Satoru Iwata – Dead at 55

Late last night, the gaming world was hit a devistating blow as Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s President and one of the few employees that has been there since day one, passed away at the age of 55.

For everyone here who writes for Insert Coin to Begin, we grew up on his games. We made memories on his memories. We, as gamers, enjoyed playing and coming up with solutions on how to beat his games and his ideas.


Mister Iwata even said that, at heart, he was a gamer before he was a president and it showed in his love for what he does. His job was to make people, like myself, happy and for 20 some odd years, he succeeded.

I even thought of it like this: If there wasn’t Satoru Iwata, there would not be a Mario as we know it. If there wasn’t a Mario, there would not be a Nintendo. If there wasn’t a Nintendo, there wouldn’t be SEGA. If there wasn’t a SEGA alongside a Nintendo, there wouldn’t be the whole “Console Wars” concept (SEGA Does What Nintendon’t), without the past Console Wars, the video game landscape as we know them today would be completely different.

Iwata was the face of Nintendo that we knew in this internet age.  Whether we frustrated over our lack of Zelda, or marveled at the uprising of the Wii. You can’t discount his contributions to Nintendo and the gaming industry.  I’m very sad to hear about his passing and those that have to fill his big shoes. – Sorg

His first programmed game was NES Open Golf Tournament, he then went on to produce Kirby, Earthbound and Smash Bros. Also, in a cool little tidbit, he coded the battle program for Pokemon Stadium within a week. A WEEK!

Iwata was the man that shaped today’s gaming and the gaming that we all grew up with. Without his input and control today’s gaming would have a different look altogether. We as gamers all lost a big part of our lives whether we know it or not. Thank you Iwata for everything you did. – Chachi

Thank you Iwata-sama.


Nintendo Direct August 7th, 2013 recap.

Earlier today there was a Nintendo Direct broadcast giving the gamers updates on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games that were touched upon at E3.

Not coming to us from a conference room on a random floor at Nintendo’s headquarters instead, a studio, or at least an all white background. It wasn’t E3 or they figured we didn’t care so it wasn’t touched on this time. Instead Iwata got straight to business!

This is just some of the highlights i was excited by the highlights, to watch the full 28 min presentation(despite the opening screen saying 27) Its added to the end of this.


They showed gameplay footage of the newest installment in the Legend of Zelda series A Link between Worlds. Of course this caught my attention as its a sequel to one of my favorite LOZ games of all time, A Link to the Past. Iwata pointed out that its a sequel in that it happens after the first, so Ganon is locked away. The landscape of the game is similar but looks like what would happen of a few decades of time. The Link in the game is most likely an ancestor to the other but not the same. He also pointed out straight from the beginning that the game features not one but two Triforces, one of the light and one of the dark, so im excited to check it out. Following this they previewed graphics from Wind Waker HD. It looks crisper but since the broadcast was not in HD and i wasn’t watching in HD its hard to tell. Iwata also pointed out that they cleaned and sped up the wind actions from the game and finished this section with explaining that Wind Waker takes place before Phantom Hourglass. (which you would know if you bought the Hyrule Historia)

Later in the presentation they touched on the fact that it’s the Year of Luigi. Announcing that for the first time ever Luigi himself would be a playable character in Smash Brothers. No video just a screen shot of the green brother in battle. He then moved on to touch on Mario and Luigi Dream Team pointing out the various dream worlds and features that are in the game.


So while they showed a lot of cool stuff, still nothing other than the price that makes me really want to pick up a Wii U. Maybe when they finally show gameplay footage or announce the Zelda game in production for it, will i be tempted.

Note: the US version would not let me embed it. so this is the uk version for the gist of it all.

Video streaming by Ustream

What are your thoughts? Excited for the Nintendo yet? Still on the fence? Let us know in the comments below!

Itsa Me! Luigi!


Nintendo has announced that 2013 will be the “Year of Luigi” in the land of Mario.


Nintendo announced that along with two Mario games for the 3DS, a new installment of Mario Golf (Mario Golf: World Tour) and a new RPG called Mario  and Luigi: Dream Team, they are releasing Luigi based games and DLCs that will make the youngest child in you jump for joy.

The Year of Luigi will come to the Wii U as Nintendo will release a plethora of levels that will feature the tall lanky brother of Mario. How much is a plethora, you may ask? Well, how does EIGHTY LEVELS OF THE GREEN SUIT?! HM?! Iwata announced that this DLC of “Super Luigi U” will be a “”large-scale downloadable content which is similar to the development of full software.”

Let’s go down the list of successful games that came out after they were touched my Mario’s magic wand, shall we? Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Wario all had their faces featured on more than one game in their line of games. Diddy Kong, son of Donkey Kong, also had a very successful run of video and racing games.

Luigi, though, has gone through the ringer. Luigi’s Mansion was the closest Luigi has got to make a splash in the gaming atmosphere. Eesh. Also, let’s not forget…even though I’m trying to not vomit when I type this…Mario is Missing. Maybe this is the time that Luigi Mario gets his come-uppings.

Here is hoping that this doesn’t suck. Also, let’s hope WaluigiWare is not far behind.

Nintendo’s Pre E3 wrap up!

Nintendo kicks off E3 week with a “Pre E3” video.

It starts off with Iwata talking about Nintendo’s motto “Doku So” Creating something Unique.

Then goes on to state that the original concept behind the Wii was to help bring people together in gaming instead of the “Alone Together” feeling that technology today seems to create.  The entire basis of the Wii U is to improve on what they started with the Wii.

The official name of the new controller is the Wii U Gamepad. Overall the changes made between the gamepad and the prototype shown at last years E3 are making the gamepad more comfortable to use for extended periods. Changing the joysticks into pressable Analog Sticks and making the gamepad capable of being a fully functional remote control for the tv.

The screen also obviously will interact with the Wii U for a more dynamic game play adding new levels of interactivity. As well as allowing the player to play from anywhere in the room with or without the tv just as long as they are in the same room as the Wii U.  Iwata also touched on the fact that all former wii controllers will work with the Wii U and that they are releasing what looks like now a 360 controller as well for better extended game play.

He then got into the player to player interaction, showing a video that shows a social network of sorts sharing hints and tips between players and also video conferencing.  Introducing the Mii Wara Wara which he said roughly translated is the noise a large crowd makes together. This is the new tv menu for the wii u. Showing what people in your country are playing. Showing your Mii, friends Mii’s, Mii’s on the console and Country wide on your console. The gamepad will show an updated version of the Will menu.  All the Wii u games will interact with the Mii verse allowing anytime competitiveness via the comments and connection the verse makes.  A mobile interaction app is in the works for pc, 3ds and mobile devices.

Overall, the Wii U is advancement in what they wanted the wii to do. Solving the problem of alone together or as they call it “Together Better”.

Now that that’s said, Nintendo and i have had a 23 year history. My dad introduced me to them at a young age and we played many a game. It wasn’t until the Wii had been out for a while that i began to lose faith in them. This is sucking me back in. I am excited to see what further interaction Nintendo will show us in their presentation on the main stage at E3.

What are your thoughts on this? Excited? Confused? Let us know in the comments below!