birthday so I decided to get her a present with my apple money so I showed up to her party and presented her with an umbrella.  She was greatful for the present.  I’m still trying to get 100% approval rating from the town but my mayoral duties of catching bugs, pulling weeds, and talking to people, you know…what a normal mayor does.  So far my experience with Animal Crossing has been fun, and I can’t wait to see what is around the next few days of exploring my mayoral duties.



Nintendo Direct August 7th, 2013 recap.

Earlier today there was a Nintendo Direct broadcast giving the gamers updates on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games that were touched upon at E3.

Not coming to us from a conference room on a random floor at Nintendo’s headquarters instead, a studio, or at least an all white background. It wasn’t E3 or they figured we didn’t care so it wasn’t touched on this time. Instead Iwata got straight to business!

This is just some of the highlights i was excited by the highlights, to watch the full 28 min presentation(despite the opening screen saying 27) Its added to the end of this.


They showed gameplay footage of the newest installment in the Legend of Zelda series A Link between Worlds. Of course this caught my attention as its a sequel to one of my favorite LOZ games of all time, A Link to the Past. Iwata pointed out that its a sequel in that it happens after the first, so Ganon is locked away. The landscape of the game is similar but looks like what would happen of a few decades of time. The Link in the game is most likely an ancestor to the other but not the same. He also pointed out straight from the beginning that the game features not one but two Triforces, one of the light and one of the dark, so im excited to check it out. Following this they previewed graphics from Wind Waker HD. It looks crisper but since the broadcast was not in HD and i wasn’t watching in HD its hard to tell. Iwata also pointed out that they cleaned and sped up the wind actions from the game and finished this section with explaining that Wind Waker takes place before Phantom Hourglass. (which you would know if you bought the Hyrule Historia)

Later in the presentation they touched on the fact that it’s the Year of Luigi. Announcing that for the first time ever Luigi himself would be a playable character in Smash Brothers. No video just a screen shot of the green brother in battle. He then moved on to touch on Mario and Luigi Dream Team pointing out the various dream worlds and features that are in the game.


So while they showed a lot of cool stuff, still nothing other than the price that makes me really want to pick up a Wii U. Maybe when they finally show gameplay footage or announce the Zelda game in production for it, will i be tempted.

Note: the US version would not let me embed it. so this is the uk version for the gist of it all.

Video streaming by Ustream

What are your thoughts? Excited for the Nintendo yet? Still on the fence? Let us know in the comments below!

More Puzzles! Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Fans of cutsey puzzle-solving games rejoice! The hugely successful Professor Layton series is back, this time on the 3DS, with its latest instalment: Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.

Archaeologist and puzzle-solver Professor Layton is set to return in an all-new adventure that will take players deeper into the professor’s past than ever before: Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. The latest title in the popular series of puzzle-solving adventures will be available across Europe from 26th October 2012, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL as a packaged game available from retail outlets and simultaneously as a download via the Nintendo eShop.

In addition to the 150 puzzles that come with the game, and the minigames available of the Professor’s trunk, the game also offers an additional 356 puzzles that will be distributed through the Nintendo Network -one puzzle per day from launch day!

The fifth game in the series has you pick up with Layton, Luke and Emmy some time after the events of Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call, where they’re called upon to stop a mysterious new enemy, the Masked Gentleman, who has been terrorizing the town of Monte d’Or. The professor suspects that his new adversary has obtained the Mask of Chaos, which is rumoured to bestow great powers on whoever wears it. The revelation takes Layton back to a dark episode of his past, which may hold the solution to the problems of the present. These flashbacks introduce Layton’s parents and childhood friend Randall, and allow you to play as the 17 year-old Layton, who pays a high price for discovering his passion for archaeology…

Below are some ‘miraculous screenshots’ to get your brain puzzling:

Starting June 18th, it won’t be Pokemon as you know it!

Players Battle to Unite the Region of Ransei in a New Game Featuring Warlords, Warriors, Characters Inspired by Japanese History and Nearly 200 Pokémon starting June 18th, things are changing!

New and experienced fans of the Pokémon video game series are invited to embark on an entirely new role-playing adventure.  Pokémon Conquest launches for the  Nintendo DS family of hand-held systems on June 18. The game is also playable on  Nintendo 3DS in 2D mode, and challenges players to enter into battles across a variety of environments in the mythical region of Ransei. For the first time in the Pokémon franchise, players take on the role of Warlords who are linked with Pokémon, and must recruit allies to unite the kingdoms of Ransei and unleash the Legendary Pokémon. Developed by TECMO KOEI GAMES Co., Ltd., the game features nearly 200 Pokémon to battle and recruit, including many from the fan-favorite  Pokémon Black Version and  Pokémon White Version games.

In  Pokémon Conquest, the region of Ransei is divided into 17 distinct kingdoms – one for each of the 17 types of Pokémon. Players will be able to choose from 36 playable Warlords, each with its own unique storyline, and engage in a series of turn-based battles in which they can control Pokémon and Warriors. Battles can grow to include as many as 12 Pokémon in a six-on-six skirmish. Many battlefield victories will let players recruit more Warlords and Warriors and gain access to additional allies. Along the way, they will also encounter fascinating Warlords and Warriors inspired by the Japanese feudal era.

“Pokémon Conquest offers new adventures for fans of any experience level,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “By stepping into the role of a Warlord who must form alliances to unite the region, they can discover a whole new way to enjoy the strategic battles and imaginative storylines that the Pokémon franchise is known for.”

Pokémon Conquest  also includes a range of wildly different battle environments that can affect game play. For example, falling rocks or spouts of hot lava might influence how a battle unfolds, and choosing the correct Pokémon type can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Additionally, each playable Warlord has a special skill that can be used to help Pokémon on the battlefield.

To share the adventure of  Pokémon Conquest  with a friend, players can use a local wireless connection to face off in two-player battles. Each player must own his or her own Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS system and  Pokémon Conquest game card.

For more information about  Pokémon Conquest visit

Lucky Ass Uk Chaps: Mario Kart 7 Uk Challenge!

Nintendo launches search to find Britain’s Fastest Family Mario Kart 7 Britain’s Fastest Family Tournament Win a car, Limited Edition trophy and other amazing prizes

11th June, 2012 – Things are really heating up this summer as Mario Kart 7 on Nintendo 3DS fever looks set to sweep the Nation. Nintendo is on a mission to launch Britain’s biggest family gaming tournament as they search to find Britain’s Fastest Family with Mario Kart 7, the fun, family racing game.

Whoever is crowned Britain’s Fastest Family will become the proud owners of a stunning new Honda Jazz Si* – not to mention a limited edition Mario Kart 7 trophy and a host of other incredible prizes. With all this to race for it is time to get practicing!

The Mario Kart 7 Britain’s Fastest Family Tournament will run across England, Scotland and Wales offering all Mario Kart 7 fans the opportunity to compete to get the fastest race times. Regional heats will take place throughout August but only the fastest will make the cut and gain a seat at the grand finale in October to be in with a chance to claim the car, title, trophy and incredible prizes.

Family ties will be tested to the max as the competition is to be made up exclusively of family teams. Young and old family racers alike will join forces to see off the intense competition via a mix of blistering speed and ruthless strategy. Expect no-holds-barred racing as Mario Kart 7 offers the ability to glide over the track as well as speed on the sea floor as you race underwater, all in glorious 3D.

Stay tuned for more information on how to take part as well as details on incredible prizes please visit

In the meantime get racing at home to select your fastest family members to enter to give your family the best chance of claiming victory. Whether it’s your dad, mum, or even your grandma, give everyone a go in the driving seat before entering the tournament.

3DS to add Game Gear games in March.

Where you a Sega fan boy growing up? Have a crush on Sonic and his trusty multiple tailed friend aptly named Tails? Was it hard for you to turn in that out dated system, sadly putting the devices into a box and hiding them in the closet? Don’t worry I won’t tell your fellow fan boys that you have since switched to another system.

However, if you happened to have picked up the Nintendo 3ds then you may just be in luck! Nintendo announced that coming in March you can go back and relive your golden age in video games. That’s right folks available in March Sega Game Gear games will be available for download on your very one Nintendo 3DS.

The March release will be in Japan to start with Sonic 2, Shinobi, and Dragon Crystal  to start at about 3.75 a piece. Don’t fret it wont be long until those games make their way here to the good ol’ us of a.