Activision Drops the Sledgehammer: Call of Duty to cycle between 3 developers.



If you look forward to playing Call of Duty every year, you’re in luck, you’re still going to be playing COD every year but the developer will be one of three now.  That’s right, Activision announced today that they’re adding a new studio to the Call of Duty franchise in Sledgehammer Games.  Sledgehammer helped out Infinity Ward with Modern Warfare 3 when everything went down with Vince Zampella and Jason west left infinity ward to work on the upcoming Xbox One game Titanfall with their new studio, Respawn Entertainment.  Treyarch and Infinity Ward will continue to make Call of Duty games, however this is great news, It will give Activision the time it needs to perfect and return the franchise to what it was in  the Modern Warfare 1 and 2 days,


Are you excited by this news?  What are your thoughts on the new studio? We’ll have more on this story as more news drops, till then leave us a comment!


Call of Duty Ghosts: An Onslaught of Ghostly DLC



It’s that time again,  It’s time for Activision to receive more money from it’s Call of Duty Players.  That’s right, a new DLC map pack will be available on 1/28/2014,.  The Map pack which is called Onslaught, includes 3 and a half new maps. (one is a reissue) a new extinction map, and a few new weapons.  This is the first map pack for Ghosts, which in my opinion is a bit underwhelming.  The maps are ok, nothing really special, I will probably hold my judgment until I actually play the map but so far it’s just the same old same old.  A lot of sniper spots on too huge of maps.  What happened to the small maps, did they forget about us gamers that enjoy the fast paced action of  Rust, or Dome, or even a Treyarch style Nuketown map.  The addition of Michael Meyers in Fog is just a weird touch.  I guess it’s kinda neat but feels kind of out of place.  The map they chose to remake this time around was Scrapyard, which in the below video they say fans were clamoring for,  I don’t remember a lot of people saying there favorite map was Scrapyard from MW2, but to each there own I guess, I guess we won’t get to see a re-made rust after all.  There’s still a chance though, with another 6 map packs more than likely on the way.


What are your thoughts on the new map packs?  Will you be getting them?  are you excited about them?  Let us know in the comments!

* 6 map packs are just a guess. but probably accurate. (this is a joke)

Call of Duty Campaign Review! Spoiler free!

Call of Duty Ghosts: preview - video

For the first time in my brief Call of duty history (3 games now) i played and completed Campaign mode before spending any serious time with multiplayer. Don’t get me wrong i played multiplayer just not as much so far. That’ll come later.

Let me start by saying that the game had me hooked from start to finish. Normally, i finish the story mode and im ok with the ending and i move on. This time it left me wanting more.  I beat the campaign mode the day i got it, its about 6 hours of of game play. The graphics are a huge improvement over the last game (both Modern warfare 3 and Black Ops 2.) The cutscenes are almost flawless in HD. It helps to bring you into the game completely.

The story itself is compelling and grabbing. The things you do in the game make the game new and worth playing. I had never dreamed about wanting to do some of the things in the game until the game showed me that i wanted to do this.  I was about ready to pack it in and go to bed before beating it last night. Then something happened in the story and pulled me right back in. I had to beat the game immediately. I had never been pissed off at a bad guy in a video game like this before. They did what they did and i wanted pay back.


Overall i think that the teams did really well on this installment of the Call of Duty franchise. I actually cant wait to see where this story goes and to see what Treyarch does to up the ante in their next game. i give this game a 5/5 and recommend you pick it up if fps games are your thing.
Now if you’ll excuse me i have to go get my Ghost mask and dominate multiplayer(read: get beat embarrassingly)

Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction mode announced.


FIle this under uh, what……

Let me start off by stating that i thought this was a joke until i found it being reported about on…. Yeah, That Forbes….

A week away from the release of Activison and Infinity wards next Call of Duty release, it has been announced that new mode Extinction is a real thing. Kind of like Zombies in Black Ops, This pits a group of players against hordes of…..Aliens…. Let that sink in for a moment and watch the trailer.

Im cool with this after watching the trailer. My thoughts: 1. Plain survival mode better still be there. I had lots of fun playing this. 2. Ultimately it makes perfect sense. With the country in complete ruins it makes a perfect opening for robots or aliens. As long as it doesn’t replace anything that was previously there I look forward to destroying a conquering alien force. I leave you with this.

Call of Duty: Ghosts and Women in gaming.


Infinity Ward released the multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts.  Now, this excites for me for many reasons. The game play looks awesome, it has a new Eminem track(not gaming related.) Everything has been revamped. Classes, weapons, Maps, the whole deal.  Ultimately, the greatest change is the character customization that allows for full control, And female soldiers.  That’s right Ladies, you are represented in the game fully. This lead me to think and write. In a market that is split nearly evenly. As of this year Women gamers equal 45% of the total market and growing. Meanwhile crushing the amount of gamers that are 17 and younger, 31% to 19%. So in a market split and a game that had 2 top ten sellers in 2012. why did it take so long to implement women into it and is it really enough. I asked some lady gamers.

joobleeJooBlee:  I started playing FPS games back in 2003 with the release of Counterstrike for Half-Life. I’ve always played a male character in these games and honestly, never thought about the gender discrimination. (Bad feminist!) When developing these games, companies look at the statistics of the players and how our own military is run for accuracy in the story. Gamers have always statistically, on paper, been male. Soldiers in combat are male. (Though that will change within the next few years.) 

Generally, I think, there are several reasons why women have never been added before. No one saw us as a target audience. Then there is the possible scrutiny of using a woman avatar in-game, the unwanted attention female players might receive, and technically speaking, according to Activision, a woman avatar required a whole new set of animations. (That, I find to be the half-assed response.)

However, with the more advanced character creation, why not add females in? I mean, women gamers aren’t seen as a myth anymore and women in combat is a reality. And if you really think about it, if you’re going to animate a dog to the fullest extent, maybe throw us a “bone” (that works on so many levels) and allow me to play my own sex when I’m shooting strangers in the face over the internet. “




Chick_Chris: I love CoD. I don’t actually consider myself a “gamer” by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy playing first-person shooters (and only first-person shooters) on my xbox. And, since I’m a female, I guess that makes me a “girl gamer” by default. I can handle that. Since Chachi – the venerable gamer and blogger that he is – asked for my opinion on the fact thatCoD: Ghosts will allow players to assume the role of a female soldier, I’m here to provide my two cents. 

I, for one, am thrilled. One of the things I enjoy about the games is the amount of realism they possess: the weapons are accurate in appearance, attention was clearly dedicated to the scenery/clothing/language, and things blow up when you fire an RPG at them. Sure, there’s a degree of fantasy involved, but it’s obvious that the creators have worked to make the gameplay as realistic as possible. And when considering the important role played by females in combat today, it is a logical inclusion in the game — particularly when you consider that the U.S. military recently lifted the ban on women in traditional combat jobs.

Some have argued that using a female avatar will make the gamer a target of insults or abuse. I submit to you that everyone who takes part in multiplayer videogaming has, at some point, been insulted or abused. I have been insulted (and hit on, and befriended) on xbox live simply because my gamertag (chick chris) reveals my gender. Others are degraded because of their skill level (whether high or low), perceived race, hometown, clan, favorite sports team, choice of weapon, choice of secondary weapon, a lucky shot, or a stupid move that led to a stupid death. Point being, introducing female soldiers will likely not increase abuse. But it probably will make a sizeable percentage of players happy that there is another degree of realism in the game. And I’ll be one of them. Because if I’m able to assume the role of an exploding robot car or attack dog, why shouldn’t I be able to become a female soldier? “




Kat: Thoughts: As a person who hasn’t played a lot of Call of Duty, I am surprised there wasn’t a prior option to play as a female character in multiplayer. It is definitely a step in the right direction. Females do play video games and believe it or not, some of us like to play as female characters. “

So from the comments it’s a step in the right direction but isn’t necessarily enough. I agree, if you think about gaming women have been severely underrepresented in gaming since the beginning. In the history of gaming here is a list of women portrayed in positive manners.

Strong Characters

  • Ms Pac-Man
  • Samus Aran
  • Joanna Dark
  • Jill Valentine
  • Claire Redfield
  • Shanoa
  • Anna
  • Princess Zelda/Shiek
  • Yuna

 Positively Portrayed Characters
  • Chell from the Portal series
  • Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII
  • Jade from Beyond Good and Evil
  • Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2
  • Lucca from Chrono Trigger
  • Samus Aran
  • Claudia from Legend Of Fae
  • Crystal
Female Options for Lead Characters in Role-Playing Games
  • Female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect series
  • Female Hawke from Dragon Age II
  • Female option of elven, human or dwarven background from Dragon Age: Origins
  • Female option of every race in the five-part Elder Scrolls series
  • Female option of main character from Fallout 3
  • Female option for Pokemon games after 1999
  • Female option for Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns
  • Ellie co-protagonist from The Last Of Us
  • Female option in Fable III



For decades of video games that’s a short list. It’s definitely time for a change in an industry that is split down the middle. What are your thoughts? Too little too late? Step in the right direction? Let us know in the comments below!




Have you ever wanted to run your own arcade? If you’re reading this and you say no, then you’re either lying or you know better than to run a business in a dying industry. However, to run an arcade in their high points or even the resurgence in the ’90s would’ve been a blast.

Some of the best times I had was when my Grandpa owned and operated an arcade. I’m not sure that an arcade was the best business for the cheap guy to own(No, seriously he was the type of old flea marketing guys that would buy us Happy Meals but keep the toys because he believed they were worth money.) but he would often leave my uncle in charge and we would spend an afternoon beating games after jacking up the credits.

Well, Soon you can own and operate your own arcade and never leave the house!

The game is supposed to take you through the up and downs of the arcade industry, the rise in the early 80s, the late 80s crash and the re rise in the 90s. As is the case with these games price, place and industry all factor into how your arcade does. The customer base is made up of Xbox Live Avatars(Non Player Characters). The success of the individual arcade machine are impacted by different things as well. Home release, and classic status both go into deciding whether or not the machine will do well in the arcade. As time goes on the Machines and gaming progress just like they do in real life.

Firebase Industries hasn’t released a date, price or release means yet at this time but its only a matter of time because they said it should be finished in October.

Tribute To Nintendo Power

Patrick Scott Patterson shares a ton of the ads, news segments, and other things we most remember about the beloved, long-running publication. “It’s a bird. It’s a frog. No, it’s

Brings a tear to my eye.

Transcripted site now online

TopWare Interactive is proud to announce the new virtual headquarters of its upcoming puzzle-shooter, “Transcripted”. The website of the game is live at From now on, all information, screenshots and trailers can be found here, at the official website. “Transcripted” is set to release for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 very soon as a downloadable title, thanks to the hard work by developer Alkemi Games.

Though humanity has always believed itself to be at the top of the food chain, the more microscopic hierarchies of life are what truly hold the powers of life and death. Disease is the greatest threat to the future of our species, even more so than famine, and as rapid population growth continues hand-in-hand with ever-increasing comforts and quality of life, it is only a matter of time before some unstoppable disease evolves with the potential to annihilate us.

That day has come. A new disease has been discovered in your laboratory, spreading faster than modern methods of quarantine and treatment can hope to contain. As traditional medicine has almost no effect on this terrifying, unidentified xeno-virus, you’ve been tasked with driving what may well be humanity’s last, single hope in defeating the outbreak of the disease before it reaches epidemic proportions: the Nano Probe. Armed with cutting-edge weapons from laser canons to homing missiles, the Nano Probe is a microscopic, experimental precision surgical instrument that enters infected cells to hunt down and destroy pathogens, all while being remotely controlled from outside the body. You, and the Nano Probe, are all that stands between us and total extinction.

A retro arcade shooter at its core, the gameplay also features classic match three puzzle elements, rejuvenating both of these well-explored genres with ingenuity and addictive simplicity. Transcripted transports players into the tiniest battlefield of all, the perpetual war zone of the human body, to fight off a deadly virus that if allowed to propagate and spread could destroy our entire species. But all hope is not lost, as new tech research is constantly being implemented, allowing players to upgrade the Nano Probe’s weapons, chassis, shields, and energy systems, ensuring that any evolutionary escalation done by the virus does not remain one-sided. Players must guide the Nano-Probe and its weapons with the objective of disrupting the virus’s slow-coiling pseudo-DNA strand, a colorful chain that can only be broken by matching three or more nucleotide cubes of identical color. Stopping an infection is no easy task, and the virus will create many brutal, monstrous mutations to stop the Nano Probe dead in its tracks… cue the game’s unforgettable boss battles, which will require both a sharp wit and razor-honed reflexes to overcome.

Two separate difficulty settings, one for puzzle elements and another for shooting, make Transcripted a game of literally endless possibility and replay value.

For more information about the game please visit

League of Legends style Mobile game?

Mobile gaming mogul Gameloft announced that they will be releasing a League of Legends style game. The Multiplayer online Battle arena game called Heroes of order and Chaos pit teams of 3-5 against one another in attempts to destroy the others base. This is mainly a multiplayer game but Gameloft stated that there will be single player bots available to battle as well.

As it is with the mobile gaming arena the keys for the game are virtual. On screen joystick and action button on the left and right respectfully. However you can assign hotkeys to the right side of the screen for ease of access and other modifications to the genre will help the player cope with the fact that there is no mouse and keyboard. The roster will include 30 playable characters from the Order & Chaos universe with a roster of 6 free each week or the player can spend money on out of season characters.

Normally, I would think that this is a little ambitious of a game to be releasing on a mobile platform however with the work that Gameloft has been doing as a company with releases such as Batman I think that if anyone could pull this off and be hugely successful with it, It is Gameloft. My judgement however will be reserved once I get my hands on it and find out what they are using for in game purchases in this one. The game will available on October 11th on both Android and iOS.

And Speaking of League of Legends we will be back next hour with a story of a battle of their own! Tune in.