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Gamers of all ages, shapes and size, welcome to your favorite post on the Internet today, Video game themed things from around the internet…net…net! I travel the internet to bring you some entertaining gaming themed things and share them with you every Tuesday. I know this probably isn’t the best but i am not Watson and cannot blink and see the entire internet!

First up, That Angry bird came from the moon!


Angry Birds creator Rovio has announced an Angry birds animated movie starring Peter Dinklage, Jason Sudeikis, Maya Rudolph, Danny Mcbride and more. Due out in 2016, not many details have been released on this movie. i for one thought they had already done this movie… Rio…. but apparently i was wrong.

Next on the journey:


The Destiny loot cave aka The Cave of Wonders lives on! In browser game called Interactive Cave shooter emerged on the internet shortly after Destiny patched the game. Now you can shoot to your hearts content to level up with out collecting the loot. For the record i got more purple drops here than i have in the game, which is easy considering i havent received a purple drop…. you can play the game at this link here!

Last but not least! Ever wondered what it would be like if Portal guns were real amongst roommates? Well Youtube channel RackaRacka has answered that question.

I can only imagine how pissed Sorg wouldve been had we been equipped with Portal guns!

That’s all i have for you in this weeks edition of Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Tune in next week as the team tackles the age old question of which came first the chicken or the egg!
Runners up!

10 geeky things that had to be decided by the Supreme Court.

Fans are remaking Ocarina of Time in 2d.

Boss Battle 77: Mario Ecstasy Party

Boss Battle 77: Mario Ecstasy PartyThis week on Boss Battle, we have our the cast of  Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisayspgh), Rizz (@theerizz) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron). On this week’s show:

  • We discuss our gaming achievements of the week.
  • In Across The Net…net…net…net…net: Chachi talks about Nintendo themed Ecstasy, a band that plays songs with a video game flair and the NHL Hockey Bird.
  • We talk about the Nintendo World Championships Cartridge and video game buying blunders.
  • We discuss Epic giving up the Gears of War franchise to Microsoft.
  • We predict the Super Bowl outcome just like Madden and Tecmo Bowl did!
  • In the Final Round we discuss games you might have missed that you should play.

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Robot Kitten Balloon Assault Starts Now!

Robot Kitten Balloon Assault Starts Now! Play it on Facebook, Chrome, and Google Play!

Physics-based balloon popper video game in tradition of Angry Birds, Tethys Interactive has just released Robot Kitten Balloon Assault, a fun for all ages, physics-based balloon popper game for Facebook, Chrome & Android. The game follows a group of robot kittens as they travel from the circus to exotic locations around the globe, hot on the trail of their arch nemesis, Krackles the Clown.

“It is kind of like Angry Birds meets Breakout meets Bubble Popper. I can’t wait to see more!” – Google Chrome Store User Review

Players can bounce & pop their way to the top of the leader board through 20 beautiful levels in this arcade twitch game. Visit to find out where to try and buy the game.

Robot Kitten Balloon Assault Features:
– Physics based game play
– 20 levels of engaging gameplay
– Visually pleasing user interface & game design
– Perks and point system
– Exciting sound effects & game soundtrack
– Tailored to ALL ages & demographics (non-violent)

Honestly, despite this probably being the dumbest game ever I’m going to play it based on the name alone. How can you not!

Sesame Street figures it out. As usual.

Being released today is a new Sesame Street dvd. Let me stop you there. “Why are you talking about Sesame Street on a gaming site Chachi?” 1. Sesame Street is awesome. 2. They are using video games.

Being release today the dvd is called Elmo’s Alphabet Challenge which includes New overall content. 5 new songs and count them, 7, yes 7(ha ha ha) video game parodies. The gaming parodies include Guitar Hero, Pac-Man, Angry Birds and more.

Like this one here that is probably supposed to be a World of Warcraft parody.

This is why I love Sesame Street besides being awesome in general they are not afraid to use what they know kids want to help them continue learning. Well done you furry little monsters.


Iphone Stuff! Gaming news and such….

I was sitting here drinking my coffee reading the nerd news as I usually do, wading through game news after game news in G-reader and I noticed that there was a few different iOS/iDevice stories. So instead of spreading them out and wasting space here are some of the stories!

1. Back up your Mobile Rock Band songs.

At the end of the month….. next week you will be unable to purchase new songs for or will people be able to buy the iOS Rock Band games. All previously purchased material for the game will continue to work. The reason for this discontinuation is because of EA’s license agreement with Harmonix coming to an end at this time. No word at this time as to whether or not Harmonix will rerelease the game or if it is simply done on this platform.

2. Walking Dead Episode 1 for iOS stumbles in today!

In order for something new to come out something old has to go it appears! The first chapter in the episodic Walking Dead game from TellTale Games hits the app store today! That’s right folks today! Episode 1 is available for all your zombies needs at $4.99 and each episode after (2-5) is abled to be preordered through the game individually for additional hits of $4.99 or you can save yourself(get it, save yourself? it’s a zombie game… ah forget you that was gold.) 25% and get the remaining four for %14.99. TellTale reports that they spent additional time on the iOS version to make it fit better. Better experience in actions, dialogue and decision making! Pick it up and let me know what you think!

3. Another gaming Kickstarter.

Seems like potential gold is coming out through the medium of crowd sourcing. Ouya is sitting at 5.5 million dollars with 13 days to go.(if you forgot, they blew up overnight and their goal was 950k. Ring a bell?) Well, Cascadia Games LLC. is helping you share your iGames. They are kickstarting 50k for the GameDock!

The game dock is a device that will allow you to dock your iDevice with controllers and HD output. The dock requires you to use retro usb controllers but honestly who doesn’t like the feel of an old school Nintendo controller? Their goal is just about hit, with 21 days to go they are a mere $1,300 away. So go give them some support if that’s your thing! heres a link to the KS Page:

So there you have it! There was one more but im going to include that in a release date announcement story like this one. Let me know what you peeps think about anything above or anything in general in the comments below!

Zynga biting off more than they can chew?

Zynga states that they hope their next game will “replace consoles” (their words). Getting away from the farms, cities, the drawings, the words, the hangings. In fact they are stepping away from their norm it seems. No more buying companies when the iron is hot. In fact they are pulling a u turn and heading into serious town from the looks of it.

Introducing Horn, an action adventure game for the go. Slated as the first console style game from Zynga with help from developer Phosphor Games. Even in the trailer there isn’t many details but there is some stuff.

So, think it has what it takes to push Zynga into serious gaming? or maybe they should just stick with friends? what do you think? I personally will reserve judgement until i can get my greasy grubby little paws on it. Zynga isn’t bad at the other games so maybe this will be the same!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Draw your own ads, Creative or Lazy?

So the smash hit Draw Something, that was recently picked up by Zynga, has tried something new once again.

Now, normally free games on mobile platforms don’t really give you an opportunity to participate in your ads. Zynga has incorporated ads into the game that you may actually pay attention too. You can now choose words to draw that are sponsored by the NHL and more. These sponsored words serve as in game ads. The NHL ones are anything from slapshot to team logos.

Now what does this mean to you? Not much honestly. You get more words to draw, while focusing on drawing a very convincing Pens logo or KFC, Doritos or nike logo.

How do you feel about the subtle messages from the sponsors? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Let us know in the comments below!


Korean Politician uses Angry Birds to fight the issues.

Those Koreans sure know how to pander to their audience. The greatest campaign ever.

Thanks to a source I know:

“Dude dressed up is a candidate, it seems that he’s nicknamed “hungry bird”?
He starts out by saying he needs to say something/make a proclamation.
Don’t you want to change your representation? People could be having more fun.
Something boring political about the Republic of Korea reporting paying some guy.
Then they throw the “hungry bird guy” at a pile that’s labeled “Su Paek’s employment worries”
Then he says something I can’t understand and can’t read the writing.
Then they say – where to change? Hungry bird.
Who’s next?”

Amazing. Sure beats the hell out of the Ads here in the states! I’d be more inclined to give it a second thought if they were like that here.

Anyways, Here is the Commerical. ENJOY! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Have you ever wondered what happens to the pigs?

Well, wonder no longer friends! Chinese food company Joycome is running a promotion with Rovio and Angry birds due to the popularity of it over seas.

But that’s not all! If you buy 800 grams of Joycomes bacon , you get the sausage free!!!! Man, I love pork. This answer my question, I’ve always wondered what happened to the pigs when they poof off the screen! However, the sausage isn’t green. So no, you will not have sausage to go with the Green Eggs and Ham.

What do you think about this marketing campaign? I’m a fan. Let us know in the comments below!

Cartoons! Rovio cartoons!

Rovio announced that later this year they will be releasing a 52 episodic run of Angry Birds animated cartoon. Each epiosde aiming to be 2.5 to 3 mins and to be released on “as many screens as possible.”

This should come as no surprise because of Rovio snatching up animators and studios earlier last year. In June of 2011 they acquired a finnish animation studio and recruicted David Masiel(Former Marvel Chairman). They recruited Masiel to help develop a full length animated feature for Angry Birds.( in development, but not looking to be out anytime soon.)

Rovio is stating that the shorts are looking to tell more engaging stories and go deeper into the thoughts and feelings of the characters……….

AND, that’s where they lost me. Umm, they are angry. Angry Birds. That get flung at pigs that stole their eggs….. Sorry, Maybe I should’ve put in a spoiler alert tag somewhere…. My whole point is while I’ll probably watch the cartoons but you can’t expect me to believe that they will be any good.

They also stated that they will be expanding to another IP and more games that have nothing to do with the Angry Birds saga. So what are your thoughts on Angry Birds cartoon shorts or movies? Do they have deeper feelins than revenge and angry? Let us know in the comments below!