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We’ve got some good things in this weeks segment, not really weird, however worth posting and the attention. Also! Starting this week at the bottom will be a couple awesome links of stuff that didn’t make it into the story, so bonus content! Enjoy!

First up!

Youtuber LORE who does a series of videos showing the history of certain video games in 60-80 second youtube videos. The latest one is an impressive 80 second video featuring the history of Final Fantasy. (This one is for you Bobby.) Enjoy!

I appreciate the snide remarks and the guys quickness. Check out the rest of the videos on his channel by clicking here.

Next up is another  YouTube series this one starting brand new as of 2 days ago. What happens after the robot wars and theres no one to fight? What is Mega Man to do then? Introducing Peace Time MegaMan!

its amazing on how much you can do with two hands! Stay tuned to them for more episodes!

Last but not least and one that connects to my past a bit. The ultimate in fighting game skill. Guy uses piano to play Tekken…. Using the midi signals and some extra equipment he sends the signal to a arcade controller. Check it out in this video!

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This week’s runners up! (just click the text!)

Little kid sad because pokemon arent real.

European stop motion link. Hes a chubby lil fellow!


Nintendholm Syndrome: Why do we buy games over and over?


The other day I was looking through the Nintendo 3DS e-shop and noticed they were having a sale on Legend of Zelda Games.  I then proceeded to purchase 2 out of the 3 games that were available, even though I had both games for the NES, The next week I went back to the e-shop and there was a sale on my favorite franchise, Mega Man,  I had already purchased Mega Man 2. but Mega Man 1-4 were on sale, so I decided to purchase Mega Man 3 and 4, Even though I already had those games in NES cartridge form, and Mega Man Anniversary Collection.  What is it about classic games that we need to purchase and re-purchase?


I think it has a lot to do with how nostalgic it makes us feel, it feels great to play these old games, even though some may not be as great as we remember but the classics sure do hold up,  That’s why Nintendo puts these older games up for sale, playstation does the same thing with their classics on PSN, I purchased Destruction Derby from there and I know many people that have purchased and re-purchased final fantasy games,  Another reason the re-purchasing of games occurs is because they’re so easy to play now a days,  Nintendo cartridges were so tough to get to work at times, you’d have to blow in them, shake them, sometimes force them into the system, but with the e-shop they’re ready to play at the touch of a button,  Recently before out 25 hour game-a-thon, I decided to go to my local game shop and get some older NES games, I found Punchout and purchased it for $15, and just last week I found punchout in the e-shop for $5.00 so I basically paid $15 for a game from the 80’s  which is fine because it’s fun to play, and now I can take that game anywhere I want.

It’s not just re-released games as well, It’s whole franchises,  Nintendo has rehashed so many of their franchises and we keep coming back for more, The new releases of Super Mario 3d Land, and World on 3DS and WiiU recently and the newest game to be reborn a sequel to the SNES classic, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, (which I purchased)  How many times have you said that you wouldn’t buy a Nintendo console only until the next Zelda game or Smash Brothers, or Mario Kart games were released, not to mention the new pokemon games that come out regularly.  There are even 2 slightly different versions of the same game with different pokemon on the box that a lot of us purchases both copies of.

That said, Nintendo knows what it’s doing, They have us with their characters, and the nostalgia, it’s like we’re familiar with them and trust them even though they have possession over our hard earned cash, this is an effect I’m calling the Nintendholm syndrome,  Have you fallen victim to them, How many games have you re-purchased in your gaming lifetime? Let us know in the comments?

Let’s Play 63: The Legend of DLC

LetsPlay63This week on Let’s Play 63, we game out with Bobby (@bobbyfjtown) Chachi (@chachisays) the Rizz (@theerizz) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron)! On this weeks show:

  • We talk about what everybody had been playing in the past week. Some highlights were Sorg playing Max Payne 3, Chachi played Bingo, Pac-Man and GTA V; Rizz played GTA V online and Bobby played Animal Crossing and GTA V.
  • We talk about the challenge which was Terminator VS. Robocop. Was it ok? See
  • Need 25 extra lives? You can get them if you pre-order the new Sonic game. We discuss this pre-order.
  • Viral marketing with social media! We talk about the #Iamchikara campaign.
  • We talk about the Mass Effect movie that will be coming out.
  • We discuss video games and movies in general.
  • The announcements by Steam are discussed by the cast.
  • The cast discusses a possible DLC system for Zelda.
  • The cast explains their favorite things in the new age of gaming.
  • We unveil our challenge for next week! It is Nintendo 64 related!

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Best. Response. Ever.

In a recent interview with IGN, producer Eiji Aonuma was asked if there were any plans to remake The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the Wii U or 3DS or 2DS.

“(laughter) Don’t make it sound like I laughed because I was troubled or inconvenienced or put out. I don’t want them to read anything into it. But if you want to say that I laughed, I think that would be a good answer…If they want to interpret my laughter as ‘yeah, we’re making it’ or ‘no, we’re not,’ I guess that’s really up to them.”

This might be my favorite answer. We live in a gaming world where EVERYTHING is “I want it now!” and “Why can’t I have it now?” and “When is this coming out?” For instance, when you heard that Grand Theft Auto V was coming out, did you not ask yourself or your friends when it was coming out?

Mr. Aonuma pretty much stood there and said, “Hey. You want a remake of this game? We MAY be making it, we MAY not. Who knows?!” He knows. Nintendo knows. They just aren’t going to fall in the trap in telling you that the remake is coming.

However, if you ask me that game doesn’t need a remake at this time. You know what Nintendo SHOULD do and what they SHOULD ask him? When the new Legend of Zelda for the Wii U will come out.

However with that laugh, he pretty much just stuck out his middle finger to everyone asking about a redone Majora’s Mask (which is, probably, just that one guy…but still).

Three words that I never thought I’d say this year:

“Brilliant move, Nintendo.”

(CLICK HERE for the entire Nintendo story)

We asked this on the latest Let’s Play but what game would you like to see revamped for a new console or handheld device? Leave your responses in the comment section down below.

Another Live action Legend of Zelda short film

Another Live action Legend of Zelda short film has surfaced and its quite amazing. This isn’t the first time that something like this has been released. Let us not forget the IGN April Fools joke of 4 years ago.

Still amazing and still gets my hopes way high. I then immediately calm down because i remember that if hollywood gets their grubby hands on this for a film they will most likely blow it all hell. I mean they are the ones that did this to Mario….

(Thats the full movie FYI, ya know if you wanna torture yourself…)

However, then much like Portal, passionate people get the idea to make a short film (because funding a full feature based on these properties would cost a pretty penny) based on a game that they love. That happened with The Legend of Zelda.

Graphics and effects company Corridor Digital did just that. They released a short film entitled Links Shadow.

Pretty amazing. If this company was to start a Kickstarter to fund a full feature for Legend of Zelda i would get everyone and their mothers and brothers to kick in and make it happen. They also have other fantastic youtube videos such as Dubstep Guns.

So what do you think? good stuff? bad stuff? would you kick in to make this happen? Leave some comments in the section below!

Zelda gone western… No really. A fistful of Rupees.

The Game Station put together a 3 part Legend of Zelda/Western short film entitled “Fistful of Rupees” Split into 3 parts Episode 1 being the The Wisdom, 2 The Courage, 3 The Power. Fitting so far.

True to the game Link doesn’t say much, and Navi says too much. Honestly, I’ll watch Zelda anything, in ANY form but this is Good. Extremely well done and written.

Watch and enjoy! Go leave them comments and likes.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Amazing, Amazing stuff.

Legend of Zelda + Lego = Awesome

Deviant artist Wes Talbott combined two amazing things into something:

Now, we would never see it, but I want to see a Legend of Zelda Lego game. I think it would be fun and add a whole new aspect to rebuilding the triforce. However like I said, this would never happen because Nintendo would never let it. You can check out Mr. Talbott’s work Right here.

Legend of Zelda makes it to the Olympics!

Mexican gymnast Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas used a Legend of Zelda arrangement for her floor routine. Check it out! Skip to 1:12:05

Legend of Zelda makes it to the Olympics!

The specific arrangement that she used was this one right here by Lindsey Stirling who is just plan talented. Presents: Lets Play! Episode 2

Join Chachi, Frank and Bobby as we tackle What’s the best and worst weapons in a game, Best game ending, What game would make a better novel than a movie, What are you playing/challenge and also be sure to try this weeks challenge Dope Wars!