3 systems, 1 console

No. This is not some kind of messed up youtube video that’ll get millions of views because you can’t look away.

3rd party hardware maker Innex has announced that at E3 they will be releasing what i will now be referring to as the Super Gensis System, but is actually called the Super Retro 3.

Super Retro 3

The console as you can see will allow you to use one console at the 70 dollar price tag will allow you to play Sega, NES, and SNES all in one convienant location. and for an extra 20 spot you can add the adapter cart that will allow you to play Gameboy games on the Super Retro 3.


Now, im aware of the nintendo dual systems and hand held 3rd party hardware but a system that allows you to play the 3 on 1 system is rather cool. Being debuted at this years E3 and will be available for sale shortly after that on their website. http://www.innexinc.com

is this something that you’d invest in to save precious hook up space or is it not worth it? Let us know in the comments below!