Let’s Play 53: Herald of Difficulty

LetsPlay53This week on Let’s Play 53, we have Bobby (@bobbyfjtown) Chachi (@chachisays) Rizz (@theerizz) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron) discussing all things gaming!

  • What has everybody been playing? Some highlights were that Sorg played Silver Surfer. Chachi finished an NHL season and won all the major awards he was up for. (Congratulations!) Bobby played Epic Mickey 2 and thought it sucked.
  • The classic game Silver Surfer is discussed! Chachi and Rizz decided not to play to keep away from the frustration.
  • Bobby says the game has its entertaining parts, Sorg does not really agree.
  • Sorg shows off some of his Silver Surfer skills.
  • Bobby loves Silver Surfer’s soundtrack.
  • The next challenge: Another hard game. Dick Tracy for the NES.
  • Chachi does not want to see carts turned into other things.
  • A new Lootcrate. Did it meet expectations?
  • GTA 5 video. Check it out!
  • Chachi talks about NHL 94 being playable in NHL 14. You cannot go online on this mode.
  • There may be Oculous Rift for Titanfall. Find out more!
  • The casts talks about the new Lego game featuring Marvel super heroes! Rizz admits he was wrong about the Lego gaming franchise.
  • Boss Battle: Most memorable music moments. Rizz likes Mark Hamill’s song at the end of Arkham City. Bobby likes a lighter tune from Bioshock. Chachi has several favorites: the music from Ocarina of Time, the closing songs on Portal and finishing Freebird on Guitar Hero II. Sorg seconds the music from Portal.

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