Friday Fun Mobile Review: Walking Dead: Road to Survival!

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fun Mobile Review: Walking Dead: Road to Survival! This week the review is a little more mainstream than the typical unheard of randomness that I stumbled upon in the app store. This week I bring you Walking Dead: Road to survival. This is a Game based on the comic books not the tv show. Now some of the characters are the same just with a different look. You’ll see what I mean. Let’s get to it!

titleGame: Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Developer: Scopely

Platforms: Android, iOS


Make the choices that lead to your survival

Game play:

The game play is easier than you would think. There isn’t much to do. Upgrade the features of the town to help with the story and creating and leveling your team. As you level up you can add or unlock higher level characters to create your team.

Now you will be responsible for building up your town to help train new fighters and creating enough food for them all which you can buy your way through or just grind it out. You can use resources to purchase player packs and increase your team. Now you are given choices to make throughout the game that will affect which way the game goes. they usually involve killing or not killing someone you don’t trust.

battleThe battles are comprised of waves of either zombies or other groups of survivors in order to advance in the story. The battles are turn based attacks from both sides. matching up the character types against whatever is weakest in the battle. There are multiple waves per battle so if you lose a character in the beginning of the battle they are gone but win the battle and you are fine.

Graphics and sound:

The graphics in this game are not bad for what they are. Barely moving stills. There is very little actual movement in the animation in this game. The movement is the animations programmed in when there are attacks being done. The character design is taken straight from the comic but no real work was put into the animations. The sound starts with an ominus backing track on the town screen which changes to an up tempo song with zombie noises during the attacking screens. As generic as you could get.


Overall, I’m left wanting more from a game of this nature. I think that because of the TellTale games version of Walking dead i was hoping for something with a little more action and less point click gaming. While not bad the sound and graphics leave a lot to be desired. While the gameplay itself is practically non existant. This game is only a few steps away from playing itself. I give this game a 3 out of 5.

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Friday Fun Mobile Review: Catan!

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fun Mobile Review: Catan! We had some friends over for dinner(i was excited to try a new recipe) and general merriment. Fuzzy(of ictb fame) brought over a board Game I had heard and recently thought about buying calling Catan. I got my ass kicked but had fun doing it. Afterwards I came across a news item stating it was out and updated for mobile devices, talked about fate. Picked it up and this is the review.

TitleGame: Catan

Developer: USM

Platforms: Android, iOS


Gain enough victory points to become the Lord of Catan.

Game play:

The game rules are those of the board game. You can find them online if you want the full details and details of play but the premise is simple. Collect resources to build and gain the required victory points to win the game.

MapThe game has 3 game modes, campaign, custom and online mode. Campaign mode takes the general gameplay and adds bonuses for accomplishing certain tasks. Custom and online are just that. Create your own game with custom rules or play online against others to prove your dominance.

Just like any video game adaptation of a board game it’s just the game animated and available so you don’t have to setup the actual game and so you can play against ai.

tradeGraphics and sound:

Simple animations and music are all that’s really needed here and that’s what you get. You can’t expect too much when getting an animated version of a board game. The animations they did are well done and combine nicely with the sound effects and conquering style music track in the background.


Overall, everything combined nicely to make an on the go version of this popular board game. There is some cost associated with this game. You pay for the basic app and expansion packs but it’s nothing in comparison to the 50 or so you would pay to buy the actual game and expansions and this way you don’t need to have friends over constantly to play. Play when you want! If you have no interest in the board game it’s probably not for you. However if you like the board game then buy this, you’ll enjoy it. I give it a 4 out of 5 coins.

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Friday Fun Mobile Review: EA Sports UFC

Welcome to the new home of mobile reviews Friday! We are starting with Ea Sports UFC. Sometimes you need to play a sports game that involves punching, kicking and contorting your opponent into begging for it to stop. Welcome to Friday Fun Mobile Review: EA Sports UFC!

ufcGame: EA Sports UFC

Developer: EA Sports

Platforms: Android, iOS


Absolutely punish your opponent in the octagon.

Game play:

You start the game with 1 fighter but as you progress you can unlock over 70 fighters over 4 different weight classes, either by randomly receiving the card in an fighter box or by spending the dough to buy them with gold coins. Using the points you unlock you can upgrade your fighter’s moves and by doing so gaining levels and unlocking more moves.

As with most games of this type on a mobile platform you only have a series of tape or swipes to perform moves. High tap, low tap for simple strikes. Swipe high forward or low for stronger hits or swipe back to block or dodge a hit. Now this is where the game gets weird. Instead of having a swipe pattern to do high profile moves the game takes on more of a card style play. Consecutive hits or blocks draws you a move card that represents a high profile move, superman punch, backhanded punch, double leg takedown etc. It’s still easy to pick up and play.

levelsThere are also events every few days where if you qualify via weight class and win you can fight a high profile fight. Example being that currently they have a Bruce Lee event where you can fight as and fight against Bruce Lee. Along with these events sometimes comes a special pack unlock with bonuses that you can use for upgrades and special fighters

Graphics and sound:

The graphics are comparable to any console sports game on the xbox 360 or Ps3. Which for a mobile game is saying a lot. You can tell that it’s a real human person that you are punching in the face. Also, the animations that happen when you knock someone out make me laugh with such examples as the horizontal frankenstein or the sleeping toddler. Enjoyable by themselves. A generic intro track and crowd noises are all this game really needs but let’s be honest, if there’s no commentators you aren’t listening to the background noises of the game.


Overall, despite the stigma that EA has with being a crap company they make good games. This is no different. I could’ve done without the mobile game style of unlocking characters but it’s the norm. The gameplay combined with the sound and graphics make for a good time of you are spending a decent amount of time playing This game. I give it a 5 out of 5 coins.

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Funday Sunday Mobile Review: Fallout Shelter


Hey everyone, it’s BobbyFJtown with a mobile review, This time I’ll be looking at the android version of Fallout: Shelter.  I learned a lot playing this game, I love the mechanics in the game, like Chachi said, it is an underground version of Tiny Tower, but that’s not a bad thing.  It’s it’s own game, and it’s different from both Tiny Tower and Fallout proper.  It has elements of both games but stands on it’s own as a game you just can’t put down.

You start the game out by picking your vault number, I chose Vault 555, and started my journey.  In the game you set up the underground shelter with a few different rooms, a power plant, water plant, diner, med bay, science lab, storage room, radio room among others. The most important of these rooms were the first 3 that I named. You need power to make the other rooms function, you need water to keep your dwellers hydrated and radiation free, and you need food to keep your dwellers healthy.  You also need living quarters so you can have more dwellers. And how do you get more dwellers…well you put one male and one female in the living quarters and nature happens, next thing you know you have a brand new baby dweller.  This is essential for getting the most out of your shelter.  You have to watch how many dwellers you have compared to how much energy, water, and food you use.  It has to be a balanced dance in which you must watch how many resources you have at your disposal.

In some instances you can rush your rooms to get resources faster, this comes at a cost at times,  If done correctly you get the resources and caps, which much like Fallout games is the currency in this world.  If the rush fails you either have the room get attacked by rad-roaches, which are radioactive roaches, or the room will catch fire, which as you can see is a task in itself because some of the dweller’s aren’t the best fire fighters.


Most dwellers are terrible firefighters

Other events that cause danger to your vault, Deathclaws, which I haven’t run into yet, and Raiders which I have run into,  Raiders are the reason I learned from this game,  I had my vault filled with rooms and running at a great clip, I think I had it running at 93% happiness with 28 dwellers, well then the raiders hit and I wasn’t prepared.  I had very little weapons because I didn’t send many dwellers out to explore the wasteland to find weapons and outfits to help protect and give your dwellers different skills,  Dwellers have skills sets that make it easier for them to perform tasks.  The skills on their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Meters.  Each letter corresponds to a skill set that is applied to each room the dwellers create resources in.  Once the raiders attacked they killed all but 1 of my dwellers,  You can pay to get your dwellers revived but I only had so many caps, and I had to sacrifice dwellers and rooms by demolishing the rooms to cash them in for caps, and not many caps so I only had enough to pay for the most essential dwellers that I had, I had 2 very high level dwellers that I had to save, but since they were high level they were very expensive.  Thus my 28 dwellers had to be dwindled down to about 7, I then started the build up my rooms at a slower pace and it made me re-evaluate and chance the way I was playing the game.   Thus I am now back up at a healthy 18 dwellers and at about 85% happiness.  The one big difference is that I used my highest level dweller as a scout and sent him into the wasteland to find better weapons so now when the raiders attack they are no match for my improved vault.


The two highest level dwellers I saved from death at the hands of raiders, now they have a family and are productive members of the new society.

Another great thing about this game is that yes, it does have freemium content in lunchboxes, but you can earn them instead of paying for them and it’s not required to pay for anything to have a good time and get good at the game.  So in conclusion this game is way worth the download and it’s so addictive it’s hard to put down, for that reason I give Fallout: Shelter 4.5 out of 5 stars!


Thursday Review:

Welcome to day 4 of this special week in reviews! One more day left in this week of reviews. Today is a game called, feed your orb and absorb others to become king orb! Welcome to Thursday’s review:!


Platforms: Android, iOS

Absorb the enemy without being absorb.

Game play:
The objective pretty much explained it… Wish i were kidding. part of the reason i didnt review this game sooner was because of the simplicity of the game. There really isn’t much to the game. Pick your direction and run. Avoiding the bigger circles and eating your way to the top.

There are two other controls split and eject mass. Splitting allows you to have multiple blobs under your control. Ejecting allows you to make your blob smaller in an emergency situation. However that is all of the controls and all of the game play. Run away!


Graphics and sound:
The graphics match the game. Simple and to the point. just colored circles travelling around what looks like a sheet of graph paper. As far as sound….There is none. No sound effects, no music. None.

Overall, i feel like there isn’t enough here to be considered a game. 3 controls, no real graphics, no sounds. The action of the game is good but not enough to make up for the lack of everything else. I give this game a 1 out of 5.


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Indy Mayhem Show 83: 80s Mania Wrestling

80s Mania WrestlingWe talk with Kris Osk of the 80s Mania Wrestling game on iOS and Android!  We discuss being an independent developer, a love for the good old days of 80s wrestling, how his game works and more!

Katie Dudas (@kdudders) joins us to discuss her first Vicious Outcast Wrestling show including TNA Wrestling’s Ethan Carter, Rizz and Wheelz discuss the upcoming RWA Aggression and IWC Caged Fury shows, the weekend of too much wrestling, and more!

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If you are in Pittsburgh, you got to go to Slice on Broadway and get their food! ( @pgh_slice)

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Mobile Monday Review: Slayin!

Ladies and Gents, Welcome to this week’s edition of Mobile Monday Review: Slayin! I am back from my week of fun in the sun and i did not come without a game review for you to read on Monday like you are accustomed too! This week brings a retro style “Endless Rpg” and it is tons of fun!

titleGame: Slayin
Developer: FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Platforms: Android, iOS


Slay as much as possible!

characterGame play:

Choose a character and begin your journey! There are 6 characters that you can eventually unlock or purchase the in game points known as fame to unlock. knight, wizard, knave, archer, tamer and ninja can all be unlocked. Each with their own special abilities, weapons, and armor or specialties.

The gameplay itself is simple slay everything in the back and forth endless adventure to gain levels, gold and treasure that will help you stay alive and continue on the adventure. This “endless rpg” goes until you can’t health wise. You gain levels for different amounts of enemies you slay however the real challenge is the difficult bosses every 10 levels you gain.

Three different game modes, adventure, advanced and boss trial. Adventure and Advanced are basically the same, the only difference being that you start at level 81 with 500 gold in advanced which makes things harder. The boss trial is just that. Beat the bosses in the shortest amount of time possible.

gp2Sound and Graphics:

The retro graphics and chiptune backing track/sound effects are exactly what a game like this calls for. The side scrolling view adds to the retro feel and makes it more enjoyable. Well done on all accounts of the graphics and sound.


Overall, everything in this game works. The graphics, the sound and the gameplay all come together and mesh to leave you loving the adventure and coming back for more. I can easily give this game a 5 out of 5 and recommend that you play it.

5outof5Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Mobile Monday Review: Slayin! Have a game you think I should review? Email me at, hit me up on twitter @chachisays, or leave a comment below! Tune in again next week for another Mobile Monday Review!

Mobile Monday Review: Escaping the Prison!

Welcome to Mobile Monday Review! Sometimes you stumble across a game that you played before on a different platform and think, “hey, maybe I should revisit that game on this platform” Usually, you should pass. That’s what I found this week. I give to you Mobile Monday Review: Escaping the Prison!


Game: Escaping the Prison
Developer: PuffballsUnited
Platforms: iOS and Android

This was a game that I originally played on a website I use to frequent full of flash games and cartoons for months. The games are always quick and small to kill a few minutes. Perfect for a midday break. How does it translate to mobile? Lets get to it.

Make the right choices to survive the escape!


Game play:

This is a simple game even for a mobile platform. Make choices and succeed in escaping this prison. Guide your stick figure through 3 escapes and 18 failures. That’s all there is to this game. Select your option and follow the story. That’s it. There are a few different interactive points where you select the item to escape with and in the event of being shot at you can dodge up and down, but they out number you and take you out.

Sound and Graphics:

Stick figure art and Microsoft paint graphics make up this game. The voices and sound are as simplistic as it gets. There were no improvements made on any of this from the web version.



Overall, the simplistic game is great to kill a few minutes online, however, not really worth the effort of installing from the app store for your mobile device. Nothing changed and its more frustrating than it is entertaining. I give this a 2 out of 5.


Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Mobile Monday Review: Escaping the Prison! Have a game you think I should review? Email me at, hit me up on twitter @chachisays, or leave a comment below! Tune in again next week for another Mobile Monday Review!

Mobile Monday Review: Crossy Road!

Ladies and Gents, Welcome to this weeks edition of Mobile Monday Review! I find it difficult to pick a game to review each week based on what I’m playing so many games come my way or I forget to play something new because I’m hooked on an old game. However, sometimes you find a game that is thrown at you from so many angles like this one! Lets do it! Mobile Monday Review: Crossy Road! Starts right now!


Game: Crossy Road

Developer: Yodo1 Games

Platforms: Android & iOS


Cross as many roads, train tracks, and rivers as possible without meeting a terrible fate.


Game play:

The game is exactly what it sounds like. Using one of many characters available, Lovely Bunny, Crossy chicken, Old Wizard, Hipster Whale, or my personal favorite the floppy fish, survive the trip across the roads, rivers, and train tracks.

In this updated version of Frogger, simple game play with simple commands. 5 million downloads can’t be wrong can they? Tapping or swiping in the direction, moving to avoid obstacles. Collecting coins but most of all keep moving or you will be swept up by a majestic bald eagle.

Collect coins along the way and through the bonus every 6 minutes to unlock one of the hundreds of characters to use to crossy the road!


Sound and Graphics:

Using pixel art and simple sound effects the creators of this game successfully created the next flappy bird. The graphics are entertaining in that the characters all have little changes to change the game. Floppy fish flops across the road while the Old wizard zaps trees that he is annoyed with. The sound effects are enough while being simple at the same time.


Overall, There’s not much to complain about as far as this game goes. While it is simple and seems like a joke of a game. It’s a mobile game through and through. Simple and short to allow quick games when you have a few moments to kill. The pixel art combined with the not bad game play and the simple sounds make this a great mobile game to play when you have a few moments to kill. 5 out of 5.


Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Mobile Monday Review: Crossy Road! Have a game you think I should review? Email me at, hit me up on twitter @chachisays, or leave a comment below! Tune in again next week for another Mobile Monday Review!

Mobile Monday Review: Lyne!

Welcome to this week’s Mobile Monday Review: Lyne! We tweaked the mind and exercise your puzzle solving ability in this weeks game Lyne! Infuriating puzzle week!

titleGame: Lyne

Developer: Thomas Baker

Platforms: Android & iOS

All you need to do is connect the shapes!

Game play:
This simplistic looking game will drive you up a wall. Increasing in difficulty, the number of different shapes per level and the amount of connectors make this an infuriating game to play. The gameplay like the rest of the game is simplistic. Use your figure to connect the shapes finish the line.

Starting with one of the marked shapes and connect the other shapes through the hubs making sure to create a solid line to finish the level. That’s it. Adult puzzling connect the dots.

gp1Sound and Graphics:
The graphics are simple and refined at the same time. I love this trend of artistic simplicity. There is a slight backing track, low and ominous not over powering at all. The connecting sound effects are on display here but honestly you won’t notice because it’s not a sound type of game.

Overall, It’s not a bad game, typical artistic puzzle game. However, the game gets irritating and boring after a while, not something I see someone playing for hours on end. I could always be wrong The graphics and sound come together nicely for a packaged headache of frustration. I give this game a 4 out of 5.

4outof5Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Mobile Monday Review: Lyne! Have a game you think I should review? Email me at, hit me up on twitter @chachisays, or leave a comment below! Tune in again next week for another Mobile Monday Review!