Boss Battle 146: Is E3 Necessary?

Boss Battle - E3This week on Boss Battle 146, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown),  Chachi (@chachisays) and  Mike Sorg(@sorgatron).

  • E3 is upon us. But is it necessary?
  • We achieved things. What have you achieved in your gaming week?
  • We’re talking about Duck Game from Adult Swim.
  • Did you know Link is a kleptomaniac?
  • React channels are great. Especially responses to Contra as found this week.
  • The Mega Man Legacy Collection is coming. The games will be in HD and widescreen.
  • We discuss who our favorite Robot Masters are.
  • We love trailers and teasers. We’re talking about the Fallout 4 trailer.
  • We’re also talking about the Battleborn trailer.
  • What has been your favorite game trailer so far, and has the game lived up to the trailer hype?
  • The trailers for Bloodborne made Rizz get a PS4.
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to be highlighted at E3. It’s not Mirror’s Edge 2. It’s different.
  • Breaking News: The Last Guardian may be alive and well. Will this be the year it appears at E3?
  • We’re discussing this past week’s Rizz Rant about the relevancy of E3.
  • We used to have Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony press conferences. Now we have 6. Which means the big companies don’t get the scoop.
  • Humble Bundle is going to be part of the PC talk at E3. We may be okay with this.

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Rizz Reviews: Bloodborne (A WINNER IS YOU!)

It’s out.

You’re probably tired of me talking about it. You probably were wondering where I was and when I was going to post this review, that will come a little later.

Bloodborne, nay…the entire Souls series of games are like a bad dream that just keeps on happening. There’s nothing that you can do to stop it. It will eat at you and eat at you and eat at you until you pop in the game. There’s nothing you can do. Nothing. Nothing you want to do, either.

Let me start off by saying, it’s only March 27th but, right now, this is my favorite game of the year.

It challenges you to no end and when you get beat by that boss, you want to continue to push through and make sure that boss recognizes who the hell you are and what the hell you’re up to. Trust me, the bosses are just damn near immortal in this game. Immortal. Numerous Rage Quit videos are probably going up right now and, honestly, those Rage Quitters are probably going to pop in this game and play it some more.

I honestly have no words to describe this game (as I am in the midst of playing this as we speak…I’m in a safe zone and am not moving because, you know, I’m scared to move).

As I was playing this game, one thing crossed my mind and I mentioned it to one of my friends, who also picked up Bloodborne (and is the one that got me hook line and sinkered on the Souls series) and that is this:

These games are what I like to view as an adult Legend of Zelda game series.

Hear me out, Legend of Zelda (when I was a kid) had difficult maps that unlocked hidden rooms and hidden secrets around it, just like Demon/Dark Souls/Bloodborne. Legend of Zelda also had amazing graphics at that time that made you feel like you were right there in that scene, as does the Souls series. Legend of Zelda had difficult bosses that took multiple hits and used multiple moves that could, sometime, ruin your entire day, same with the Souls game. It’s an adult version with very dark undertones to it and, like Zelda as a child, I am completely hooked to Bloodborne.

I, honestly, have a love/hate relationship with this game series, guys. That’s all I got to say. I want to hate this game, but I can’t. At all. AT. ALL.

Like, the bosses are hard (as you would expect), the enemies are hard (as you would expect), there is a dark/gothic feeling to this game (as you would expect), but also you should expect that this game is just amazing at using your brain and know that you need 20 blood vials and 20 shots, and you need to know that once you get in because you’re going to need every single last one of those things to beat the bosses that are coming your way.

The boss battles are what make this game this game. They’re hard. They’re suppose to be hard. They’re bosses. But every time you get beat by the bosses, you’re going to want to play more and improve yourself more, gain attributes, gain strength, endurance and health and kick some ass.

If you have a PS4. Listen to me right now, get up off your butts and go buy Bloodborne. Right now. Don’t be left behind. It’s early on, but this is my Game of the Year and it’s not even close. If there is a game that makes me want to beat it, go to the companies that made it and just yell obscenities while crying, I will reconsider. But, for now, I got a lot of catching up to do (as I started playing this on Wednesday and just beat the first boss on Friday.

And, honestly, if you were one of those people that bought a PS4 JUST SO YOU CAN PLAY Bloodborne (even though it wasn’t JUST this game, that was me), you made a smart choice, my friends. Enjoy this game. Enjoy this franchise. Enjoy waking up in the middle of the night with these nightmares and enjoy once you finish that final boss knowing that you are truly awesome (btw, if I see any of you speed running this while playing DK Bongo Kongos, I will be sure to hate you forever and if I ever see you, will kick you in the balls).


You have heard me over the years, right?

Whether it’s been on Boss Battle or on here or on Twitter or on Facebook or on Tinder, I have praised the sun that is From Software for some time, now.


Next week, Bloodborne comes to stores and, like the previous Souls games that came before it, I will try my damnest to beat. It’s not going to be easy (Yeah, I know. Eating a spoonful of wasabi is as easy as playing a Souls game).

I have sung the praises of From Software and Dark Souls, to the shegrin of Sorg, Bobby and Chachi (who can’t even get by the intro boss in Dark Souls 1) And I plan on singing their praises even more as my journey continues through Bloodborne.

There are certainly concerns for this game, especially for the people  (like myself) who are getting it day one. For instance, it is more than likely that we will, quite possibly, encounter those dreadful bugs and glitches that we all encounter in the newer releases of games (see: Assassin’s Creed: Unity). If there are, I am sure a few patches here or there will allow that to just go off into the distance.


Another point of concern is this: the Souls gaming franchises all had the same style, same moves and the similar story behind it. Bloodborne must make me think this game is different from the Souls timeline But with guns (which I know I will most likely be using as my weapon of choice because…who wouldn’t want to take down a boss as hig as the ones in Demon/Dark Souls with a blunderbuss?

I can’t wait for thks game. I know there are people who are on the fence about this game and people who think it’s a ridiculously stupidly hard game that only hardcore gamers pick up.


I’ll be the first one to tell you that. However,  everyone that I have talked to over the past few days, weeks, months all said the same exact thing that I did: “The reason I bought a PS4 is because of Bloodborne.”

In one week, I will join them in my quest.


If you are reading this one week later: CLICK HERE FOR MY BLOODBORNE REVIEW!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Top 5 Most Wanted Games in 2015



Normally during this time, we all like to look back at the good and the bad of the previous year. However, when have I did anything normal? 2015 looks like it’s going to be a good year for video games and here comes my top five (I know it’s not Friday) of video games that I (and you) am waiting for the next year:

5. Splatoon – Hold up! What?! A Nintendo exclusive? That’s not Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Smash Bros, Mario Party, Toad, or Yoshi?! Wha?! Nintendo, what are you doing?! In all fairness, this game looks like it’s going to be an amazing plug in and play with your friends type of game. It reminds me of Paintball mode in GoldenEye but the bullets aren’t just pellets of paint, but entire paint buckets.

4. Battlefield: Hardline – I’ve been unimpressed with the Call of Duty franchise, as of late and have always wanted to play Battlefield. Hardline looks like a good game to start with, as it is a different look at this kind of FPS and moving away from actual war. Hardline is more cops and robbers and it still looks amazing. Battlefield: Hardline hits stores in March.

3. Legend of Zelda – Now, there’s no name for this…yet. Does there have to be? They could just name this “The Legend of Zelda: Worst Game Ever” and I’m still going to buy this game. When they announced this at E3, it was already known that it was going to be played A LOT during the new year. Zelda U has only got my anticipation up and up and up and I just can’t wait to see what they did to make it look beautiful. It is looking to be a great year for Nintendo, it’s going to be topped off by this video game.


Now, before I get to my last game, I’m going to branch out for a moment and give you one of the UPDATES that I am really looking forward to in 2015 and I bet you know what I am going to say. HEISTS ARE FINALLY COMING! THE HEISTS IN GTA HAVE BEEN THE MOST ANTICIPATED THING FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS AND FINALLY HEISTS WILL BE A THING! BUT WHEN?! WHEN ROCKSTAR!? WHEEEEENNNNN!?


1. Bloodborne – There’s a reason why I got a PS4. It wasn’t for a newer and crispier Destiny, it wasn’t for MLB: The Show. However, it was for the chance to play one of the most anticipated games of 2015. Bloodborne. You know why? Because I am the one of the selected few that enjoyed (and defeated) Dark Souls II. I’m going to spend a gigantic amount of time on this one and will probably destroy my life while doing so but that’s why I loved Dark Souls so much and, more than likely, enjoy this game even more…for the challenge.

What games are you looking forward to in 2015?

Have a safe and awesome 2015!

Boss Battle 96: The Reggie Zone

e3 nintendoThis week on Boss Battle, we have our the cast of  Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), Rizz (@theerizz), Frank Chynoweth (@FuzzWad) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron).  On this weeks show:

  • We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week.
  • In Video Game Themed Things From Around The Internet…net…net: Chachi talks about a three year old with a Portal Gun, a video game sale and Pokemortal Kombat.
  • We talk about what we liked from the E3 showings of EA/UbiSoft, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.
  • In our Final Round discussion, we talk about who we thought won E3.

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