Boss Battle 170: Black Friday Deals for Gamers

This week on Boss Battle 170, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), Sorg (@sorgatron), and Rizz (@theerizz). On this week’s show:

  • We share what we’ve accomplished in gaming this week.
  • Chachi is taking us around the internet…net…net…net.
  • A pyramid scheme that benefits everyone?
  • Mark Cuban dropped an f-bomb in response to a fine for dropping the f-bomb: all for charity.
  • We’re talking Billy Mitchell’s “Regular Show” and the status of the court case.
  • Desert Bus Charity – a 159-hour drive cross country – via videogame!
  • It’s almost Black Friday. Of course we’re talking Black Friday deals in the gaming world!
  • Time for our Final Round Question: Are you going to take advantage of Black Friday deals?

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Insert Coin To Begin’s Guide to the Best of 2015 Black Friday Deals!

Ahh, Black Friday, the time of year where after you’ve eaten your fill of turkey and stuffing we proceed to get our fill of commercialism.  The time has come for bargain shoppers to fill the stores and their carts with bargain deals! We here at Insert Coin want you to be happy this Christmas so I’ve assembled a few of the best deals that are going on on Black Friday, so without further ado…


Our first deal comes to us from Best Buy, it’s an 8:00am Door Buster on Friday Morning. You get An Xbox One with The Lego Movie Game, and a 40″ Class  LED 1080p HD TV for $499.98 plus you can check out tons of other deals here


Gamestop has a bunch of games on sale along with a Uncharted Collection Edition PS4 for $299.99 those deals can be found here


Target has also has a bunch of game deals and a 32GB Super Smash Bros/Splatoon edition of WiiU for $249.99 along with tons of deals here


and Finally there are tons of deals at Walmart and Toys R Us along with Amazon which haven’t been revealed yet,  So if you like to shop from the couch/desk those are the deals for you!

It also let’s me post the Attack of The Show Black Friday ad video of Matt Mira and John Barrowman here’s that if you’ve never seen it


Have Fun Shopping, and beware of the crowds!

Boss Battle 121: Pleothra of Ponchos

BossBattle121This week on Boss Battle 121, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), Zach Gowen (@zachgowen) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron). On this weeks show:

We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week.

  • In Video Game Themed Things From Around The Internet…net…net: A Samus Amiibo sells for a bunch on EBay, running into Trevor in GTA and Game Theory covering the hookshot in Legend of Zelda. 11:16
  • We talk about some gaming news like Assassin’s Creed Victory, I Am Bread, and the Dark Below expansion to Destiny. 18:38
  • We talk about console problems; like hackers possibly taking Xbox Live down and Wii U errors. 28:53
  • Guest host Zach Gowen reviews Secret Ponchos. 33:58
  • We discuss some Black Friday gaming sales figures. 39:43
  • Lastly In our Final Round discussion, we talk about how Black Friday will impact each console moving forward.

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Steam Sales, ENOUGH!!!



This weekend while most of us were eating turkey with our families, many stores and websites were setting up for what we call Black Friday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and many other events over the kickoff of the Holiday Weekend targeted gamers and their love of all things digital.  Amazon had a lot of lightning deals, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Target, Gamestop all had sales going on and video games were one of the big focal points.  I fell victim to Black Friday and didn’t even need to leave my house, I woke up at 8:08 am on Friday morning and purchased Lego Marvel Super heroes for $25.00 and Kingdom Hearts HD Remix (*which I have for PS2) ( ) for $19.99, then I saw that Steam was having their black friday sale and couldn’t pass up on getting Cities XL and Final Fantasy VII at reduced price,

Why must we obsessively collect games like Pokemon?  I know I have more than enough games to play but must get as many games as I can especially if they’re on sale.  I always say to myself just walk away, you don’t have to buy these things, but always ending up purchasing them, I guess  but I’m glad I’m not the only one because Steam sure does make out on their sales, So I guess we’re all a little game crazy when it comes to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and of course the tri-annual Steam sales.

Did you brave the malls and stores on Black Friday, or did you take advantage of some gaming deals from your home like I did?  Let us know in the comments what you picked up?