Boss Battle 158: Legend of Zelda Black

Legend of Zelda Wii UThis week on Boss Battle 158, we have our cast of Chachi (@chachisays),Rizz (@theerizz)  and Sorg (@Sorgatron). On this weeks show:

  • We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week  including the new Lara Croft Go on mobile!
  • We go around the net with Xbox giving away an island, Princess Peach vs Princess Zelda, and Skyrim Splatoon
  • We cover news including Deadpool coming back for next gen, new Nintendo 3DS themes, King’s Quest reviewed and what is the deal with this pre-order?

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Rizz Review: King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember

Recently, I have traveled to a place where I grew up back in the day. The scenery was just as I left it and there happened tl be a giant castle off in the distance.

King’s Quest’s Daventry has never changed. At all.  From back in the day to current the time, it’s perfect. I never thought I’d say this about a video game but there’s nothing better than what Sierra Games did. Instead of 3D and realistic looking graphics, they hand-painted all of the nooks and crannies in the background and all the different colors pop with style and uniqueness. Hand drawn and hand painted video games are rare enough but once that area you walk into zooms out to show the landscape, you just have to…stop and look at it.


So instead of making an entirely new story about King Graham  (who A. looks nothing like the beefy King Graham from the old games and B. still has all the traits of courage and his giant feathered cap), they turned King Graham into an old grandfather telling his granddaughter about all of his stories from back in the day, meaning you’re playing new versions of old King’s Quest games! Awesome!

Even though this game is about the old games, they make it so it’s a totally different version of a game.


Not to mention, in the old King’s Quest if you die in the million ways you can die in King’s Quest, the narrorator jokes with you with puns concerning your death. This was taken up a notch. If you die, if you select the wrong tool, if you press the wrong button, anything you do, King Graham (voiced by Christopher Lloyd) gives you all the quips and puns your heart desires.

If you have $40, you can own the complete version (which will be released in episodes, like a Telltale game). King’s Quest is a nostalgic game with a whole new twist that makes it feel different in a good way.

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Rizz Plays King’s Quest (Part 2)

In this part, Rizz decides to kill a giant mythical creature, feed a mythical creature or free a mythical creature. Which one did he choose? Why am I saying “he” when I’m really just talking about myself?

You guys find out first, right here, which path I choose! Enjoy!

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Rizz Plays King’s Quest Part 1

Guys, this is a beginning of a series that I am uber excited for doing (just look at my face! LOOK AT MY FACE!) It’s part one of Rizz Plays King’s Quest!

I get taken aback very rarely by video game graphics because in a day where we live in where graphics in video games should be good or else it’s not a very good game. However, King’s Quest takes it to a whole different level than I thought it would be.

Hand drawn backgrounds in video game are a rarity and I want you to look at these videos and SEE WITH YOUR EYES ON HOW AWESOME THESE GRAPHICS ARE!

By the way, you guys RIGHT HERE are seeing it first right here on Insert Coin to Begin!

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