Sony E3 Press Conference

There was a lot to cover in Sony’s conference at E3 today. They had to go and follow Microsoft’s damn good presser.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Last year, I was introduced to Japan Studios by their game Bloodborne. A year or two before Bloodborne, they announced a certain game called “The Last Guardian”…then…nothing…until this year and holy shit. Wow. First, nothing beats a game made by Sony. Visually stunning, awesome graphics and by God the first trailer is gameplay footage. Game. Play. Footage. Woo!

Also, after that promo I looked my dog (who may or may not have been staring at a grown man weeping) and asked her “WHY CAN’T YOU HAVE WINGS?! WHY?!” The Last Guardian will be released in “2016”.


If you will picture this. You have a futuristic world, one that had witnessed a major change and everything is turned back into what it used to look like in the past and there are villages out there and societies and everything in between and you play as a member of the first village ever made and, yes, they seem to like and hate each other. It looks like you take control of someone who has a hunter-esque However, there are…robots. Not only are there robots…there are robot dinosaurs.

This new IP looks incredible and I can’t wait to play it.


This is where things get awesome for Playstation owners. The game franchise Hitman has done a whole bunch of awesome, from console games to Hitman Go. Hitman looks like it’s going to be another game in another awesome franchise. That’s all. Right?


With your pre-order of Hitman, Playstation owners will be able to play Hitman Beta. That’s right. Playstation is the only system that will allow you to play Hitman.


They released the trailer, which looks awesome, and the same thing that happened with Street Fighter V as it will be for Hitman. Pre-order Street Fighter V and, yes, you (as Playstation 4 owners) also get the Street Fighter V beta.


No Man’s Sky was announced last year at E3 and this year the guy came out and played it (as he did this with a very monotone voice) and played with, probably, one of the best games I’ve seen in E3. Period. I like that it’s multiplayer. I like the fact that you can explore planets and worlds beyond compare and claim things for peace or blow things up at your fingertips. It’s that freedom of playing this game makes me want to play THIS GAME!


Remember a few years ago we were ripping on that Storybook thing with motion controls and how idiotic that would be and how stupid you would look reading something like that or doing whatever the heck you were suppose to do with that?

Now, take that…and make it better.

Dreams allows you to create dreams. Not only that, your friends dreams. Not only your friends’ dreams, complete strangers’ dreams to make it yours and branch out the dream. This game takes that Storybook failure and makes it even better, as it is made by the same company that brought us LittleBigPlanet.


This game looks interesting. This is one of those indy games that are jumping to consoles and it damn near gorgeous and looks interesting. To me, this looks like something that you would see in The Stanley Parable, where there’s no real action but an amazing story to get you hooked.



The first words out of my mouth were “PLEASE! LET ME FEEL COMFORTABLE IN PLAYING DESTINY AGAIN! PLEEEEEEASE!” and this looks pretty good. The cool thing is that now there’s even more power-ups and a brand new story that will have you playing for even more months.


Other than dogs (and one that could fly) I feel like the MVP for this E3 has to be female protagonists. No matter what game it was, you feel like there was the choice of being a woman as a protagonist. From Dishonored 2 to Fallout 4 to, now, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, the choice is yours.

Having it happen in England makes it soooo good, too. Just as you would expect the ol’ timey Englanders would be with the cockney accents and everything. It’s a great looking game and will probably be my next game I forget what time it is while playing.



Rizz Fact: Never played Final Fantasy.

However, there is a cult following and once they announced World of Final Fantasy (a game that looks like a Funko Pop) and THEN Final Fantasy VII: Remastered! It’s going to be a Playstation 4 exclusive! Honestly, if this is what it looks like remastered, I might play FFVII and give it a go. Whoo-boy.



This broke the internet. No. Seriously. This broke the freaking internet. Sony did an amazing thing when they promoted the Kickstarter that would bring Shenmue 3 into existence and within the hour Kickstarter crashed and when it came back, Shenmue 3 already reached one million dollars.



You knew they had to mention Morpheus, right? I mean, look at Microsoft and see their presentation with Minecraft, how can (if they can) Sony top it? How about a 4-player multiplayer where one wears Morpheus? Oh man, it looked good too.



It was announced that Vue will be the only one of its kind that will allow you to purchase stations without buying other stations or a plan, like your cable service (which is pretty neat).



This is a shocker.


The World premier of Blops 3 was everything that I thought it should be. It’s not the same. It’s different. It’s unique. It’s something people were waiting for in the franchise because, well, when your maps get stale…they get stale.

Anyways, the big thing that was perfect is that now the story mode is now available for co-op multiplayer. That’s right. BLOPS 3 IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT! DROP THE BALLOONS!

I had zero intent on playing Black Ops 3 when it came out and, now, I have a feeling it will be the next thing I buy.

Did I mention this one also has that Beta testing too?



The biggest dick move happened here where the Infinity guy announced the new line of Star Wars Infinity 3.0 (where the crowd even let out an audible groan because, you know, Battlefront). The line-up was good and, hey, you get Boba Fett (and the crowd did too). Which is…cool…

Then Battlefront showed up and made everyone happy again. It looks really good, guys. Just a jerk move with the tease.

I can’t wait to play Battlefront, it feels like the first ever good Star Wars game of our generation (besides dancing Lando).



Now, this one had a few hiccups. Not only did the game not start right away (I believe I counted a 10-count on the “SONY Entertainment Presents” sign) but after the initial cutscene, Drake just stood there for a few more seconds while his partner is walking through a bunch of people. THEN it restarted into the same cutscene and same area.

After that, it looked like an amazing game (I’ve been saying amazing a lot, I need a new adjective) but it just felt like you would actually be a part of the amazing place while having a giant armored truck try to squish you like a little pancake. It looks cool, can’t wait to see it in action.

Overall, Sony did what they had to do for E3. They had to mention Morpheus, they had to make it more fun, they had to make their games more interesting than the competition. They did that with giving the fans Beta testing for three of their upcoming releases.

The only bad spot for me is that there was nothing from Fallout 4, like there was for X-Box One and Microsoft so I was thinking it was just going to be a Bethesda victory lap.

Oh well.


As my review of Hitman: Absolution’s trailer said, this game looks AWESOME!

Dude's gunna get it!

So, of course, I HAD to purchase the game in advance of its November release. When I went to my local seller of games (name withholding until we get some royalties), I decided to get myself that copy. To my surprise, there was a DLC game ALREADY READY TO BE DOWNLOADED AND PLAYED AND LOOK AWESOME AS AGENT 47!

I was weary when I saw that I was going to control Agent 47 as a sniper (NOTE: Me and sniper rifles are not quite the best of “game friends”). I mean, when you think of games like Hitman and Assassin’s Creed you think of sneak attacks, using your surroundings and demolish your enemy quickly and quietly…I don’t want to stand far away and do that, because then I have to reload and waste time while the baddies get away.

I popped in the redeem code and started playing. The first and, I believe, only mission in this DLC is to assassinate some guy for some reason, I don’t know…I just wanted to shoot something (NOTE: If sniping is the only thing that you do in a game, or a demo, I will be satisfied with shooting things from the scope).

Background and Story

This game has a sweet idea and you get some sweet collectibles in this game, a sniper rifle with attachments for every achievement earned (I only have one, I suck at being a silent sniper). I do like that you get a gun AS SOON AS YOU BUY THE GAME! However, the sniper rifle is quite useless to me when I want to just sneak up and use my sneaky skills to kill someone…sneakly. But, still, a sniper rifle is a sniper rifle and it gave quite the scenario to use the sniper to scope out your enemies.


Graphics look cool, you shoot someone in the head, leg, or arm, their head, leg or arm are effected. Not to mention that if you play this game you get to kill people who, probably, deserved to get killed.

Some things I don’t get are the bodyguards and why A) there’s so many and 2) why are they shooting like Storm Troopers?! The AI in this game mode is pretty crappy.


Overall…this…was…a cool little tidbit for an already fascinating game. It showed you a tool in the game that, even though 9 out of 10 people won’t use, is actually an essential part in the game. One cool thing about it is that it looks realistic. I mean, you can double-snipe (snipe two people with one bullet) and break glass without any of the guards. I give this 3 Tokens out of 5 (I have a feeling that the full game will get the full 5).





Agree? Disagree? Comment down below. Keep gaming!

Rizz’s Trailer Park Reviews Ep. 2: Stealthy Games (Hitman:Absolution/Assassin’s Creed 3)


Can I just say that right off the bat? That’s what I like about this, you get to see how the game is actually looking and not just some big flashy cut scenes that, half the time, aren’t even in the game.

Gameplay trailers, like I am about to show you, can show you the gameplay for what it’s worth. So sit here and watch the FIRST INSTALLMENT OF GAMEPLAY VIGNETTES (That’s right, there’s going to be MORE!)

First of all, the GRAPHICS are phenomenal! If these are the actual GAMEPLAY graphics? SOLD! The moves look solid and doesn’t look outdated, as this is one of the newest generation of a game that has lasted a pretty long time. Explosions, blood splatter and everything looks clean and awesome.

My favorite part is at 0:53 where you can, and as you can see very clearly in this video, CAN USE AN AX TO…EXTERMINATE THE PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU! That alone got my attention and, I’m pretty sure, got your attention, too.

1:20: The question asked by the hot sounding British lady asks you, the viewer, “Are you a silent assassin or do you want to kill everyone in your way?” And I, as I am likely to purchase this game, am stuck. I don’t know which way I want to go. On one hand, I want to go all sneaky and stabby…however, I want to gun down EVERY bad guy and make sure they know that I’m there. At 1:50 the hot sounding British lady does suggest to “switch tactics” so, I guess, you can combine the sneakiness with the knives and guns, something that Snake doesn’t even do.

It looks like EVERYTHING is usable. From the ax to propane tanks to electrical boxes and, trust me, using my mind to DESTROY people is one thing that I would like to do…but since telepathy isn’t in this game, knowing that you can use just about anything not nailed down to the wall to eliminate your enemy is something that only very few games have (that doesn’t include zombie games where you can use EVERYTHING to kill zombies).

Since I like you guys, I am going to give you a little treat.


As you see from the numerous posts here over the past few months, here at Insert Coin to Begin we love the stuff coming from the Assassin’s Creed 3 camp…that was until the “in jeopardy” story broke).

However before it was in jeopardy, those fine people came out with THIS GEM.

First thing’s first, everyone knows and loves the Assassin’s Creed series way of killing your enemies. But when you add that style with the graphics that I’m seeing in this gameplay video, it only adds to the giddy excitement I’m getting for this game.

One strange moment in this video happens 0:40 in. The point where the narrator (Connor) says “I will fight the enemy…regardless of their allegiance” is one that when said in context of slashing the British fits perfectly. However, when he says that second part (“regardless of their allegiance”) they focus…on a bear.

Now, we already know bears are going to be killable in this game, however I don’t think I’ve ever read in any History book that part in the Revolutionary War that the British had under their mind control, or something like that. Eh, I’m nitpicking in a game that, well, looks like it’s going to be one of the best games of 2012 (if it comes out).

Finally, at 1:47 can I just say that this trailer would be so much better if Connor yelled out a one liner before jumping. Maybe “AMERICA!” or “FREEDOM!” or something awesome like that. That awesome one liner would have topped an already awesome trailer for an already awesome looking game.

What do you think about these trailers? Do you enjoy gameplay trailers? What game trailers would you like to see me review next? Leave it down below

Welcome back Agent 47. Hitman Absolution.

Welcome back Agent 47.

As you may or may not know sometime this year(slated as a 2012 release) Agent 47 makes his return in Absolution. In January they held a special press event in the UK showing exclusive footage of the game and telling us about the game play. Well finally after 2 months the video is available for us to pass on to you!

Here it is exclusive behind the scenes footage and commentary from the creators.

If this video is any indication of how the game is going to be color me excited(whatever color that may be.)