Zynga biting off more than they can chew?

Zynga states that they hope their next game will “replace consoles” (their words). Getting away from the farms, cities, the drawings, the words, the hangings. In fact they are stepping away from their norm it seems. No more buying companies when the iron is hot. In fact they are pulling a u turn and heading into serious town from the looks of it.

Introducing Horn, an action adventure game for the go. Slated as the first console style game from Zynga with help from developer Phosphor Games. Even in the trailer there isn’t many details but there is some stuff.

So, think it has what it takes to push Zynga into serious gaming? or maybe they should just stick with friends? what do you think? I personally will reserve judgement until i can get my greasy grubby little paws on it. Zynga isn’t bad at the other games so maybe this will be the same!

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