Rizz Review: Quiplash

We here at Insert Coin to Begin love video games, I personally have a fondness of games that allow me to use the brain up in my brain-holder as much as possible. That’s why when I saw Jackbox Games, the creator of the classic You Don’t Know Jack series, expand their series with their new game on Kickstarter I had to jump in on that.

I’ve already talked about Quiplash whenever Jackbox came out with their intro commercial/YouTube video to backers. A fun little update that showed you what to expect when you popped in that game for the first time.

This past weekend, backers from all three walks of life got their codes to play this game before anyone else could and wouldn’t you know it? I was one of those lucky, lucky people that got my code for Playstation 4.

So, I decided to grab a few friends of mine and played Quiplash for a few minutes. At first, using your phone as a controller seemed a little wonky at times and watching if you were watching the Twitch stream instead of your phone, your chances of answering the question would have dropped.

After a while, though, everyone started to get the hang of it and began having a little bit of fun. Some of it calling this a “cool spin” on the Cards Against Humanity craze. What they meant by that is that it’s pretty much like CAH, but it’s PVP and every card that you pull is a blank card that has to entice the unsuspecting players of the game (as well as the audience).

The players who aren’t playing play as judges for that question and get to pick which one they like the most without knowing whom the cards belong to.

Overall, Quiplash is what I expected Quiplash to be. A fun game that allows you to expand a lot of things. You can do a local game with eight of your friends or you can hook it up to your Twitch account and expand your friendship all over the globe (and then post it online for everybody to see). So it’s money well spent and I will definitely play again.

Quiplash is available on Steam, Playstation Network and the X-Box Marketplace TODAY (Tuesday, June 30th). Pick it up, host a party, be a thing! It’s very fun!

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I Feel Quiplash Will Have My Life And Make It Awesome!

I’m a You Don’t Know Jack fan. Played it since I was a kid, a teenager and, now, as an adult. So when Jackbox decided to have a Kickstarter for a new game my initial thought was “OH MY GOD! WHATEVER THIS IS, I AM GOING TO THROW MY MONEY AT IT BECAUSE THEY CAN’T DO ANY WRONG!” and blindly threw money in their direction (not really, I’m not THAT BAD!).

I read the proposal and immediately thought to myself: “Oh my goodness, this is a virtual Cards Against Humanity but all of the white cards are blank! I need this!”

So, yes, I put my money down in hopes to hit a jackpot. I’ve been getting updates from Jackbox for months about how close they were in making Quiplash a thing people can buy and not just see, even using a Twitchcast of the entire Jackbox staff playing Quiplash.

Then today. Today I get an update. One that all of the backers have been waiting for. It reads as follows:

Hello Backers!

We’ve made it through the certification gauntlet and we have confirmation from all of our platform partners that Quiplash will be released publicly Tuesday,June 30th on XBox One, PS3, PS4, and Steam!

It then mentions that it’s trying to get backers codes for Quiplash earlier (SUCK IT, NON-BACKERS!) and it can’t come soon enough. I need my You Don’t Know Jack fix and this You Don’t Know Jack hole can only be fixed by Quiplash.

THEN there’s this:

If interested in enjoying the fun that I am going to probably have (don’t worry, I will have this available for Twitch and/or Ustream streaming), feel free to add me on PSN (TheeRizz)