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Ladies and Gents, pack your bags and join Uncle Chachi on his journey of video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! This trip requires no tickets so don’t you worry.

PokemonSymphony_web-308x400First up! This came across my desk last night and you’ll be seeing it a few times on ICTB within the next few months. The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is doing a One-Night-Only event on January 17th, Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions! If you haven’t been to a video game themed orchestra performance I highly recommend it. The images are combined with the music perfectly to complete the experience. The show will include music from Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow,Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black, White, X and Y. Tickets go on sale November 7th at 9 am. All the information is available here and tune in as we get closer.

Next up! Valve cements itself as the greatest game company ever. They released an update to Team Fortress 2 that added karts or bumper cars to the game and shortly after that someone made a Mario kart game within the game. Check out the video below.

Finally, If you are mid to late 20s then you remember the show you are about to watch. Just not this episode. The pilot episode of Nick Arcade has been found and it features the first public viewings of Sonic the Hedgehog!

So awesome! Stay tuned for the Runners up below! And tune in next week to Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!



Runners up!

Atari documentary releases 11-20-14

Internet Archive adds 900 arcade games to play online for free.


Boss Battle 90: Dumpy Games

Atari ETThis week on Boss Battle, we have our the cast of  Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), Rizz (@theerizz) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron).  On this weeks show:

We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week.

  • We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week.
  • In Across The Net…net…net…net…net: Chachi talks about a Mario theme, Gaming In Color and a rap RPG.
  • We talk about the new Dragonquest.
  • Is a new Injustice coming out?
  • We discuss some Madden 15.
  • Rizz talks about Hitman Go. Is he all systems go for this game?
  • We talk about the developing Game of Thrones game.
  • The E.T. games have been rereleased…out of a landfill.
  • In our Final Round discussion, we tell you which games we would want to dump in a landfill.

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Area 2600: E.T. phone dump.



Urban Legends are rarely proven to be true, Just look at Chupacabra and Bigfoot, still all legendy in there legendness.  Anyways, Atari had one of the biggest systems of the 1970’s and 1980’s, There were a lot of great games that made the transition from Arcades to the home platform.  Games like Pong, Centipede, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and more,  Some games however were made exclusively for the Atari and Atari 2600 systems.  One of which, is widely considered the worst game ever made, that game is E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.  Based on the movie by Steven Spielberg, the game looks almost nothing like the movie,  It was even said to be rushed out by it’s creator just so it made it out in time to promote the movie.  The game is broken and altogether an incomplete game.  There were rumors that Atari was so embarrassed by the poor sales of E.T. that it took the remaining unsold cartridges and buried them in a landfill in New Mexico.  The rumors grew into a huge urban legend over the years.

This led a documentary filmmaker, Zack Penn, to see if this myth was true,  He put much research into finding the location of the cartridges, and finally on April 26th, 2014 ET phoned home.  Not only were ET Cartridges found but a bunch of other Atari games were found as well.

According to the Associated Press, One man at the dig knew about the games being there.

The game’s finding came as no surprise to James Heller, a former Atari manager who was invited by the production to the dig site. He says in 1983 the company tasked him with finding an inexpensive way to dispose of 728,000 cartridges they had in a warehouse in El Paso, Texas. After a few local kids ran into trouble for scavenging and the media started calling him about it, he decided to pour a layer of concrete over the games.


The documentary is being made for Microsoft as a project for their new studio initiative to create movies and content for Xbox One’s Microsoft Game Studio.  There is no word if the backhoe that was digging got out of the pit or just kept falling back in frustrating the driver to the point of exhaustion.

The legend of the trash cartridge.

Gather around ye lads and lasses and hear the tale of the mass tomb of a game gone wrong!

Back in 1983 a game was release. So many of this game was produced and prepped for the sales that the company believed it would received. Eventually launch day arrived, however the game would not sell! In fact the game was so horribly bad that it is said it caused the downfall of a huge player in the gaming industry. They had so many unsold copies of this game that in the end, it is rumored that they gathered them all buried them in a landfill in New Mexico and covered them with cement, Never to be seen again.

Ok, so some of that may be a stretch. Whats actually rumored is that the landfill plot contains unsold, inoperable and prototype equipment was trucked from Texas to New Mexico to be disposed of secretly. The stuff about E.T. though? Completely true… Depending on who you ask….. ANyway like an old man reliving the days gone by i’ve begun to ramble and my werthers is gone.

Fuel Industries, a Canadian based film company, has received permission from the City Commission of Alamogordo, New Mexico to search and excavate the landfill where all of this is rumored to have happened. All of this is being done to film a documentary on the subject.

For the next 6 months the company will excavate and search all while filming looking for the concrete covered cache of equipment long gone. Now the company hasn’t released any of the information as far as the dig goes but its only a matter of time.

Think they will find anything? If so what? Let us know in the comments below!

InsertCoinToBegin Presents Let’s Play Episode 4

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