Satoru Iwata – Dead at 55

Late last night, the gaming world was hit a devistating blow as Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s President and one of the few employees that has been there since day one, passed away at the age of 55.

For everyone here who writes for Insert Coin to Begin, we grew up on his games. We made memories on his memories. We, as gamers, enjoyed playing and coming up with solutions on how to beat his games and his ideas.


Mister Iwata even said that, at heart, he was a gamer before he was a president and it showed in his love for what he does. His job was to make people, like myself, happy and for 20 some odd years, he succeeded.

I even thought of it like this: If there wasn’t Satoru Iwata, there would not be a Mario as we know it. If there wasn’t a Mario, there would not be a Nintendo. If there wasn’t a Nintendo, there wouldn’t be SEGA. If there wasn’t a SEGA alongside a Nintendo, there wouldn’t be the whole “Console Wars” concept (SEGA Does What Nintendon’t), without the past Console Wars, the video game landscape as we know them today would be completely different.

Iwata was the face of Nintendo that we knew in this internet age.  Whether we frustrated over our lack of Zelda, or marveled at the uprising of the Wii. You can’t discount his contributions to Nintendo and the gaming industry.  I’m very sad to hear about his passing and those that have to fill his big shoes. – Sorg

His first programmed game was NES Open Golf Tournament, he then went on to produce Kirby, Earthbound and Smash Bros. Also, in a cool little tidbit, he coded the battle program for Pokemon Stadium within a week. A WEEK!

Iwata was the man that shaped today’s gaming and the gaming that we all grew up with. Without his input and control today’s gaming would have a different look altogether. We as gamers all lost a big part of our lives whether we know it or not. Thank you Iwata for everything you did. – Chachi

Thank you Iwata-sama.