Last thoughts on E3



I’ve been thinking about what was revealed at E3 last week, the good, the bad, the great, the things that made us go hmm.. (puppets)  and It’s led me to this decision.  Video games are art, they’re entertainment, and they’re here to stay.

Let me start by showcasing my favorite reveals from E3.

Cuphead on Xbox One’s ID@XBOX
When it comes to the argument of video games being art,  There were a few games at E3 we can now point to  and have validation in that argument.  Cuphead is one of the games.  You play as Cuphead a cartoon character who much like Micky Mouse’s Steam Boat Willy is a cartoon come to life,  and it’s one of my favorite games of E3.  
ReCore on Xbox One
ReCore was a breath of fresh air during an E3 that was full of reboots, sequels, and retro games.  It’s actually great to see Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune’s creative influence set free from Capcom,  If you listen to our podcast you know my thought’s on Capcom lately.  But just to see him creating new games and properties is great to see, and this game looks fantastic.  It’ll be neat to see how each robot can be changed with each core, and how the environment changes with each storm.
The Last Guardian on Playstation 4
Another case can be made as a video game as a work of art,  This game was announced at E3 in 2009 for the PS3, it was all but forgotten by Sony.  This was one of the reasons I purchased a PS3, the game never came, however Sony says that the game was so graphically intense that they needed to push it to the PS4, Will I get a PS4 for this game,  I may eventually but with the other line up that Sony had it’s making me want a PS4 
Horizon Zero Dawn
Another strong candidate for Sony,  The only thing with Sony’s press conference was that most of the games that were announced have a release date in 2016, Which is great for people who don’t own a PS4 yet because we get to wait and not miss many new games that are made by Sony.  Horizon is one of the games that has that quality that makes me want a PS4, much like The Last of us was a clincher for me buying a PS3.  Giant robotic dinos and animals being hunted by bow and arrow in a stealth game sounds great and looks amazing by the early look we got at E3.  
Mario Maker on the Wii U
Mario Maker is something I’ve always dreamed of doing since I was a kid,  In fact, I always would draw levels like the creators of Mario used to do when the planned a level out.  I did it with Mario, Mega Man, Donkey Kong you name it.  I don’t own a Wii U, but this game makes me really want one.  I do have a 3ds, so I might just bide my time and see if they announce anything for it instead.  But with no Zelda on Wii U it makes me question if it’s worth buying a Nintendo system.   This game was definitely a bright spot for Nintendo along with Star Fox and Yoshi’s Wooly World.  Since they announced the new system would be coming out, I’m not sure it’s the right time to jump into a Nintendo Console.  
With all the games that were announced at E3 these were my favorites.  There were way too many to mention all of them, but I was slightly disappointed in the lack of Red Dead Redemption.  Maybe Rockstar will see that Red Dead lead the way as far as what gamers wanted to be backwards compatible on Xbox One,  Maybe it’s time for a new Red Dead game.  Maybe next year… Maybe later this year some news will come… Till then I’m going to happily play what games I have and what’s coming down the pike this year.  

Square Enix E3 Press Conference

SquareEnix returns to prominence, or at least the E3 big events.  The maker of RPGs and Lara Croft presented all their wares.  Here’s what stuck out:

Just Cause 3 

Rise of the Tomb Raider 

I’m an old school Tomb Raider fan, and this has been an amazing resurgance of Tomb Raider in the last gen consoles.  IGN’s commentary team called it “My favorite Uncharted game” coming up.  Worth looking for!

Lara Croft Go 

This looks like they played a TON of Monument Valley and Hitman Go and translated it to the Tomb Raider universe.  I am all in on this game.  I’ve played both of the aforementioned titles to death and I imagine I will do the same here!

Final Fantasy VII Remake 

It’s not new.  The trailer revealed at the Sony Press Conference, but it still impresses.  Aside from this, we did get news about FF7 coming to mobile by end of summer, and PC version to consoles by holiday!


It’s going to be a giant sandbox where if you lose your target, they’re not coming back.  The word is Square Enix is going to be adding content and community created contracts for a long time after release.  Very promising!

Kingdom Hearts 3 

It’s Disney and Square.  You’ve loved these ones.  It looks amazing, open, and you’re going to play it.  Let’s be honest.  BIG bad guys in this one too.  It’s come a long way from the boxy levels of the Playstation 2!

Kingdom Hearts Unchained 

This is a mobile version.  I’m all for that, and love the style, but it looks like Donald and Goofy are some sort of cards instead of actually in game?  I’ll be looking at this with a weary eye when it comes to iOS.


Square Enix managed to get me more excited than Nintendo in a longer presentation, and with only mildly weirder Japanese influence.

What did you think of Square Enix’s announcements?

Nintendo E3 Event

For this long time Nintendo Fan Boy, the Big N has of work.  I’m a Wii lover, but haven’t jumped on the Wii U bandwagon just yet.  So I’m looking for that reason to pick up my “secondary” console.

Here are the highlights

Star Fox Zero

Nintendo starts off in the best way possible.  Puppet Reggie and company are preparing and turn into the Star Fox characters, and then a mini-doc about the development of the game.

We’re treated to some background on the Star Fox series and it’s roots in Japanese culture.  Star Fox Zero is bringing back the walker from the unreleased Star Fox 2!

amiibo update

Reggie talks with a representative from Skylanders, who have worked on a new Bowser figure that works with Skylanders and Nintendo games!  There’s a switch at the bottom that changes from Skylander to Amiibo mode.

Amiibos must be the most widely supported toy/game line out there.  It’s the widest range of games, and most sought after figures from what I’ve seen.  And I have been impressed with what Disney Infinity has already been doing!

Zelda: Triforce Heroes  

This is the Nintendo 3DS multiplayer you would expect, but with a a focus on co-op instead of a party mode, and some additional elements based on…fashion?  The clothes you wear give you abilities.   I feel like Mortal Kombat X on my iPhone does something similar….

Zelda Hyrule Warriors Legends

Of course there’s a Nintendo 3DS version!  Bringing in DLC characters and Windwaker elements.

Super Mario Maker  

A LOT of time was dedicated to this one.  After seeing some of the Nintendo World Championships clips, I’m sold on the concept, and it’s coming out shortly.

Aside from this, there were scores of oddly Japanese originals and franchises that Nintendo seems to always showcase that I don’t know are missing the mark.  They have something with Animal Crossing, getting a new game, even if one is a party game, for their systems.  These titles seem very niche, but I guess that makes their console the destination for these sorts of titles.

Did Nintendo win me over?  Not really.  One Twitterer reminded me there was no Pokemon.  I have to imagine they HAVE to be all over the new mobile initiative!

So what did you think of Nintendo’s presentation?  


EA at E3 2015 recap

This is Brother Sorg once again and I’m here to bring you today’s details from EA’s press conference at E3 2015.

Mass Effect Andromeda

EA kicked off with a Teaser trailer for a Next Gen Mass Effect subtitled Andromeda.


Need for Speed

First up was the new Need for Speed, mentioned as a definitive experience that brings together modes and styles from past titles. Five campaigns having different play styles. Speed, Build, Crew, Style and Outlaw. This one comes out 11.3.2015


Star Wars The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire

Next up is an expansion to Biowares next expansion to their Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic, showing off a shiny new trailer.

Release, 10.27.2015



A cute little puzzle platformer following a protagonist made of yarn.


Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

GW2 changes the perspective of the game and takes the fight to  the Zombies home, Zomberbia, as they try and defend their home from the plants. Also, theres a Zombie Super Hero, Super Brains.


EA Sports

As always, EA shows off their sports franchises, NHL, NBA, FIFA and Madden, adding some new features to each of them.


Mobile Games

Ea then moved into mobile games, announcing two new games. The first they announced was Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Second was Minions Paradise, the minions are stuck on an island and its up to you to turn it into the vacation they wanted.


Mirrors Edge: Catalyst

The story follows the origin story of the original game’s protagonist, Faith. This prequel will sport an open world to traverse through the city however you like, unlike the separate levels of the original game. It will release early next year on 2.23.2016


Starwars Battlefront

Battlefront was the final game shown off, and it looks amazing. The developers got access to Lucas Arts vault and have recreated everything faithfully to the origional movies to every little detail. From armor, weapon and vehicle design to the way everything sounded in the demo, it seemed like nothing but a faithful recreation of the Star Wars universe. It will drop on 11.17.2015.


The presentation started strong but did get a little boring towards the middle with Sports and Mobile games, lowest point was when Pele came out for Fifa and they had a 10 minute conversation not even related to video games. But it did end strong with Mirrors Edge, Madden, and the one everyone was waiting for, Battlefront.

Ubisoft E3 2015 recap.

Ubisoft E3 2015 recap.

Ubisoft kicked things off with a new unexpected trailer from Trey Parker and Matt stone creators of South park for a new entry in the stick of truth series called South Park Fractured but Whole. Explaining how they thought they were done making games until they finished the last one and realized that in the right hands they could be good.

New game reveal for a game called the Honor, a multi player battle game, Demo available 6-16-15 at noon on all next gen systems.

Then Ubisoft hit us with The Crew wildrun and a weird ass trailer for a Trails Fusion dlc pack called Awesome Level Max which features a cat riding a unicorn. Let me repeat that a cat(meow meow) riding a unicorn(mythical one horned horse that farts rainbows and shit). Followed this by Tom Clancy’s The Divison new game mode reveal called Dark City. A multi player mode where you decide whether or not to work with others to accomplish goals.

City builder game called Anno 2205 where you build a city in a race to space so you can build there as well. This was the year of Tom Clancy, as Division, Siege with a new trailer, game play demo and beta release on September 24th and they ended the presentation with a peak at the next Tom Clancy Ghost Recon with no real information as of now for release details but the video said Pre Alpha game play so i assume its still a ways off.

In between the Tom Clancy stuff however was Track Mania for consoles now not just pc with a demonstration. Just Dance 2016 announcement and performance by Jason Derulo along with the announcement of Just dance unlimited a new subscription dance service that guarantees new songs all year long.  As well as an extended Assassins Creed Syndicate trailer that i for one super enjoyed.  I put the ac trailer and the full presentation below for you to enjoy! Chachi out!

Ubisoft E3 Presentation:

Microsoft E3 Press Conference Roundup

This is Brother Sorg and I will be bringing you Highlights of announcements and details from Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference.

Halo 5 Guardians

343 started off showing a new Campaign trailer for the new Halo as well as showing off some gameplay. You can watch the whole thing here.

Also announced was the Warzone Multiplayer mode that will have 25 player co-op.

Halo 5 Guardians is set to release on 10.27.2015


Xbox 360 compatability

Microsoft announce that they will be adding backwards compatability with select Xbox 360 games, ass well as adding several to the XBox one store at no additional cost. The new feature will roll out this Holiday


Xbox Elite Controller

They also announce a new pro controller that will have More Precision and More Buttons and swappable components.


Fallout 4


After a recap of Betheseda’s demo from yesterday, they announced that Xbox will be getting an exclusive feature. They said that mods made for the PC version will be able to be used on the XBox One. A first for Microsoft Consoles. Also announced was the Inclusion of a token to get Fallout 3 with the purchase of the new game on 11.10.2015.



EA started with EA Access, mentioning that the service will be getting several games coming to the service ahead of release, such as Madden 16. Also announced coming to the service was Titan Fall, coming this week, and Dragon Age Inquisition in the near future. There will also be an exclusive free week this week, exclusively on Xbox One.



Tom Clancy

A new trailer was shown for The Devision announcing an exclusive beta on Xbox One.

Rainbow 6 Siege was also shown off and announced Vegas and Vegas 2 will be added to Backwards compatability upon Siege’s release, coming free with the game on 10.16.2015



They showed off a few games in the ID@Xbox program.



-Beyond Eyes


Also announced with the games was Xbox Game Preview, Microsofts version of Early Access announcing Sheltered, The Long Dark, Elite: Dangerous, Day Z as well as the newly announced Ion. These will be available later today.



Rise of the Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics Showed off Gameplay of the new Tomb Raider, showing Lara climbing some snowy mountains with a friend, ending with a new trailer. The game will release 11.10.2015



Rare first announced that they will be releasing Rare Replay, containing 30 classics from the developer starting all the way back with Pro AM Racer. It will release 8.5.2015

Also announced was Rare’s new Ip. An open world multiplayer game called Sea of Thieves.



Microsoft announced Partnerships with both ValveVR as well as OculusrRift, providing their XBox One Controller. They also moved on to show off HoloLense, playing non other than Minecraft. You can either play normally, watching gameplay from a window, or take a table and bring up a piece of the world. Amazing stuff


Gears of War

Coalition first announced Gears of War Ultimate Edition, the remake of the original for the new hardware. It will be relased 8.25.2015

The developer also showed off their new game, Gears 4, giving us gameplay in the brand new Unreal Engine 4.


I think Microsoft has a strong lineup to end the year now, and with the inclusion of backwards compatibility, they just grew their library for their newest system exponentially.


Also shown during the press conference:


Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Forza Motorsport 6

Dark Souls III



Fable Legends

Bethesda E3 Press Conference

Ladies and gentlemen! We have arrived and just like Christmas eve, E3 allowed us to open one present and one present only. That present was Bethesda.


They start off swinging for the fences and they smacked it out of the park. Finally, it’s a Doom game that looks like a Doom game from old. It looks awesome, it looks gory, it has all the right weapons, it looks and feels like you’re in Hell, it looks like you are actually playing Doom. It looked like they rendered the original game with new graphics, something that if Doom were released now (as in the original that featured John Romero’s head).

They also announced the multiplayer mode, which (if you played Doom or Quake multiplayer) is always going to be an awesome time with the guns, the power ups and the fact that you can turn into a demon.

Another cool feature that was announced at E3 was Doom Snapmap. It’s a level editor for multiplayer usage and you’re allowed to make different games and different modes and it’s something that I am going to be spending a lot of time on playing.

Doom is scheduled for a Spring 2016 release.


Battlecry looks like a very fun multiplayer game similar to the one you’d find over at Valve, with their added twists to it.

The beta signup is online, even though they are still in the alpha stage, it looks like a fun little time-waster to play once it’s done.

And, yes, I have signed up for the beta, already.


I’m a big Mass Effect fan. I’m a big Assassin’s Creed fan. Dishonored and Dishonored 2 reminds me of both of those games and has the good aspects associated with both styles of games, only to be different in the same way.

The trailer they showed made sure you know that you’re going to play as Emily looking for revenge, however you’re allowed to play as either Emily or Corvo, which was pretty cool to have a woman protagonist and make you know THAT’S A FEMALE PROTAGONIST!

The original Dishonored is being redone with the Dishonored: Definitive Edition, which will be released months before Dishonored 2.


Elder Scrolls Online showed us some cool things they are going to release soon (no date was given) but the cooler part about their announcement was that Elder Scrolls is going mobile. How? Just like every other franchise (gaming or entertainment) their own card game.

Elder Scrolls: Legends is just like Hearthstone or any other virtual card game. Looks cool, but is just a cool little card game. Nothing much I can mention here that you probably already know if you’ve played those famous virtual card games.





They did not disappoint with this one, guys.

Just like Dishonored 2, you’re allowed to choose a female and a male character and if you choose a male character, you’re allowed to create your wife and if you’re a female character, you’re allowed to choose what your husband looked like.

Unlike the other Fallout games, you’re allowed to build things. You are allowed to use the things that you find in order to upgrade weapons, upgrade armor and, the best part, allow to build houses and communities, which is awesome.

They then went on and discussed another mobile game, which is just an amazing version of Tiny Tower, called “Fallout Shelter” and it’s out, right now, for your iOS devices.

This next part I want to preface: I’ve never bought a collector’s edition. I never thought I’d say this…I want this collector’s edition. I want to shell out the money in order to get this collector’s edition. Why? BECAUSE YOU GET A PIP BOY! YOUR VERY OWN FUNCTIONAL PIP BOY! It’s a cool gadget that turns your phone into an actual Pip Boy that goes around your wrist.

During the entire time they were showing clips and stuff from Fallout 4, all I could think of is that this game looks amazing and just stunning. The first thought that came to my mind was “This game looks past beta testing, it looks ready” and they announced Fallout 4 will be released in November 10, 2015.

In conclusion, welcome to E3, ladies and gentlemen. It’s going to be an amazing week if THAT’S your initial press conference.

Nintendo World Championship Recap and Smash Brothers Direct

Nintendo World Championship Recap and Smash Brothers Direct

Nintendo started the day(and e3) with a Super Smash Brothers Direct. They announced several dlcs available today and some to come in the future.

The ones available today include Ryu, Roy and Lucas to come to Smash Brothers as of yesterday. Which brought down the virtual store for a little bit. Also every Smash brothers character is getting an amiibo figure to be released at a future date. They also announced Mega Man, Virtual Fighter and Tekken costumes for the mii fighters, Marking the first time that the 3 major fighting game franchises are in the same game. Free online tourney mode is coming this summer.

They also announced that several stages are making a comeback to the smash brothers game. The Zelda level, the Mushroom Kingdom, and the dreamland levels from melee are being released today. As well as a Miiverse level that will feature comments from the Nintendo community in the back ground.

Right before the Nintendo world Championships took place Nintendo had yet another announcement for today that rocked the gaming community. Earthbound Beginnings was announced and released earlier today on the Virtual Console, which I imagine brought the store down again. Marking the first time this game has been released in the west since its original Japanese release 15 years ago.

25 years since the last Nintendo world championships happened. Today they came back. 16 players entered the arena. 1 player was left standing. 8 players qualified at participating locations across the us, 8 were selected by Nintendo to compete. This double elimination tournament had 4 regular stages of competition.

nwc imageThe first round featured 4 on 4 games of Splatoon in which 4 losing players got dropped to the underworld elimination level 1. Which was a speed run of Legend of Zelda. The first player to make it to the end of dungeon 1 is safe the other 3 were eliminated. The next round was a world premier of a new game called Blast ball. This game is a mech game with soccer type rules. Shoot the ball into the goal to score. Again the 4 lowest players in this level dropped to the Underground elimination stage which for number 2 was the first person to beat motherbrain and escape the world first made it to the next underworld elimination round to fight for redemption.

The 3 stage was a Mario Kart 8 3 race cup with the top 3 players moving on and the final elimination stage came next with the top player moving back to the main level. With 4 players left this final round had the top two players moving on to the final round after declaring dominance in Super Smash Bros wii u. The top two players, Cosmo and John Numbers moved on to the final round. They had to face off in 4 rounds of…Mario Maker! The Nintendo treehouse made some of the most sickening and difficult levels one would ever see. Super Mario brothers, SMB 3, Super Mario World, and Super Mario Wii u were the themes. The first 3 rounds were survival/speed test. The player who made it the furthest or the quickest(the latter proved to be the case) received a 15 second bonus in the final round, which ended up being a 15 second advantage overall for John Numbers after the first two levels evened out.

The final level was a race to the end. The first player there was crowned the Nintendo World Champion of 2015. This ended up being John Numbers who took home the very nice trophy presented by Shigeru Miyamoto who also gave the final two players autographed 3ds.

trohpyOverall, while I didn’t agree with the team based play in the first couple of rounds I think the Nintendo World Championships brought something back to the gaming world. I think we have a few more years of this at least! Stay tuned to for E3 coverage.


RIZZ RANT: Is E3 Relevant?

Let me be straight forward with you guys. E3 is amazing. The pageantry, the set-up, the pitch, the announcements, the conferences, the Reggie.


However, is it still necessary to have these drawn out conferences?

Hear me out. We, now, live in a time where there are multiple places to get the news. Before, E3 was the thing because there was no Twitter, no Facebook, no real news coverage on video games so when they announced big games at those E3s, it was amazing.

But now? We are a week away from E3 and man oh man we already have Star Wars, Fallout 4, Mass Effect and a slew of Nintendo titles that you see already with their Nintendo Directs (Star Fox, Zelda, etc.).

Not to mention look at the schedule this year: you have the big three Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Then you have the software of EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda and Square Enix. THEN you have PC Gaming. That’s a lot of previews and games and there’s going to be anton of overlap. Tons.

So it’s not really important when your exclusives are already announced during their presser or a news release or a Nintendo Direct.

It got to the point where Nintendo didn’t even have a presser and did all of their stuff via satellite and still announced amazing things. So. Is it neccesary to continue to shell out millions to reserve the main stage?