Rizz Reviews: Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is an amazing game.

Is that all? Can I go back to doing what I want to do? You know, play Fallout 4 until my troubles go away? Seriously, though. Fallout 4. Fallout 4.

Deep breath, Rizz. Okay. Honestly, you would think that with all the hype surrounding this game that this game, just like so many before it, would fall and crumble and, honestly,not be as good as the hype sounds. You would think that, if you haven’t played Fallout 4!

For instance, I had a blast going over the different customization combinations that came along with making your own character. It’s a blast! It’s fun from that moment on! GAH! FALLOUT!


The graphics and the attention to every little detail and blade of grass makes it come alive, the enemies look massive, the mutated deer look mutated and you look like, well, the man or woman you made in the game. Heck you get to see YOUR OFFSPRING in the beginning of the game. How awesome is that! And your baby looks like you and your spouse (one that you can also make in the game). That’s how deep this attention to detail gets, people. Babies are born that actually resemble the characters that you make! Who does that?!

Fallout 4 does that, that’s who.

Gameplay is just like every other Bethesda game out there, you know good. In fact, the only real flaw that I had with any of their previous games was that there were little to no reaction to when you shot your enemies were cleaned up pretty good here.

Also…it’s hard. Very. Hard. Not like frustratingly throw your controller at the TV hard but the “I’m going to kill you and your entire crew and then burn this place to the ground and drink my Nuka-Cola and pour some of it out for my homies who aren’t here” hard. Right Rizz from a few days ago?

Fallout 4 is, by far, one of my favorite (if not favorite) game of this year and probably will be right up there next year, because I’m sure I’ll still be playing this game in 2016.

Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Hey everyone! It’s the column that’s dangerous to go alone on the internet without! Now with more guest posters! It’s time for Video Game themed things from around the internet…net…net! with your special guest poster BobbyFJtown filling in for Chachi who is on assignment.

Since Fallout 4 is the biggest thing going in gaming right now, I figured we should have a fallout themed article today!

First Up!

Conan O’Brien continues his epic journey through video games in his latest clueless gamer, this time he’s playing Fallout 4, most of it is Conan just looking for a lady, and admiring his physic, but as usual Conan tackles the game with his true comedic know how.

Next Up!

Fallout 4’s script is so large (how large is it!) It’s so large that Codworth, who is your robot butler in the game can say more than 1,000 names, in the video below they test what can and can’t be said by Codsworth, with sexy results!

and Finally…


Etsy Artist Lautstarke made a really awesome Fallout 4 Game poster, there are tons of Fallout 4 merch on Etsy but this print really caught my eye, The print can be purchased on Lautstarke’s etsy store for $15.00 a print.

That’s gonna do it for this special Fallout Themed guest posted Video themed things from around the internet…net…net! Back to you Chachi! (next week)