Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Hey everyone! It’s the column that’s dangerous to go alone on the internet without! Now with more guest posters! It’s time for Video Game themed things from around the internet…net…net! with your special guest poster BobbyFJtown filling in for Chachi who is on assignment.

Since Fallout 4 is the biggest thing going in gaming right now, I figured we should have a fallout themed article today!

First Up!

Conan O’Brien continues his epic journey through video games in his latest clueless gamer, this time he’s playing Fallout 4, most of it is Conan just looking for a lady, and admiring his physic, but as usual Conan tackles the game with his true comedic know how.

Next Up!

Fallout 4’s script is so large (how large is it!) It’s so large that Codworth, who is your robot butler in the game can say more than 1,000 names, in the video below they test what can and can’t be said by Codsworth, with sexy results!

and Finally…


Etsy Artist Lautstarke made a really awesome Fallout 4 Game poster, there are tons of Fallout 4 merch on Etsy but this print really caught my eye, The print can be purchased on Lautstarke’s etsy store for $15.00 a print.

That’s gonna do it for this special Fallout Themed guest posted Video themed things from around the internet…net…net! Back to you Chachi! (next week)

Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Hey everyone, Welcome to a special edition of Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Guest starring me, Bobby F. Jtown!   I hope I can bring the same variety of awesomeness that Chachi brings to the table week in and week out, So without further ado and in the words of Mario….HERE WE GOOOOO!!!!!


First Up!

The guys from The Warp Zone, a nerdy A Capella group sings the theme from Mortal Kombat set to Mortal Kombat X footage, and then react to a fatality at the end, as you do. It’s really cool and you should check it out in the video below! You can find them on youtube at The Warp Zone.




Next Up!

Our next Video game themed entry comes to us from the youtube account Merfish which mods GTA V for PC to have a giant whale flip and flap his way around San Andreas creating haddock (sorry Chachi) wherever he lands.

And finally!

StadiumEvents had an article up that may help line your pockets if you happen to own 5 video games.  The article which lists 5 Valuable Video Games You Might Actually own.  I actually own the first game on the list Marvel v. Capcom 2 for PS2 which is going for up to $150 online.  Other games include Earthbound, Mega Man X3 and the very rare Stadium Events, which has been sold online for $8,000.  The full list and values can be found at this link 

That’s it for this week’s special guest edition of VIDEO GAME THEMED THINGS FROM AROUND THE INTERNET…NET….NET!!!! Till next week where we return you to your regularly scheduled Chachi, I’ve been Bobby F. Jtown.

Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

People of the Internet, Lend me your ears and join me on my journey of a few things I found while browsing the ‘net this week! It’s time for this week’s edition of Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

First off this week, We revisit the “Tiny Titan”. This glitch that I pointed out last week featured a player in Madden being programmed as 1’2” tall in game. Since the glitch has been fixed, however not before EA took full advantage of the mistake. After patching the issue they had a weekend full of defensive challenges with the Tiny player. They also did this new trailer for Madden.

Way to go EA(not too often we get to say that!), good job using the mistake as a social media marketing tool!

Next up, tribute to Robin Williams number 8,923,712,943 done by a user in Art academy

williamsIt’s probably one of the best out there.

Last but not least this week. As you know(or don’t )the Fine Bros have a react series of videos of kids reacting to different things. This week its Teens react to the Nintendo!

They brought up Legend of Zelda and I cringed at their reactions. I dislike kids. We are so old.

That’s all I have for you for this week on Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Tune in next week as I teach you how to fly!



Runners up!

Friends recreated in Sims:

Air Castle blows away turned into a Katamari remix:

Weird video game things from around the Internet….net…net!

We are back with the second installment of Things from around the internet(man that needs a better name) in which I point out some weird or awesome video game things I stumbled across while surfing the world wide web!

First off, what if Pulp Fiction were an 8 bit video game? Wonder no more! Watch out for Zed and the gimp….. be sure to check out CineFix’s other movies turned 8 bit game.

Next up the world moves closer to being like the movie Idioracy  and the planet becoming dumber every day. Apparently under the radar Gatorade had a game that has since been removed in which you avoid water because Brawndo Gatorade is better…. Drink plenty of water kids. Water is important.


And last but not least. Grand Theft Auto for kids. Nacho Punch cleaned up the language and made the game ….. friendly….

if I had a gaggle of kids I’d completely let them play this game. All its missing is a gangster monkey named Uggs or Timberlands or Nike or something…..

Infectonator 2: Now with more Zombies!

Ever wanted to be a mad scientist and destroy the world but didn’t have the phd or the capital to start the venture? Well pout no more my evil genius! Play Infectonator 2!

Infectonator 2 gives you the virus to turn people into zombies and destroy the world! Oh yes it does!

First here is the trailer.

Now, this is an 8 bit looking flash zombie game brought to you by Toge games in which you don’t get eaten. The game play is rather simple, use your infection spray(up to 3 clicks), your support weapons, or your special zombies to completely finish the objectives in the city.

Each city has 4 objective usually along the lines of a time, a money, a support or special objective. The time one is simple, beat the town in a certain time limit. each level is timed but you have until all the zombies are done.

The money objective is usually to collect a certain amount and so on. Pretty simple. Now, the game doesn’t have every city in the world in it, but a lot. the object is to take over the world and along the way you collect money or unlock zombies to help you accomplish that goal. The special zombies in this game are:

Ill Kim Jong
Zombie Reinald

They are pretty self explainatory and each one has different attacks that do lots of damage. Along the way you can also increase the attributes of your zombies and help make them stronger or faster.

This is the 3rd installment of the game, and each is equally as fun. I definitly hope you waste some time to play. Heres the link!

Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below?

Game 89: Zuma

PopCap Games
It is little to no surprise of mine to be going through this book and finding PopCap listed in the 1001 games you must play before you die. In fact, i wouldve thought that there would be more PopCap games listed. In the day and age we live where mobile gaming is becoming the top gaming platform one would think that a few more of their games would’ve been considered.

Zuma released in 2003 is one of the games that launched PopCap to where they are today. Originally released as an online game was quickly made for release to other platforms. Pda, mobile phones and ipods would quickly see this game grace the screens.
Seeing many sequels for multiple platforms, its no wonder the company is as huge as they are. The knack they have for creating easily to play, challenging, addicting games is one unparalled in todays market.

Zuma is a puzzle game set in Aztec Mexico(I use that description lightly simply due to the fact that the game couldve taken place anywhere and still have been a hit.) The object is to use the stone frog to shoot colored balls into the line of balls creating sets of 3 or more.

The balls travel on a set path that is visiable on all levels except one. The goal is to clear the path from balls before they reach the skull at the end. If one ball reaches the end the rest quickly follow therefore costing the player a life and redoing the level.
Power ups and coins help the player to clear the screen quicker and therefore ending the level and scoring more points. Power ups include backwards balls, slow down balls, accuracy balls and explosion. All doing what they are named for allowing the player to buy time or beat the level quicker than they wouldve before.

Watch out kids, like all popcap games this one is addictive and a time suck.

Chachi Says: When it comes to mobile and web gaming popCap has the formula to kill your free time. Certainly a fun game and well worth the time if you dig these games.

Game 86: California Games

California Games

Long before the X-games, in the height of the olympic popularity. Came along epyx who decided to cash in with some not so recognized sports of the time.

California Games brings the to the forefront unconvential sports at the time. players start the game and compete in various “hang out” i guess you could say type games.

Half Pipe
Roller skating
Footbag(hackey sack)
Flying Disk(frisbee)

Players would play these games and rack up points for various stunts and tricks.

Originally released for Apple II and Commodore 64 the popularity of this game because of the sports game jump at the time was later released for other platforms with a huge success.

This game is responsible for breeding some great people that later went on to do things we will remember. Chuck Somemrville(half pipe) went on to develop Chips Challenge, Ken Nicholson(foot bag) invented the technology used in what would become Direct X, and Kevin Norman founded Norman & Globus which released the Electrowiz line.

Chachi says: there really isnt much to say about the game play for this game. it was what it was. The best part was the easter eggs one could find during play. I know of 4. Guess what they are?

Game 85: Joust

Williams Electronics
Williams is one of those companies that showed the world that you don’t always have to be a single focus company. They started as a pinball machine company and grew from there. Joining the arcade gaming market with their hit Defender in 1980, they brought in a few new people to provide a few new ideas.

Using the same technology developed for defender they created the game Joust. Designer John Newcomer wanted to create a flying game that avoided the space theme which was fairly common at the time.

So Joust put players in a platformer featuring a Yellow Knight riding a Flying Ostrich. Jumping platform to platform staying up away from the lava the player would face waves of on coming enemies.  The birds is what prompted the deviation from the standard 8 direction joy stick. By limiting this the game became more realistic.  pressing the single button controlled the wing flapping. Battles are decided by which rider made the higher contact.

Once again a simple game concept but a huge hit in the arcades.

Chachi Says: I however wasn’t a big fan. Not my bag.

Game 78: Arkanoid


This game is rather simple. Brickbreaker with a story.

The mothership was doomed, your ship “vaus” escapes.

The difference in this game and other breaker games are the flying enemies and the power ups. You can collect power ups to lengthen the paddle, earn a laser, extra balls and even skip the level. ALso, the types of bricks are different as well. SOme are unbreakable others require more than one hit to destroy.

The game controls have varied from console to console. The nintendo was the first to allow the normal controller however the game was packaged with a special controller which is considered the rarest. It was called the Vuse, small one button controller with the tatio logo, a small spinner and an adjustment port that was supposed to optimize game play.

Custom controllers were huge with this game through the ages. In fact the japanese ds version had an optional add on however it was not released in the us.

Chachi Says: Shortish game with only 36 levels. However what more can you expect from a brick breaker game.

Game 60: Nba Jam


He’s heating up!!!!!!!

Take basketball, lose 3 players per side on the court, drop the time down to 3 mins a quarter. you have 2 on 2 back and forth quick scoring basketball. its like the arena football of basketball games.

The game was released by Midway in another attempt to bring sports to those who normally would not play them. Originally released in the arcades the game became a huge success. At the time it was considered an expensive game ranging anywhere from 1.00 to 2.00 dollars to play the whole game and generated an estimated billion dollars in quarters. (Anyone need change for Laundry? Midway’s got ya!)

No fouls, no free throws, the only violations one can make in this game are goal tending and shot clock violation. Make 3 shots consecutively without the opponent scoring and the announcers will make the call we have all come to know and love. “He’s on Fiiiiire!” Have the opponent score, or make 4 shots in a row and this goes away. During this time however the only rule that applies to you is the shot clock, goal tend away my friends.

One of the greatest feature of this game is the codes. The codes in the first game were no where near as impressive as the other ones but who doesn’t want play as Bill Clinton?
The first one had:

Air Dog
Al Gore
Bill Clinton
Eric ”KABUKI” Kuby
Jamie Rivett
Mark Turmell
P Funk
Sal Divita
Warren Moon
The list got better as the games went on. As far as the success of this franchise it went on to do versions of other sports that were high impact low rules such as NFL Blitz, NHL Hitz, MLB Slugfest, and RedCard 20-03.

Chachi Says: this is a keeper, one of those games that allows you to play sports when you don’t want to play by the rules. Or if you wanna goof around and make Hilrod go up against Bill with your friends. this is the game for you.