Rizz Rant: Whining About SMASH

This week Nintendo announced the final three DLC names that are coming out soon. Final Fantasy’s Cloud (everyone knew about that one), another character from Fire Emblem (Corrin) and, yes, Bayonetta. Yippy! Right?! WRONG!


I’m sure you guys are upset. I know you are. At first, I was right there with you wondering “Hey, where’s Knuckles? Where’s Shovel Knight? Where’s King K. Rool? Where’s Snake? Where’s Rayman? Where’s Goku? Where’s Krillin? Where’s Nico Bellic? Where’s Peppy? Where’s Waldo? Where’s Dr. Wiley? Where’s Metal Sonic? Where’s Tails? Where’s the Contra guys? Where’s Q*Bert? Where’s Conker? Where’s Bubsy?! Where’s (enter name here)?”

Then I realized something, maybe it’s not for us to tell NINTENDO who they should and shouldn’t have on their games. I mean, they are Nintendo after all. They have been doing this since before you and I were probably born. Do you guys remember when the outrage was about Tomogachi Life and how many people wanted same-sex marriage/adoption in the game? What did Nintendo do? Didn’t give in to people’s demands and, actually, still made sense while denying Tomogachi Life.

Nintendo has been doing things like this for years, boys and girls. They’re going to make great and revolutionary games and then they will make decisions that most of you won’t like but they know one thing: YOU’RE STILL GOING TO PLAY THE GAME! YOU’RE STILL GOING TO ENJOY THE GAME! YOU’RE STILL GOING TO BUY THE AMIIBOS WHEN THEY COME OUT! So it doesn’t really matter who they put in the last DLC…

You know what? This thing goes deeper than just Smash and Nintendo. Look at the backlash Mortal Kombat is receiving for who they have in their upcoming DLC. A Xenomorph from Alien and the guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre are in the game and the first comment I’ve seen wasn’t praise and wasn’t excitement…It was anger. Anger because there weren’t characters that were already in the series (that, honestly, nobody really knows) instead of horror CLASSICS that are known for blood and gore. Not only that but to have multiple Alien v. Predator matchups. HOW CAN ANYONE BE ANGRY ABOUT THAT?!


Someone please tell me who else would you like in Mortal Kombat? Friggin’ Stryker?

Happy Valentines Day! Now Get Left Behind!



Sony announced that the much anticipated DLC to one of the best games of 2013, The Last of Us will be released on Valentines Day, so anyone with a PS3 tell your significant other (if applicable) that you’ll spend February 15th with them instead, you have a prior engagement on Valentines Day this year.


The DLC which is a prequel stars Ellie and a friend she meets before she meets Joel called Left Behind.  Will you be picking up the DLC? Are you excited?  Let us know in the comments!

Call of Duty Ghosts: An Onslaught of Ghostly DLC



It’s that time again,  It’s time for Activision to receive more money from it’s Call of Duty Players.  That’s right, a new DLC map pack will be available on 1/28/2014,.  The Map pack which is called Onslaught, includes 3 and a half new maps. (one is a reissue) a new extinction map, and a few new weapons.  This is the first map pack for Ghosts, which in my opinion is a bit underwhelming.  The maps are ok, nothing really special, I will probably hold my judgment until I actually play the map but so far it’s just the same old same old.  A lot of sniper spots on too huge of maps.  What happened to the small maps, did they forget about us gamers that enjoy the fast paced action of  Rust, or Dome, or even a Treyarch style Nuketown map.  The addition of Michael Meyers in Fog is just a weird touch.  I guess it’s kinda neat but feels kind of out of place.  The map they chose to remake this time around was Scrapyard, which in the below video they say fans were clamoring for,  I don’t remember a lot of people saying there favorite map was Scrapyard from MW2, but to each there own I guess, I guess we won’t get to see a re-made rust after all.  There’s still a chance though, with another 6 map packs more than likely on the way.


What are your thoughts on the new map packs?  Will you be getting them?  are you excited about them?  Let us know in the comments!

* 6 map packs are just a guess. but probably accurate. (this is a joke)

Let’s Play 63: The Legend of DLC

LetsPlay63This week on Let’s Play 63, we game out with Bobby (@bobbyfjtown) Chachi (@chachisays) the Rizz (@theerizz) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron)! On this weeks show:

  • We talk about what everybody had been playing in the past week. Some highlights were Sorg playing Max Payne 3, Chachi played Bingo, Pac-Man and GTA V; Rizz played GTA V online and Bobby played Animal Crossing and GTA V.
  • We talk about the challenge which was Terminator VS. Robocop. Was it ok? See
  • Need 25 extra lives? You can get them if you pre-order the new Sonic game. We discuss this pre-order.
  • Viral marketing with social media! We talk about the #Iamchikara campaign.
  • We talk about the Mass Effect movie that will be coming out.
  • We discuss video games and movies in general.
  • The announcements by Steam are discussed by the cast.
  • The cast discusses a possible DLC system for Zelda.
  • The cast explains their favorite things in the new age of gaming.
  • We unveil our challenge for next week! It is Nintendo 64 related!

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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea and a Clash in the Clouds!



Finally! The moment that most Bioshock Infinite fanatics have been waiting for! DLC has finally been announced for one of the best games of this year, Bioshock Infinite!  Two new DLC additions were announced including Clash in the Clouds which is  wave after wave of Columbia’s toughest baddies fighting you to unlock new weapons and what not, and the more story focused Burial at Sea which puts you in control of Booker and now, Elizabeth.  The game puts Booker and Elizabeth in Bioshock’s original city Rapture in 1958 which is when Rapture was still a beatiful place to be.  How will this DLC differ from Bioshock Infinite?  Will controlling Elizabeth be as awesome as it sounds?  Let’s hope so!  What do you want from Bioshock Infinites DLC?   Let us know in the comments!

Iranians no longer able to play Blizzard’s online games.

Lets start with this statement from Blizzard themselves:

“What we can tell you is that United States trade restrictions and economic sanction laws prohibit Blizzard from doing business with residents of certain nations, including Iran. Several of you have seen and cited the text in the Terms of Use which relates to these government-imposed sanctions. This week, Blizzard tightened up its procedures to ensure compliance with these laws, and players connecting from the affected nations are restricted from access to
Blizzard games and services.

This also prevents us from providing any refunds, credits, transfers, or other service options to accounts in these countries. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and will happily lift these restrictions as soon as US law allows.”

Now, not to get all political but this is completely normal. Trade embargos happen all the time across the world. The issue is what lies ahead. Blizzard pulls out the a-hole card. You know that card you pull out when you are being a complete and utter a-hole.

According to Blizzards terms of service this was supposed to happen from the beginning but due to them not enforcing it people have been playing it. However, now that the government is forcing them to follow the trade guidelines Blizzard said pfffffffffffffft and went back to their own terms and said that “Blizzard is unable to provide refunds, credits, transfers, or other service options to accounts in Iran and will happily lift these restrictions as soon as US law allows.” Dick Move.

In case you are curious here’s the rest of the list of countries that can’t play these games:

– Colombia
– Côte d’Ivoire/Ivory Coast
– Cuba
– Democratic Republic of the Congo
– Libya
– Republic of the Congo
– Somalia
– Myanmar
– North Korea
– Sudan
– Syria

Now, without a doubt this is all because of the government pushing for compliance from all companies operation within the US. However, to not refund the 238,761 rials per person per month is a dick move.

City of Heroes/Villains to be no more.

Well at the beginning of the September, Gaming company NCsoft announced that due to a “realignment of company focus and publishing support” they will be closing Paragon Studios. Paragon is the studio that is solely responsible for the Super Hero MMO. The studio released this statement on their website.

“Farewell, from all of us at Paragon Studios

This morning we announced that Paragon Studios will be taking to the skies of City of Heroes for the last time.

In a realignment of company focus and publishing support, NCsoft has made the decision to close Paragon Studios. Effective immediately, all development on City of Heroes will cease and we will begin preparations to sunset the world’s first, and best, Super Hero MMORPG before the end of the year. As part of this, all recurring subscription billing and Paragon Market purchasing will be discontinued effective immediately. We will have more information regarding a detailed timeline for the cessation of services and what you can expect in game in the coming weeks.

The team here at Paragon deserves special praise for all that we have accomplished over the last 5+ years. These developers are some of the most creative and talented people in the gaming industry. By now, we’ve all been given this news internally, but to anyone who may be reading this message after the fact; know that your hard work and dedication has not gone unappreciated or unnoticed. To any potential studios looking to grow your team; hire these people. You won’t regret it.

To our Community,

Thank you. Thank you for your years of support. You’ve been with us every step of the way, sharing in our challenges, encouraging us to make City of Heroes better, more than everyone else thought it could be. We couldn’t have come this far without you. I implore you all, focus on the good things of CoH and Paragon Studios. Don’t dwell on the “how” or the “why”, but rather join us in celebrating the legacy of an amazing partnership between the players and the development team.

Thank you, and I’ll see you in the skies, one last time.

Andy Belford
Community Manager
Paragon Studios”.

However, this does not mean that the users will go down with out a fight. Over the weekend hundreds of nerds took to the game with their respective characters and staged an in game rally and sit on the steps of the games city hall. The rally got so huge that there was at least 30 instances of the city hall full of rallies meaning there were about 2500 people across the server farms and it was enough to threaten a server crash. No word as to whether or not the servers crashed but the message was sent.

I spent some time running around the city and saving innocent bystanders from the grasp of evil and all I have to say is that it is no W.O.W. having played a couple of of NCsoft’s games I can’t say that they were enough to keep me around, but then again to each their own.


Have you ever wanted to run your own arcade? If you’re reading this and you say no, then you’re either lying or you know better than to run a business in a dying industry. However, to run an arcade in their high points or even the resurgence in the ’90s would’ve been a blast.

Some of the best times I had was when my Grandpa owned and operated an arcade. I’m not sure that an arcade was the best business for the cheap guy to own(No, seriously he was the type of old flea marketing guys that would buy us Happy Meals but keep the toys because he believed they were worth money.) but he would often leave my uncle in charge and we would spend an afternoon beating games after jacking up the credits.

Well, Soon you can own and operate your own arcade and never leave the house!

The game is supposed to take you through the up and downs of the arcade industry, the rise in the early 80s, the late 80s crash and the re rise in the 90s. As is the case with these games price, place and industry all factor into how your arcade does. The customer base is made up of Xbox Live Avatars(Non Player Characters). The success of the individual arcade machine are impacted by different things as well. Home release, and classic status both go into deciding whether or not the machine will do well in the arcade. As time goes on the Machines and gaming progress just like they do in real life.

Firebase Industries hasn’t released a date, price or release means yet at this time but its only a matter of time because they said it should be finished in October.

More Assassins Creeds Goodies!

Directors Cut of the Original Assassins Creed opening Cinematics.

Altair is a bad ass.

AND I <3 Ubisoft. Here is parts one and two of a 4 part epsode of a mini series entitled Inside Assassins Creed 3!

and Episode 2:

Well Hot damn….. I cannot wait.