Chachi Says Console Review: Yoshi’s Woolly World!

Welcome to another Chachi Says Console review! This time we are taking a look at the newly released Yoshi’s Woolly World. Now a lot of people will judge the adults that buy and play This game based on looks alone and you’d be right. The game looks like a basic kids game but completely worth the judgements. I got the edition that came with the yarn knitted Yoshi amiibo for 60 dollars. I also bought the pink one for the fiance because yarn knitted yoshi is something everyone needs!(also this took my total amiibo count up to 2.) Let’s get to Chachi Says Console Review: Yoshi’s Woolly World!

yoshiGame: Yoshi’s Woolly World

Developer: Nintendo

Platform: Wii U


Collect the stolen yarn to recreate all of the Yoshi from Craft island.

Game Play:

Magikoopa Kamek is back and causing havoc on Craft island this time. He has disassembled tons of the yarn Yoshis and is trying to escape with the yarn for his own evil uses. Travel across the different sectors of craft island and defeat the legions of shy guys, koopas and magically enhanced enemies courtesy of Kamek. Much like Yoshi’s Island you collect lots of items per level, 5 flowers, 5 yarns, 20 stamp gems and 20 hearts per level to star it and unlock a bonus level for each sector.

The level layouts are that of Yoshi’s island and the story is the same minus the potential for a crying baby Mario which in my opinion makes the game much better. The controls in the game are exactly the same except for the fact that it is on a different controller. The game play in general is exactly the same as Yoshi’s Island which is where my problem with the game lies however it gets made up with the incredible graphics of the game.


On each level you collect gems that can be used to buy power ups at the beginning of each level to help you along the way.  Every so often you unlock more that help you specifically with the world you are playing. things like pit rescue, unlimited watermelon, and ability to withstand lava damage are just a few examples.

The amiibo do not do much for the actual game other than allowing you to add another yoshi to your screen giving you double the Yoshi. You can also scan in other amiibo for Yoshi themed mario, samus, Toad, etc etc. The list goes on. Like other amiibo you can use the yoshi in a variety other games for cool effects. i used it in Mario Maker to create a yarn yoshi mushroom.

Sound and Graphics:

This is where the game gets super creative. The background, enemies and all interactive objects in the game are designed to look like it’s hand made. The graphics in this game are incredible. There are a lot of objects that look as if they were merely arranged and filmed for the game. The idea in the graphics style is what got me interested into the game from the beginning and most likely what the selling point of the game will always be. Well, that and you know, Yoshi! The sound is classic Yoshi noises and backing track round out the experience into a new crafty way. The sound effects and music mesh well with the game play


Overall, the game play/story leaves a little to be desired because it seems to be essentially Yoshi’s island but the graphics and sound more than make up for it. A wonderfully creative way to display a game for both the old and new audience alike. All in all an enjoyable experience. I give it a 4 out of 5.

4outof5Thanks for tuning into Chachi Says Console Review: Yoshi’s Woolly World!

Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is your favorite post on the Internet today, at this time, on this website, Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Join me as I point out some fun things I came across on my journey of the World Wide Web!

First up!

A completely usable Mini Fridge Gameboy.

Next up!

“Measuring a whopping 4.41m tall and 1.06 metres deep, it stands taller than a fully grown African elephant.” Meet the worlds largest arcade machine.

see the full story here.

Last but not least,

What happens when Momma Mario makes Mario take Luigi along on his day out?

I always knew Daisy was a bad egg!

That’s all the time I have for this week’s edition of Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Tune in next week for another leg of my journey!

Its that Time!

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Game 94: PaRappa the Rapper

PaRappa the Rapper
Sony Computer Entertainment
Oct. 1997

Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind…

Ah PaRappa.
There was a time in which Sony was ahead of the game. They released hit after mind blowing hit. Tomb Raider, FFVII and yes even this game. PaRappa the Rapper.

Coined as a modern day Simon, This game was not revered for its difficulty. Instead it was its graphics, funky plot, and unique soundtrack.

So PaRappa is a thin paper dog who spends the game bettering himself and getting himself out of jams trying to make himself as popular as Joe Chin who has it all so that he can win ouver the girl he likes Sunny Funny.

This guy goes through some hell to get her. Learns to fight, learns to drive, wrecks a car, sells his stuff. A LOT.

the game is a timing sequence game, pressing the correct button at the correct time allows you to nail the line of the rap. However mistiming or hitting the wrong button will cost you. Miss twice and drop a rating in the song. Drop to awful and youll fail the level.

Its not that long of a game but the perfectionist in you will continue to play it in order to get perfect on every level.

The cuteness of the characters made this an easy game to market in other avenues. lots of merch and a couple of sequels. UnJammy Lammy and PaRappa 2 for PS2 not to mention a cartoon in Japan.

Chachi Says: Fun game to play, and fun to laugh at. Wish it were longer but you cant have it all.

Game 93: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

After the huge success of Sonic the Hedgehog and the release of the Sega Masoct Sonic, Sega went right back to work, giving the sega fans what they wanted. A Sequel. Now unlike other posts in which ive stated that the company destroyed the series or overdid it with a sequel right away, Sega did not. Sega did it right.

Although this time Sonic did not come alone. This time Sonic brought along a new friend, Miles “Tails” Prower. The player can select how they want to play the game, As Sonic or Tails alone, or have tails following Sonic.

The game introduces a new move and bigger levels. The move is the famous Super Sonic Spin Dash. which allows sonic to curl up in a ball and charge up speed to allow him to reach a high platform or speed through a part of the level defeating enemies on the way.

Once again, Dr. Robotnik is after the Chaos Emeralds so that he can power his new weapon the Death Egg. The bonus rounds in the game have changed too. instead of the 360 rotating levels they are now halfpipe races in which Sonic must avoid obstacles and collect the rings. If he reaches the end he collects the emerald and next time can play the next bonus level. if the player fails he must redo this one the next time he qualifies.

Once again the Chaos Emeralds have no real effect on the outcome of the game, they merely change the story line and alter the way Sonic wins.

Chachi Says: When done right sequels are awesome. This is one of those times. The only thing lacking in this game is the excuse for two player which is the bonus level as a race.

Game 92: Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog

In the ’90s there were 2 main consoles much like today, just different companies. They were constantly fighting for control of the market and until 1991 one of them had dominated the home gaming market. Nintendo had been on top since 1985. With the original nes and introduction of Mario they owned it all.

In 1991 Sega decided to take a page from Nintendo’s book. They wanted to create a character that would not only star in games but could be the face of the company. Sonic was their hedgehog.

So Sonic is a hedgehog(blue in case you didnt catch that). Who lives on South island with all his animal friends. When he encounters Dr. Robotnik and discover his evil intentions to collect the Chaos Emeralds and take over the world. The Doc hopes to accomplish this by turning animals into robots to do his bidding. Sonic has different plans though and sets out across the the worlds different zones to stop this from happening.

Sonic goes through 6 levels split up into 3 acts avoiding obstacles and “badniks” freeing animals and defeating the Doc at the end of each level. using his speed and the spin move sonic can jump spikes and pits and defeat the robots therefore freeing the robot. The goal? get the 6 Chaos Emeralds so that Dr. Robotnik cannot.

One of the interesting facts of this game is that the  Emeralds are not rewards for beating Dr. Robotnik at the end of the level. In fact in order to accomplish and see the “Good Ending” of the game. In order to get the emeralds, you must collect golden rings which serve dual purposes in the game. Carrying at least one ring will stop you from losing a life if you are hit by a robot. However 100 rings give you an extra life, but if you finish act 1 or 2 of any level with at least 50 rings you can go to the Special stage.

The special stage is a 360 rotating maze that allows Sonic to collect rings and locate the emeralds. Hitting a goal block however will end this chance. These are also the only place in the game to collect continues to use in case you lose all your lives.

Beat Dr. Robotnik and save your animal friends!

Chachi Says: As a nintendo fan i didnt fall for the sonic ploy at first. Nor did my father allow me too, always making sure nintendo was in our house. However the game is good. Fun to play and has a high replay value.

Game 91: Mr. Driller

Mr. Driller

Some companies release great games that get huge attention. Some companies dont take advantage of this and run those series into the ground with hasty bad sequels. Some do. Some companies wait years before doing this. Namco did.

Mr. Driller is the son of Dig Dug star Taizo Hori named Susumu. His job is to go around the world and drill.

To play the game you pick a country and drill there in hopes of reaching the goal distance set at the begining. The game play is Dig dug meets tetris for lack of a better description. Strategically drilling to reach the goal and avoid being crushed by blocks above.

Bonuses and 1 ups are giving through out the game by things found bhind removed blocks. Watch your air supply though. failure to do so will result in losing a life and restarting the level. This can be avoided by collecting air capsules placed through out the levels. They refill your air supply allowing you to continue in hopes of reaching the goal.

The reason i said they ran the series into the ground is due to the game not being all that much fun and gets boring really quickly. On top of this they changed the theme and name and quickly released 10 games in ten years with the only real improvement being an update to the graphics.

Chachi Says: Not the worse game ever but in my opinion it was a smear on an otherwise fabled history for dig dug.

Game 90: Worms


Chances are, if you were in school in 1995 whether it be High school or college there are several games that you managed to get on the computers there. Games that you would play in study hall or free periods to pass the time and an even higher chance that Worms was one of those games.

The first of this long lines of games was released in 1995 by Ocean Software. Devloped by Team17 software.(yes, there is no space.) This game was originally slated to be released for the Amiga however the fast popularity prompted it to be ported to every major platform at the time.

This turn based game pitted your team of destructive heavily armed worms against a team of either AI or human players also controlling a team of heavily armed worms. The goal? Be the last team standing of course!

Placed on various levels the teams positioned themselves to ensure easy attack. Using weapons ranging from shotguns and bazookas to completely rediculus weapons such as holy hand grenades and the ever popular exploding sheep to completely destroy the opposition.

Each team gets a turn with every member of their team in back and forth rotation with the turns lasting 45 to 100 seconds. Allowing for an attack or to set up a future move depending on the plans the player made.

Last man standing wins!

This game has since released several sequels and made its way through all the available platforms. hell, i have a copy on my g2. The game was even slated to be released on Virtual Boy with development in process it was soon scrapped because of Nintendo squashing the VB.

Chachi Says: This game both addicting and fun to play has a high entertainment rate at first but then soon goes away. Not a bad game to play at a lan party but single player leaves much to be desired.

Game 89: Zuma

PopCap Games
It is little to no surprise of mine to be going through this book and finding PopCap listed in the 1001 games you must play before you die. In fact, i wouldve thought that there would be more PopCap games listed. In the day and age we live where mobile gaming is becoming the top gaming platform one would think that a few more of their games would’ve been considered.

Zuma released in 2003 is one of the games that launched PopCap to where they are today. Originally released as an online game was quickly made for release to other platforms. Pda, mobile phones and ipods would quickly see this game grace the screens.
Seeing many sequels for multiple platforms, its no wonder the company is as huge as they are. The knack they have for creating easily to play, challenging, addicting games is one unparalled in todays market.

Zuma is a puzzle game set in Aztec Mexico(I use that description lightly simply due to the fact that the game couldve taken place anywhere and still have been a hit.) The object is to use the stone frog to shoot colored balls into the line of balls creating sets of 3 or more.

The balls travel on a set path that is visiable on all levels except one. The goal is to clear the path from balls before they reach the skull at the end. If one ball reaches the end the rest quickly follow therefore costing the player a life and redoing the level.
Power ups and coins help the player to clear the screen quicker and therefore ending the level and scoring more points. Power ups include backwards balls, slow down balls, accuracy balls and explosion. All doing what they are named for allowing the player to buy time or beat the level quicker than they wouldve before.

Watch out kids, like all popcap games this one is addictive and a time suck.

Chachi Says: When it comes to mobile and web gaming popCap has the formula to kill your free time. Certainly a fun game and well worth the time if you dig these games.

Game 88: Paper Boy


Back in the days of my teen years, in my small suburban neighborhood in the middle of no where, one of the jobs we were able to obtain at 16 was that of a neighborhood paper boy. I would just like to point out that this game was absolutely nothing like that!

I was ambitious and had two neighborhoods, The one were i lived and one on the way to school. Luckily this company didnt make you collect which was a huge p.i.t.a. Anyways that not important.

Originally released for arcade play, the game was praised due to the simple controls and gameplay.

The game is comprised of 3 difficulties. 7 Levels. 1 week of service in the newspaper business. The object? Avoid the obstacles, successful deliver the papers to the subscribers and thrash the non subscribers houses.
Simple enough right?

The harder the difficulty the more points you get. At the end of every level is an obstacle course. that helps you gain more points. Things that get in your way range from fire hydrants to dogs or break dancers.

Successfully complete the day and you can earn new subscribers.

Chachi Says: For the simplicity of the game its not so easy and still alot of fun. ive logged a lot of hours playing this and still do today.