Rizz’s Trailer Park Review: Fuse!

Insomniac games, the ones who are behind Ratchet and Clank, has teamed up with (get ready for this one) EA for a new first person shooter. Oh boy! Here’s the announcement trailer for Fuse, which before the EA takeover was supposed to be a sequel (or something) to Overstrike.

I guess I’m going to review this, since I haven’t done it in a while. But before I watched this video I saw a few comments in the YouTube comments section that show the true distaste for Electronic Arts, AKA the 2012 Golden Poo Award winners. I would like to start off with a few excerpts from the comments before playing this video. WARNING! These are YouTube comments. You know how they get, but I’ll censor the dirty parts.

“Another boring shooter which will go almost completely unnoticed. You had something interesting and eye catching with Overstrike and now… meh. Good luck trying to sell any copies.”

The above quote was one of the civil ones. But, now, POUNCE!

“nice f**king job EA. first you take our bioware, now you take our insomniac games. I hope you guys are happy.”

“f**k EA -.-“

Not only that, this trailer has 406 likes and 703 dislikes. So…Let’s see what the people are all bitching about. Show me that beautiful bean footage!

This looks…Mass Effect-y. That’s not a bad thing, though. This game looks…interesting. It’s a first person shooter, but it’s one of those rare games that looks generic from the beginning but, then, builds up to something cool. I’m not comparing this to Gears of War. Gears was one of those games that revolutionized FPS’s with the aliens and the guns and the chainsaw attachments, Fuse has the chance to do something cool here and, honestly, I like where this is going.

Even though most of these people dislike what they see because “EA is involved” needs to realize the company that EA has purchased and not worry about how bad the game is going to be because of that. Let’s face it, take EA out of the equation and what do you have? You have a pretty cool looking futuristic FPS on our hands. Oh, did I mention that Insomniac has never made a shitty game yet? Ratchet and Clank, Spyro and Resistance are all awesome franchises done by Insomniac games! They, unlike some gaming companies who will not be named *cough* Naughty Dog *cough*, haven’t failed.

Also, 1:07 is where I felt a little part of my brain explode. Mechs. Oh joy. Who doesn’t love mechs?

Anyways, this is the first trailer of the new game. It will be interesting to see the trailers to come. But, as of right now, it looks…good…not great.

What are your thoughts of Fuse? Would it be better with or without EA…AND WHY?! Leave it in the comments below.

Aeria Games Launches Full Website for Team-Based Free-to-Play Shooter

New information has been released for the new massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS), Born to Fire. Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, today announced the full site launch for the team-based shooter, detailing its many customization options, modes, maps, and gameplay features. Born to Fire is currently in development and accepting closed beta sign-ups.

Born to Fire offers a robust, class-based system with meticulously balanced FPS gameplay. Each of the five unique classes in the game, from the deadly Dual Gunner to the shotgun and riot-shield wielding Point Man, have unique strengths and weaknesses that players must exploit in combat. Each class can synergize with certain others, ensuring that victory is a team effort.

There will be three game modes to choose from—Deathmatch, Bomb Defusal, and Siege—each offering a different style of play. Born to Fire is planned to launch with 12 maps over which teams can battle, each one finely tuned to the same high level of balance present throughout the whole game, with a plethora of additional maps and modes on the way.

The game is also packed with features appealing to the competitive gamer. In-game observer functionality and a windowed mode optimized for streaming allow for anyone to easily view a competitive match. These features are complemented by the versatile replay function—replays can be viewed from the perspective of any participating player, or even from a free floating camera. Players will also have the unique option of saving a replay as a simple .AVI file so that even friends without the game client will be able to view it.

Like all Aeria Games titles, Born to Fire will be free to download and play. Players can sign up for the upcoming closed beta now at http://borntofire.aeriagames.com.

Mobile gaming ring controller?

So bumming around the net and i come across this device on Kickstarter.com that connects to your phone and allows you to have a new aspect in mobile gaming. im still unsure of my thoughts on it but here is the device explanation video. Its called the Ringbow!

Umm, wow. I guess it truly comes down to if it is actually useful in the aspect they say it is. An FPS would be the true test. The promotional video makes it look kind of cool but i’m not sure its 35-55 dollars cool. However each one will come with a pack of games so that you have something to play in case other developers decide its not worth the hassle.

They have a goal of 100,000 dollars to make this happen. You can check it out on their kickstart page http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/669350010/ringbow-next-generation-gaming-accessory

Eve Online meet Dust 514

In what I would like to call a brilliant move game developers CCP have made their MMO interact with their upcoming FPS Dust 514 coming soon to the PSN.

The developing company recently did a live stream event to show off Dust 514 this is a clip of the two interacting. Its short so totally worth watching.


To top it off the fps is free play! So look forward to that ps3 fans.

Game 74: Quake 2

Quake 2
id Software

id software used to come back quickly with follow ups to its hit games! Although truth be told, the only thing this game had in common with its predecessor is the name. There is no continuation to the story, there is no character reappearances. The only reason this game is called Quake 2 is because they had some trademark issues with other possible names.
Now on to the similarities! The game play itself is similar. Same controls. The customization of the game is the same. Which as we know is a huge part of why these games are/were so popular. Thats about it similarity wise.
The story of this one is quite simple. This time its a Sci Fi, You play the role of a marine launching a counter attack in order to protect the earth and once again, the rest of your team dies quickly leaving only you to penatrate the enemy base and save the planet. Simple enough right?

In other words, they pretty much put Doom on a different engine and released. no one one complaining though considering taht it sold a million copies in its first year, and it was the most played online game in 1998.

Chachi Says: this and the others in the series are those games that you and a group of friends can throw on randomly and waste a few hours while you waste each other.

Game 70: DOOM

Id Softwares

Alright, Lets hurry up and get the story of the game out of the way so we can talk about everything else this game brought to the table. The good, The bad and the awesome.

In this Science Fiction/Horror game, You control an unnamed space marine. Disobeyed and struck a commanding officer landed him on Mars to patrol Union Aerospace Corporation. Originally the dullest assignment one could recieve, however as in all science fiction horrors something goes horribly wrong!!! While creating a teleportation system between Mar’s two moons something malfunction the moon Deimos disappears completely and Demons start pouring out of the portal. His team dies. Which means its your job to blast through the monsters and stop them from getting to earth.

(Now, if you have read the blog before, you know what score im going to give this game. Its obviously shown on the Ranking picture of other posts. Let me clarify that it was the original single player game play and story that puts it there. Not the network play. However one aspect of a game does not earn a 5.)

Bam theres the story! so to wrap it up, its you, guns, demons, space base. Giving you a first person shooter. The first person shooter that lead to others being able to give the gaming industry progress and continue growing to greatness.

Some of the levels of doom were released as a shareware originally which was done so to encourage players to further distribute the game. In 1995 it was estimated that doom was installed on more than 10 million computers and even with that huge number still sold over a million copies of the released game. The first public version of the game was uploaded to Creations BBS and an FTP server at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

So not only was it shareware however it was the first 1st person shooter to include ethernet networking for the game. Which allowed groups of players to come together and play Deathmatch. In 1993 id Software had written that they expected Doom to be “the number one cause of decreased productivity in businesses around the world”. Which lead to major networks Carnegie Mellon University being amongst the first to actually write out policies stopping doom play from happening during business hours. Annnnnnd when that didnt work an “Antidoom” script was written to detect doom games being played on Novell Networks.

Now the popularity of DOOM, the awards won and the recongition gained prompted players to mod the game and still mod the game today. Changing the way it looks and the layout of levels. ID software stated that since 2005 it has recieved modded levels at least several times a week.

Chachi Says: However, as i stated before one aspect of the game does grant it a 5. I’ll give credit where credit is due and state that this is an awesome game when multiplayer is involved. However it did pave the way for other First person shooters to come out of the wood work.