Nintendo’s First Mobile Game Announced

Last night (or early in the morning, in Japan), Nintendo announced their take on mobile games.


They announced their partnership with DeNA earlier this year to help develop their mobile games and help maintain Nintendo’s mobile integrity when they get into this year and next year’s releases.

To start, Nintendo announced their first game: Is it Mario? No. Zelda? No. Metroid? Smash? Mario Kart? Tingle? Doki Doki Panic?  Still interested?

Nintendo announced “Miitomo”, a social experience that even when you’re offline, your Mii character can walk around and communicate with other people and share information with others. It looks like it’s a new FREE version of Tomodachi Life is coming to Android and iPhone. Which is pretty cool, I wanted to play Tomodachi Life to see what all the hubbub was about and I might have my chance. Might.


However, the one that gets me (and puts up a major red flag) is that Miitomo allows for your Mii to communicate with others while you’re offline, which is weird. Are there going to be questions you have to answer before you can play? Is Nintendo in your mind?

So many questions need to be answered before they release this game. Are you going to get it? What other mobile games would you like to see? Leave it in the comments below.

Mobile Monday: World of Thingies Review!

Welcome to the Mobile Monday Review! This week’s game is World of Thingies!
stop chuckling and read the review.


Game: World of Thingies

Developer: :Dena
Published by: Mobage

Platform: iOS and Android

From the creator of Tiny Tower, Pocket Frogs, Rage of Bahamut comes yet another addicting yet oddly weird World of Thingies! Join the Thingie Corporation and help find all the Thingies that were stolen by Bossy Badsacks before he sells them all on the internet. (true story. exactly what the game says.)



The game itself is a match puzzle game. The game rotates between multiplayer and single player levels. The multiplayer levels are 2 1v1 matches consisting of a best of 3 rounds versus another player in the game. The 1 player levels are you scoring enough points and succeeding in an objective to free a thingie from the boss of that level.

Creating 3 teams of 6 Thingies to use for their bonuses you take on bosses and other players in high score challenge matches of this Candy Crush-esqe game. The Freeuim game model is there but in the 2 weeks i spent playing the game i never felt the need to buy anything and unlike other games it is not shoved down your throat or even brought up. You discover that there are in game purchases on accident by exploring the different menus. The game switches between single player and    multiplayer. Beat two real opponents and you face a boss to unlock a new thingie.
The thingies are upgradable to certain levels and increase the multiplier for the bonuses attached. You can have 3 teams of two for your thingies and some spares. the spares are limited by your level. the higher the level the more you can hold. Obviously, the higher the level, the higher the bonuses and Higher the score. If you play more, youll do better in the long run.

The little cut scenes with the thingies in the recycling and the fight they show after every 1v1 round are just some of the little things of the whole that make the game worth picking up. Everyone in the game wants to be your friend and will send you the coffee you need to play when you want too.

GameplayCollecting Gems, Meat to feed the thingies(match advantages), and coffees that are your playing power is the goal. You can use the meat to upgrade the thingies you own, buy more thingies, or buy distractions. Distractions are objects that you can use to screw with your human opponents in the 1v1 games.

Graphics and Sound:

The music and sound effects in the game are well done however with everything it gets repeatitive after a while. The graphics in the game are a fun cartoon style and highly enjoyable. Especially on the fight scenes and the recycle scene. Not enough to make the game but helps as parts of the whole.




Overall, the many good parts of this game make it a good game. Take away one of the smaller parts and the game wouldn’t be as good. That said, i put some time into this game and ultimately, uninstall it to make room for future reviews. My phone only has so much space and there are other games to play. I recommend that you give the game a shot if you are into the match games. No ads, free download and no purchases needed.

4outof5I give this game a 4 of 5. Give it a shot.