Fav Five Friday: Non-Playable Playable Characters

In the world of Hyrule Warriors, you not only get to play as Hyrule’s favorite warrior, Link, but you also get to play as a plethora of other individual mainstays in the world of Zelda. All of which have different abilities, powers and prowess…also you get to play as Ganondorf. Ganondorf. Which brings me to my Top 5 list of people who I would like to play as in other game series.

Now, the way that I am going to do this is that if there’s a part in the game where you CAN play as that person, you can play as that person. However, party games are not considered games in this. That’s not what I’m going for. I’m talking about awesome characters in video games that you REALLY want to play…but can’t. Let’s begin, shall we?

5. Tingle – Let’s start with the one most people want to see in Hyrule Warriors. Tingle is the chunky guy that you always has to save off of the balloon but also, somehow, has magical powers. I wouldn’t mind playing as him somewhere down the line, even if it is Hyrule Warriors (seeing how you can play as a lot of other characters). It would be an interesting addition to that game.

4. Dr. Wily and crew – Would you like an origin story of the scientist who created the robots? It could be an awesome strategy game where you get control of your creations and try to take out Mega Man and try to, you know, take over the world!

3.¬†Batarians – Batarians hate humans. That’s apparent. However, Commander Shepard has teamed with people who tried to kill him, Cerberus and the Geth, GETH! So why not have one straggler from the race that hates humans join up with Shepard and the rest of the crew? It would only make…sense?

2.¬†Waluigi – Where’s the Waluigi game?! I mean, we have Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and Wario all have variations of their very own video game. All we know about Waluigi is that…well…he likes Tennis….and knows how to ride a Kart pretty damn good, ain’t that right Chachi?

1. BLASTO! – Enkindle This.

Who would you like to play as in any game? Leave it in the comments below.

Enjoy Hyrule Warriors!