Video Game Themed Things: Uh, What? Edition

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome back to your favorite post at this time and place on the internet today! Its time for Video Game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! This week we shall subtitle it “Uh, What?” You’ll see why, let’s get started!

First up! Not so much Uh, what but extremely cool .

Minor league baseball team The Frisco Roughriders are have a throwback video game night where they are going to trade in the normal jerseys for Gameboy themed jerseys instead! Check them out below and if you live in the Frisco Tx area be sure to support this local team!


Next up,

A twitch streamer is using DDR dance pads to reach level 100 on World of Warcraft and you can watch it! Rudeism on Twitch uses unconventual controllers to beat or attempt to beat games that you should use a real controller or keyboard and mouse. heres the list so far. GAMES CONQUERED: (Guitar) Rocket League,(Guitar) Portal,(Steering Wheel) Mirror’s Edge,(Guitar) Counter Strike: Global Offensive, (Dance Pads) Superhot

GAMES IN PROGRESS: (Guitar) Surgeon Simulator 2013, (Dance Pad) Undertale Genocide, (Dance Pads) World of Warcraft

This guy is a beast. Watch it here!


Watch a baby beat a story mode in Street Fighter 5…Let me repeat that… Watch a baby beat a story mode in Street fighter 5. Apparently the story mode for Birdie in Street Fighter 5 is so easy a baby can beat it andhere is the proof!

Go baby go!

Thats all i have for you this week on Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Tune in next week for more!

Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Ladies and Gentleman welcome to your favorite post on all of the internet… Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! I have ventured across parts of the Internet to bring entertainment right to your internet browser.

First up!

If you find yourself with 3 hours to spare then watch this entire video of every Game boy start(give or take) NicksplosionFx gathered them all and compiled them into the video you see below!

I made it 2 minutes before I moved on.

Next up!

Karl Jobst beat 3 iconic games at the same time in less than an hour… Yeah, you read that right. Mario 64, Ocarina of time, and Golden eye 64.

3 speed runs at once is quite impressive. Regardless of my thoughts on speed runs.

One of the largest video game ever is available to purchase on ebay for $164,000. 5700+ 50 systems including Complete Nintendo and sega minus 1 or 2 impossible to get games. At 1,443 views an hour, the seller has 366 offers. Every single one of them declined. You can check out the auction

And see the video of the collection below.

I am looking for his house as we speak.

That’s all I have for you this week tune in next week as we sell Rizz on Ebay! Thanks for tuning into Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!


Runners Up!

Man smuggles Cocaine in Xbox’s –

The Pikachu bed of Bobby’s dreams –

Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the greatest weekly write up to come out of an office building in downtown Pittsburgh….It’s time for Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Thanks for tuning in, it’s time to journey through the Internet!

First up!

On the Youtubes is a series by The Fine Bros called Kids React, They put different videos or items in front of kids to see how they react. This video is Kids react to Gameboy! Check out the video below and feel old with me.

I hate most of these children. What are your thoughts?

Next up! In this the age of the Internet where some guy can raise over $20,000 dollars to make potato salad on Kickstarter simply because he doesn’t want to waste the $10 bucks on ingredients should he screw up, an actual good product is being Kick Started. Check out the Promo video for a series called Vid Agents. In a world where Video games are illegal, These are the guys who uphold the law!

It has serious potential to be a great series!

Last up, This past Fourth of July weekend in West Philadelphia…You started singing the song didn’t you? Well you are not that far off. Dj Jazzy Jeff and Jeremy Ellis being accompanied by Quest Love of The Legendary Roots Crew…   had a Super Mario brothers remix battle! It’s simply incredible. Check it out below.

Not going to lie, I spend a lot of time watching Dj Jazzy Jeff spin videos on the Tubes. I watched this video at least 6 times this morning. It’s incredible.

That’s all I have for you this week on Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Tune in next week as Chachi sends Rizz, Bobby and Sorg into the woods to trap Big Foot. Stay tuned below for the Runners up!




Runners Up:

Playable Tetris Tshirt –

Build Your own Gameboy. –

3 systems, 1 console

No. This is not some kind of messed up youtube video that’ll get millions of views because you can’t look away.

3rd party hardware maker Innex has announced that at E3 they will be releasing what i will now be referring to as the Super Gensis System, but is actually called the Super Retro 3.

Super Retro 3

The console as you can see will allow you to use one console at the 70 dollar price tag will allow you to play Sega, NES, and SNES all in one convienant location. and for an extra 20 spot you can add the adapter cart that will allow you to play Gameboy games on the Super Retro 3.


Now, im aware of the nintendo dual systems and hand held 3rd party hardware but a system that allows you to play the 3 on 1 system is rather cool. Being debuted at this years E3 and will be available for sale shortly after that on their website.

is this something that you’d invest in to save precious hook up space or is it not worth it? Let us know in the comments below!