Gamers Are Dicks, And So Can You!

The past few weeks, we have discussed how dickishly evil a certain someone can get during a Mario Maker level making sesh. I mean, who would make these hard as shit levels in order to make you guys feel like you accomplished something in a Mario game? Who would stoop so low to make a level that dickish that friendships had to end? Oh wait, that was me!


Trust me, I tried so hard to make easy peezy levels that everyone can enjoy, that people would cherish and enjoy and find time to go “Hey, you know what? That Rizz guy’s level is so good” but then I realized most of my friends are dicks and went with having 50 giant Thwomps in a row and at the end you better have brought that turtle shell you saw in the first part of the game because that Hammer Bro is your only way to the flag and you better hit that hole just right or else “OOOOH NOOOO!” (*play Mario death song*).

If you want to try it for yourself, there’s a list of my levels (and, also, Chachi’s levels on the right hand side).

But then my rocky road took a weird turn as I went to GTA Online and after many failed attempts at being nice and trying to do missions and just a leisurely drive (heck, I even tried to outrun a drive-by on a bicycle…dude was going 5 mph right beside me), there came a point in time I found someone shopping and…well…um…I’ll let you be the judge on my actions.

I believe it was the great Bill Shakespeare who once said, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. I sure enough became a villain in the world of GTA Online because right after that, a $5k bounty was placed on my head. Not only that, after a helicopter got sniped out of the air taking out both the pilot and passenger, they hired mercs to take your boy with the fancy suit and bow tie out. Can you believe that?! Jeesh.

So, I got friends mad at me and the open world gang mad at me, what other group of people is there for me to give it to? OH I KNOW! Three words that get the most dicks: First. Person. Shooters.

Now, you know that old adage of being “campers” and “dicks” and “snipers” and all of the other terms that just seemed to be at people that, well, that deserve every minute of it. But…what if the last time you checked the standings and you were the last name on the losing team in Destiny’s Mayhem Clash (a quicker  version of their Clash, where all the cool-downs are sped up and there’s no wait time to come back into battle). I noticed a giant red blip on the map and, like any good gamer, I went over to check it out and just did this for the next minute and a half.


Notice the devious and maniacal laughter in the background.

Notice who lead the team at the end (SPOILER ALERT: It was me!).

It’s not me meaning to be a total dick to everyone I see, it’s more of a bored thing and I get one of those urges where being one to whomever is in my way. I find it comfortable knowing that someone thinks I’m just a total d-bag. It’s also a good way to earn easy XP and easy points and easy whatever the heck you want to get easy.

It’s also spontaneous, too, which is why I love it so. The people who camp out on a daily basis and try for the no-scope 360 headshot, the people who stalk you while trying to play GTA just so they can shoot you up, those guys can go to hell. Being a dick once in a while makes the world go ’round and

I guess I have just been hanging around Chachi way too damn long.



Heists? Heists. Heists. HEISTS!


You have heard me talk about it. Praise it. Hate it. Try to figure out why it took so long for Heists to finally be a thing (I will get there in a bit).

In order to unlock Heists, you have to be level 12 and how do I know this? Because in my home, I go over to the big board and it says “HEISTS UNLOCK AT LEVEL 12″ which is good to have, because I honestly don’t want to have some newbie playing a heist.

However, I can’t start a heist. I try to but the notification says I need to be level 12…I’m level 34…so I have to do something to unlock it? Oy.

The one heist I did do was a jail break heist where I was the pilot. The crappy part was flying is my worst attribute so the planning phase of this heist was not good.

Another part is the load times for these heists. Not only are the servers getting a workout, you have to wait until EVERYBODY is okay with the plan, which will get quite annoying whenever some 14 year old is complaining about being Mister Pink.

I haven’t delved too deep in the realm of Heists just yet but I feel that it’s better late than never for this to come out. Hell, even Rockstar poked fun at the response and the lack of Heists for two years in their own gaming decisions saying “I know you’ve been complaining…” Little sneaky snake.

I am just upset that my friends and I got together a group in hopes to play heists. Hell, I am in two. However when the years grew old and time moved on, my friends and I moved away from their current gen console, they got bored waiting for Heists and it just stinks that now I have to be playing with random strangers and not my friends, who GTA Online was suppose to be directed towards.

this was released three years ago. Three. Then rereleased on next gen last year. Couldn’t they have, you know? Do it then? Then you would have some of that crowd and it would still be fresh. I know I sound like a broken record but the way Rockstar handled Heists is the wrong way. I still love Rockstar (even though they made LA Noire). I just wished it was out already and not now.


GTA Online. Heists. Soon.

In September of 2013, we were playing the heck out of Grand Theft Auto V and then we gawked at the idea of having Grand Theft Auto Online, a concept that we, in the beginning of Boss Battle, thought that this online experience would overtake and surpass the likes of Call of Duty in replayability. We were excited for the chance to do EVERYTHING in what we did in GTAV but with our friends and on a grander stage.


Then when GTA Online came out and, yes, it was pretty cool to insert yourself in the world of GTA…but it was missing something. Something big. Something major. Something that would make people play GTA Online over and over again. Yes, the races and death matches are nice. Yes, buying mansions with your money is quite good too. However, there is something missing.


Where can we do big missions like the ones at the end of the game? Where can we partake in the thing that made GTA V’s story so unique and different from everything else? Well, wait no more. In the month of March of 2015 (TWO YEARS after their release) Grand Theft Auto Online is finally getting that thing that we wanted. GTA Online is about to get heists.

I would be more excited if we didn’t have to wait two years in order to get it, but I am not. You want to know why? Because when GTA V came out, we all had one system to play it on, most of my friends did. But now? Now we all have different new gen consoles because the thought of heists in GTA Online was only a thought and was just us going “When it happens, it happens.” and finish it off with a resounding, “meh.”


To me, Rockstar wasted time. They had all the time in the past two years, TWO, to make this work. They had the abilities and the tech that can just go out there and do heists, yet they didn’t. Now that it comes out, Rockstar is going to be hoping that people remember that they need to pick up GTA V on their new console and buy the game again, but that’s also going to take off half of the people that originally bought it and traded it in or gave it away when they were done with it (like I was) in the second year waiting for the heists that we were promised for.

I’m still going to play it, though. I’m still going to go out there and do heists. I wish it was still in the time where we all had (at least, my friends) the same system…or, you know, still had some sort of intent on playing a long amount of time to Grand Theft Auto Online…or something.

What do you guys think? Is March 2015 too late for a concept for a game that came out in September 2013?

Video game themed things from around the internet…net…net!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls it’s time for every ones favorite segment of the internet! Video game themed things from around the internet…net…net! I, Chachisays, scoured the internet and bring you video game themed things that I find awesome. So let’s get to it shall we?

First up on our adventure of magic and wonder:

praise_the_helix___by_neorafa-d78i9eu6 months ago the internet began a journey using Twitch. In which The people in the chat would control the way in which a pokemon game would go. Well as of a few days ago the Internet beat the last generation of the Pokemon series as it completed Pokemon X as a cluster of commands were thrown via chat. As I type this the game of Pokemon Stadium 2 that was happened crashed and all you see is the Aw, Snap window from the browser. Praise Helix.

Next up!

A glitch in GTA Online that makes grenade launchers extremely powerful as melee weapons leads to some new creative newmade up games. Including Firetruck roulette. Check it out.

Its not farfetched to know that sometimes you find yourself doing silly things while playing games online with your friends. For example riding shotgun giving the driver the finger. Cough Cough Rizz…

Last but not least this week!

Where did the Dark Link come from? You know whats the origin story behind it? Well Check out this video from The Warp Zone and find out.

Man! That old wizard is racist!

That’s all we have for you this week, tune in next week as Bobby and Rizz mud wrestle for your pleasure!



Runners Up!

A flock of Pickachu’s?

Legend of Zelda: Monopoly!

Heist Missions? FINALLY!

Ever since Grand Theft Auto Online came out, it has….well, let’s face it…it hasn’t been all that grand. Many bugs at launch, not that many things to do, five seconds into not dying a dick comes out of nowhere and just runs you down or a sniper or blown up by a rocket. It was just boring and out dated, for something that we were all ready to be the “new Call of Duty” online thing, where friends can join crews and do cool things like heists and missions.

CLICK HERE for the Joystiq article

Lately, all you were able to do was…race…team death match…things that aren’t heists and things that alienated the group and just…suck. Where’s the heists? Why can’t we do the things Trevor, Franklin and Michael did? I want to do things that they did, yet I’ll just race around in a circle while driving an SUV.

Don’t get me wrong, their latest patch was a good step, allowing death matches to take place in a prison using nothing but your fists and things you find at the prison yard and things that aren’t co-op heists. That made death matches somewhat interesting, but nothing that I really want at this juncture.

In a report from Rockstar that mentioned new updates in weapons and to their Capture missions, Rockstar has stated by the end of Spring…Heist missions will be a thing. Took them long enough!

There has been little information about this announcement, only that players will be able to do intricate co-op missions.

I don’t know. It may be too late, for me. I was at the assumption that Rockstar, at the launch of their giant online community, that heists would be available. Hell, Crews were formed just because they wanted to do heists! Now after a year Rockstar is NOW going to put heists on their server? Eesh! I mean, I still will probably go out there and do it but it won’t be the same.

Will you do Heists? Is it too late? Leave it in the comments below.

Let’s Play 64: N64 Memories

LetsPlay64This week on Let’s Play 64, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Rizz (@theerizz) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron) On this weeks show:

  • The cast discusses what they have been playing recently.
  • We talk about last weeks challenge, which was playing an N64 game! This leads to talk about N64 memories!
  • We announce our challenge for the week! It is Aladdin!
  • We tell you the newest video game releases like Beyond Two Souls, Pokemon X and Y and Skylanders Swap Force!
  • We talk some Bioshock Infinite; parodies and a new DLC of it!
  • We discuss Disney’s Tiny Death Star game! Read Chachi’s
  • Hear some stuff you can get from Curt Schilling’s estate!
  • GTA Online discussion!
  • In honor of our 64th show, the cast tells us their top three Nintendo 64 games, along with some games they disliked on the system.

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Let’s Play 57: Moe Knows

LetsPlay57This week on Let’s Play 57, our cast features Bobby (@bobbyfjtown) Chachi (@chachisays) the returning Rizz (@theerizz) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron) as they talk all things gaming!

  • What has everybody been playing? Some highlights were Chachi finishing all the GTA games. Rizz played NHL 13, FIFA Soccer 13 and Saints Row IV. Sorg played on his Nexus 7, Super Bastard Deluxe and is enjoying it. Bobby played Avengers Alliance, Simpson’s Tapped Out, Dragons Dogma, Saints Row IV and Madden 25 demos. He also played the challenges…
  • The challenges were Blues Brothers and Guts! Bobby thought the games were the devil! Find out why. Rizz also says the Guts game is nothing like the show. Blues Brothers was also tricky as Bobby and Sorg could not figure out how to get up stairs.
  • The challenge for next week is Bible Games for NES. Pray for us!
  • Rizz made the Let’s Play cast in Saints Row! Check it out!
  • Watchdogs will be having a theatrical movie release. Does the cast find this thrilling?
  • Video games being turned into movies is discussed by the cast.
  • EA is in hot water. They are losing the NCAA licenses. Can their college themed games survive?
  • Bobby found in Madden 25 you can pour Gatorade on the coaches! Check out what else you can do in the new game.
  • Sorg gives the Rizz some props. This was because Rizz covered the WWE14 release of their Wrestlemania rosters. Rizz gives his opinion on how it looks.
  • GTA has some multiplayer that everyone seems to be getting excited about (except Chachi).
  • Women are now featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts; but in general, are women portrayed in video games properly?
  • talked to ladies about women in video games! Go over and check it out.
  • Chachi believes women’s representation in video games has been horrifyingly poor. Hear why.

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GTOMG! Gameplay Trailer for Grand Theft Auto V!

IT’S HERE! IT’S FINALLY HERE! No, not Grand Theft Auto V, but we finally get to look at what gameplay looks like in the game and boy is it ever a thing of beauty! Take a look!


So much to see, so much to do! This iteration of Grand Theft Auto is going to be bigger and better than any other.  The swapping between our protagonists looks crisp and clean, The activities your character does actually looks like it will have an impact on your characters skills, it looks like an amazing game…wait no…experience and we’ll soon find out this fall, Can’t wait till they reveal more about Online play with that small but juicy tease at the end.  What do you think of the teaser so far?  Let us know in the comments!