How To Record Let’s Plays From Your Gaming Console: TIME


Well, good evening everybody and welcome to a new venture that I want to focus my attention here on Insert Coin to Begin, home to all things games by gamers.

You heard us all talk about watching Let’s Plays, I even mentioned who are my favorite YouTubers when it comes to Let’s Plays. Now, I’m no Peanut Butter Gamer or AVGN but I find myself liking the stuff that I do on my PS4, that I want to bring something to the table because I like video games, you like video games so why not do a Let’s Play about playing video games?

As mentioned on the title screen, all I have is a Playstation 4 and most of these come from my experience with my console being the only thing that records other things.

Both Xbox One and PS4 give you opportunities to record your videos on either UStream or Twitch, I utilize both for different things (which I will get into in future How To’s) but today, I will discuss with you about timing and how to utilize that time to make sure more eyes are watching.

When I first started recording my videos (and you will see this in my early works down below after this paragraph), I was that guy that kept on rambling on and on and on about nothing, and it showed in my play thru. I was doing it on, possibly, the worst game to have my attention on something else. However, I spent 20+ minutes discussing a topic and after a while, I needed to just cut it loose.

So my first tip to you is make sure you cut down you game in meaty morsels.

The best way to do this is once you hit that record button on your PS4 or Xbox One, get a timer ready and find a solid timeframe to play. Normally, the average Let’s Play video goes for about 10-15 minutes plus some spillage, so using a timer on a watch or even the app on your phone will do.

10-15 minutes is the average length because it’s enough time for someone to watch you play the game without getting bored, and I’m a culprit that thought a 20+ minute video of me failing at playing Bloodborne while talking to you guys about video games is a boring 20 minute video.

Using Ustream, although cumbersome by starting and stopping and starting and stopping, is a good clean way to start and stop and control your time. Once you stop recording the video, you’re allowed to do whatever you want to set up for the next video.Not only that, you can spend your entire week within those few minutes. Personally, I normally knock out four videos in a mere hour, hour and a half.

It’s all on timing and how your use it, make it small and make it meaty.

Join me next week where I discuss another topic in making a Let’s Play on your home console.