Presents: Lets Play! Episode 6

Chachi, Bobby, and Rizz discuss who they think should step up and work on video game music, how will you bring up the next generation of gamers in your family, and should or would you be yourself in a video game?

Let’s Play is the writer’s chance to get together and talk games every week. Join us for the live recording and join our chat room at Tuesdays at 8 PM ET.

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From BobbyFJTown: “Elder Scrolls MMO? FUS RO YEAH!”

I’ve recently been obsessed with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  While
playing the game at the same time as my brother, we began talking
about what it would be like if Skyrim was a multiplayer game. We may get our first glimpse of a what that may be like.

According to Bethesda is expected to announce and show the
first screen shots of Elder Scrolls Online this may.  What does this
mean for fans of the long running Elder Scrolls Series?  A chance to
finally interact with their friends in the world of Tamriel.

It should make for an interesting game with all the different races
and classes in The Elder Scrolls series, Nords, Elves, Redguards,
among other races could appear, but will they create any new classes
for the game?   The game is rumored to take place many years before
all of the Elder Scrolls game and act as a sort of prequel to the
series.  I wonder if they will finally include the long missing
Dwarves that seemed to disappear long before the events of Skyrim, I
would love to play as a dwarf and use the technology that they had at
their disposal, clockwork knights and many other advanced weaponry
long before it’s time.

Imagine the guilds that could appear in the game as well, The Thieves
Guild, Companions, Mages, etc.  Would they add new guilds to the mix?
also could the entire world of Tamriel be at your disposal for the
first time in the series,  The Provinces of Cyrodil from Oblivion,
Morrowind, Skyrim and other worlds we have yet to see could make an
appearance and be the setting of this massive game from Bethesda.

More is expected to be announced at this year’s E3.