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Ladies and Gentleman welcome to your favorite post on all of the internet… Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! I have ventured across parts of the Internet to bring entertainment right to your internet browser.

First up!

If you find yourself with 3 hours to spare then watch this entire video of every Game boy start(give or take) NicksplosionFx gathered them all and compiled them into the video you see below!

I made it 2 minutes before I moved on.

Next up!

Karl Jobst beat 3 iconic games at the same time in less than an hour… Yeah, you read that right. Mario 64, Ocarina of time, and Golden eye 64.

3 speed runs at once is quite impressive. Regardless of my thoughts on speed runs.

One of the largest video game ever is available to purchase on ebay for $164,000. 5700+ 50 systems including Complete Nintendo and sega minus 1 or 2 impossible to get games. At 1,443 views an hour, the seller has 366 offers. Every single one of them declined. You can check out the auction

And see the video of the collection below.

I am looking for his house as we speak.

That’s all I have for you this week tune in next week as we sell Rizz on Ebay! Thanks for tuning into Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!


Runners Up!

Man smuggles Cocaine in Xbox’s –

The Pikachu bed of Bobby’s dreams –

You Can Own A Rare Game…For $5,000

Now, you all know the story of the Nintendo World Championships, right?

Nintendo Power ran a tournament in the early 90’s and had a little tournament to find out who was the best video game player in the World (obviously). Now, on eBay someone is selling their copy of Nintendo World Championship for FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

I can see shelling out five grand for the very, very, very rare ones, you know? Like the one that’s shown below, the gold casing and the fact that there are just a number of these out.

I can see selling my soul for that game, but if you’re telling me that THIS is worth five grand? FIVE?! Yeah, I get how great and how rare those cartridges are, but come on, buddy. I’m running a business here. Not often does someone come in here looking for a five thousand dollar video game in shit condition.

I’ll tell you what, I don’t know why I’m doing this…I’ll give you $500. That’s as much I can do. I’ll have to get another sticker, I’ll have to find space on our shelf and honestly, it’s a great get, no doubt, however if your game is beat to shit and anyone who pays you $5,000 is getting ripped off and if this guy gets that $5,000 for that game is just as dumb and this dumb guy should be able to beat you over the head with that game.

CLICK HERE for the eBay posting

CLICK HERE if you need some proof.

This is a joke, right?

You know how depleted that game looks? If it looks like shit, nobody is going to shell out that money to play the rare game.

Nobody wants to buy the Nintendo World Championships game because of what’s on the inside. The most important thing that people want this game is for the cartridge of having the logo and having the history of that cartridge. Have you seen anyone who has had the World Championships actually PLAY the game? No! MOST of the people want to look at the cartridge and marvel at it’s awesomeness. You have a stickerless game and you want to sell it for five grand.

The best part is that he lists the item as “Acceptable” and, honestly, it looks NOTHING like acceptable. So I think I will keep my $5,000. Also, who is to say this isn’t a reproduction? The NES World Championships are the most sought after games in the history of video games, so yeah there is some speculation of this being a reproduction and this just is just taking off the label to hide that fact.

You sir are an asshole.

Would you buy this game for this ungodly amount?

Greatest Game Collection ever….

So this ebay lot was for sale.

This was 3 of 20 something collections for sale….

1) 100% Complete Famicom Cartridge Fullset (around 1050 games): All games complete in box with instructions, many of them being brand new, and many extra stuff, like not for sale games, contest games (Gradius Archimendes, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Gold cart to name a few), rare hardware,etc..

2) 100% Complete Famicom Disk system fullset (around 200 games): All games are complete in box with instructions, 50% of them being factory sealed! Including the very rare “write-only” releases, such as Clu Clu Land, all with original instructions, this one (Clu Clu Land) being worth up to $1500, as well as contest prize games (All 3 Gold Disks),etc..

3) 100% Complete Virtual Boy Fullset (19 games,including Virtual Bowling, SD Gundam Dimension War, Virtual Lab, Space Invaders..): all complete in box with instructions or brand new. Virtual Bowling being sold for $2000 alone!

This lot was available for a whole month and made it 5 days. For 1.2 million dollars us. My favorite part of this all is the fact that the winner pays via pay pal or wire transfer. Before Sorg runs around the Internets telling everyone i said this collection wouldn’t sell for 1.2 million, he is correct. i did say that. People on eBay have a tendency to put outrageous prices on stuff that isn’t worth it. For example, go to ebay and look up mario for nes, any of them. I promise you that they will be there sans box for more than 10 dollars. That was my point.

Now here’s my question… What would you give to have this collection? I can’t even begin to say what i would give.

Let us know in the comments below!